JCT - Volume 7 Issue 7 (July 2018)


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1 Theoretical Analysis of License Plate Recognition System
Nitu Raj, Prof. Deepak Pathak and Prof. Gagan Sharma

ABSTRACT - In recent years, license plate recognition (LPR) has become a core technology of security and traffic applications that range from traffic surveillance to parking lot access control to information management for monitoring purposes. Simply stated, LPR helps identify vehicles and provides a reference for further vehicle tracking and activity analysis. This paper presents the various license plate recognition techniques and a brief literature survey of previously done work. Here is a theoretical analysis of different license plate recognition algorithms which is helpful to understand license plate recognition system.
Keywords - License Plate Recognition, Normalization, Segmentation and Optical Character Recognition. .
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2 Harmonics Reduction in Micro Grid Distribution System Using SAPF
Ankita Tiwari and Prof. Shivendra Singh Thakur

ABSTRACT - This paper presents to enhance the power quality at distribution level in micro grid distribution system are the pioneering area in electric power industry, it is an integral part of smart grid, within existing islands mode, due to enormous use of nonlinear load and fast switching devices and fluctuating loads(arc furnace, heavy mill etc) generate pollution issues the uses of shunt active power filter based on current controlled Pulse Width Modulation( PWM) converters are eliminate the harmonics to maintain the power quality and controlled method are developed by use Proportional and Integral controller (PI) the simulated result show good performance and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is reduced. .
Keywords— Power Quality, Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Nonlinear load.
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3 A Comparative Analysis on Different Impulse Noise Removal Filters for digital Images
Sarang Kumar Shrivastava* and Prof Abhishek Mishra**

ABSTRACT -Impulse Noise could be a major reason behind image degradation. Effective detection of noisy component is often a difficult task for researchers. During this survey paper discuss completely different impulse noise removal filters and its properties. If detection of noise component is well then elimination of noise also good. For higher understanding behavior of impulse noise additionally discuss the noise model of impulse noise. At the last of the survey additionally shows comparative analysis of various previous strategies and its advantages. The presence of high performing detection stage for the detection noisy element makes the proposed technique appropriate within the case of high density impulse noise.
Keywords— Blurring, Human perception, Salt and Pepper noise, Image Enhancement factor (IEF) and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).
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4 Ecological Suitability of Lower Awash Valley for Irrigated Wheat Cultivars; Adaptation and Profitability under Tendaho Sugar Estate Afar Regional State Conditions
Zinaw Dilnesaw1*, Fikadu Abdissa1, Tesfay Hailu1, Yohanisse Mequaninnet1, Hadush Hagos1, Abiy Getaneh1, Endris Yesuf1, Abera Bedada1, Desta Geberie2, Mekuria Tadesse3and Getinet Alemaw (PhD)

ABSTRACT -Six candidates Wheat Cultivars were tested in RCBD with three replications following appropriate statistical procedures to evaluate ecological adaptation ability and yield potential of the candidate genotypes and identify the best performing variety under Tendaho conditions. Each plot size was 10 m by 10 m. The trial was carried out using surface irrigation from November 2016 to January 2017 following recommended agronomic practices. The analysis of variance shown that genotypes included in the test differed significantly at (p 0.05) probability level with respect to Days of Heading/days of flowering (DH), Plant height (PH) and thousand seed weight (TSW) characters. Fifty three years Metrology data analysis had shown that mid October to end of February is suitable for wheat production by irrigation.
Keywords— Estate, Genotype, variability, Booting and Tendaho
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5 Mitigation of Harmonics Distortion in Micro grid Distribution System Using APF with PI Controller
Akashdeep Soni and Prof. Vikas Kumar

ABSTRACT -There occur sudden increased or decreased in load because the load in distribution systems are nonlinear loads. The load hence draw non-sinusoidal currents from the AC mains that cause the load harmonics , reactive power and excessive neutral currents in power systems that arise pollution. Most pollution problems in power systems are because of the nonlinear characteristics and fast switching of power electronic devices used. Shunt active filter based on current controlled PWM converters are considered to be the most viable solution. In this paper three phase four wire micro-grid distribution system is presented that use IP controlled shunt active to reduce the harmonics and reactive power from the system. The technique which is used to generate desired compensation current extraction based on offset command instantaneous currents distorted or voltage signals in the time domain. Compensation time domain response is quick, easy to implement and offer lower computational load.
Keywords— Active Power Filter, PI Controller, Nonlinear Load, PWM, PCC, Power Factor.
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