JCT - Volume 8 Issue 3 (March 2019)


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1 Design and Development of Smart Wheelchair Control System Based on Hand Muff
Chitra S, Anbumani P, Dharani P Dinesh kumar S and Keerthika S

ABSTRACT - Now a days, Physically challenged people are facing many problems. Among these one of the main problem is handling their wheelchair. 10% of the total population are using different kind of wheelchairs such as hand operated, electric powered, motorized wheelchair, and so on. The aim of the wheelchairs are the way of reincarnating life within the lives of disabled folks. Commonly plenty of effective and economical ways in which of delivering stingy and reasonable chair , that isn’t solely at pair with this day technology, however this wheelchair is far easier to use are bestowed hereby. In this paper, using the various angle of hand movements the person can move the wheelchair and also chair consists of security module which helps during an emergency situation.
Keywords: Wheelchair, MEMS, Accelerometer and Hand-glove
Page No. 301 - 304


ABSTRACT -Gaming provides a sense of relaxation and entertainment. Normal 2D games are lifeless and imaginary. But 3D gaming is interactive computer entertainment that is graphically presented in the three dimensions of height, width and depth. The addition of depth to 2D gaming enabled the exploration of virtual worlds with more realistic representation. Virtual Reality environment is the field where people feel like they are in real environment. This Helicopter game is developed in Virtual Reality environment to provide good interaction to the user or the player. This game is developed in Unity3D physics engine to experience the 3D physics elements which are the building blocks of developing a 3D game. The information for playing the games are displayed and controls are given for moving up, down, tilt, left and right. The sound effects have also been added to provide an additional feel. Multiple levels are also set up as hurdles for testing the user. The user enjoys more when playing this game with VR environment
Keywords— Software Development Kit, Virtual Reality
Page No. 305 -308 .
3 Revamp Asset Management for Human Secrecy using Biometrics
Nikhila.B, Nithya.B, Nithya.R and Ms. D. Ragavi

ABSTRACT -Now days, people are facing many problems in storing their secret information. Because after their death, the secret information cannot be conveyed to their faithful person .That’s why, a project named Revamp asset management for human secrecy using biometrics is developed to secure the information using cloud storage. In existing method, reminders are used by the people to remind a task at a suitable place or time. There are some common methods for reminding the people. Some of them are emails, electronic calendars etc. But these methods have lack of ability to provoke the reminders at proper place. Thus the proposed system is an application for the cloud platform. Here the remainder will be set in the cloud which will help the relatives to get the personal information of the dead people in scheduled time.
Keywords— Asset, Human secrecy, Cloud storage, Biometrics.
Page No. 309-311 .
Elamathi.V*, Kiruthika A.S* , Kokila.L*, Keerthika.S#

ABSTRACT -Now a day’s power shortage and power demand in many areas .To overcome this problem in our proposed system scheduling and scaling the power in urban and rural areas. For this, IoT is used to achieve a sustainable smart world, which further reduces the energy consumption so we are using a smart digital meter and auditing with demand controller using green IOT which will be helpful in the future analysis for power requirements. Using this system we can reduce the manual efforts to take readings from the energy meter and which is a cost effective design.
Keywords — Green IoT, Smart Meter, Power Demand Controller, Energy Management
Page No. 312-315 .
5 A Review on Convolutional Neural Network and Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Neethu Mohan and Arul V H

ABSTRACT - Sound waves or more clearly speech is a mode of communication among human beings and also the most natural and efficient form of communication among human beings. Speech recognition first processes the speech signal, then segmented, extracts the features out of it and classifies it. SIFT is a feature extraction algorithm that exhibits high discrimination and strong robustness and CNN is a neural network used for deep learning. CNN and SIFT are two feature extraction algorithm. This paper highlights various features of convolutional neural network and scale invariant feature transform.
Keywords—ASR, Convolutional Neural network, Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Page No. 316-319 .