JCT - Volume 7 Issue 3 (March 2018)


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1 A Review on Thermal Image Processing Based Machine Condition Monitoring
1Silas Meshram and Prof. Abhishek Kumar

ABSTRACT - In this survey paper focus on the thermal image based motor rotary fault analysis. Thermal image play an important role to detection the fault in mechanical machines. Also discuss the different previous technology which is used in the thermography. Infrared thermography has been extensively applied over decades to areas such as maintenance of mechanical installations. Its use in machines has been mainly circumscribed to the detection of faults in static machines, such as power transformers. In this paper give survey of the thermal image based rotary fault detection and give the advantage and disadvantage for the detection of the thermal image based machine fault analysis. In this survey paper also discuss about the basics of thermal image processing analysis.
Keywords - Keywords— Thermography, Rotatory fault, Machine, RGB, Thermal images and Infrared Images (IR). .
Page No. 01 - 06 .

2 ANN Based UPQC for 3P4W System
Abhishek Singh, Pramod Kumar Rathore and A.K. Jhala

ABSTRACT - Power Quality is the hot issue in the power world. Due to continuous use of the non-linear loads the voltage and current waveform shows the distortions. This distorted waveform produces quality issues in the distribution system. Power quality (PQ) mainly deals with issues like maintain a fixed voltage at the point of common coupling (PCC) for various distributed voltage levels irrespectively of voltage fluctuation, blocking of voltage and current unbalance from various distribution levels. In this paper discuss the ANN based UPQC for rectification of power quality issue in 3P4W system. A MATLAB simulation is also discussed for verifying the result. .
Keywords— Power Quality, Active filter, UPQC, PCC, ANN, Series APF and Shunt APF etc.
Page No. 07 -12 .