JCT - Volume 7 Issue 2 (Feb 2018)


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1 A Robust Compact Cross I Slot based Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications
Sami Khan and Professor Abdul Samee Khan

ABSTRACT - The next generation of wireless communication is based on fifth generation devices like satellite phone, Wi-Max towers etc. In the proposed patch antenna use cross I shape with truncated I cuts on patch.This design simulate and analyze the entire structure on CST software. The properties of antenna such as bandwidth, radiation pattern and half power beam width have been investigated. For the compression of proposed work use different parameters like S-11, VSWR and bandwidth of the antenna. These are essential parameters for check the performance and quality of antenna. The simulated result of the proposed work shows better bandwidth and number of the bands of the antenna. The presented work shows two major bands. They are 9.919 to 10.273 GHz and 11.063 to 11.444 GHz in all ranges VSWR is also shows good values 1.003 and 1.11 as well as a good bandwidth that is 0.365, and 0.44.
Keywords — 5G Communication antenna, bandwidth return loss (S-11), voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and micro strip patch antenna. .
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2 A Literature Survey on Privacy-Preserving in Cloud Storage
Akash Reley and Prof. Anurag Jain

ABSTRACT - Privacy-Preserving in cloud storage is one of the typical tasks for current era. In this survey paper we discuss the Privacy-Preserving in cloud Storage. Privacy Preserving related problems and attacks are increases day to day. The current generation suffer by privacy preserving problems in cloud servers. In this survey paper discuss the privacy reserving problem and related solution. In the last decade different solutions was given by researchers privacy preserving solution in clouds. Privacy preserving can be applied at nearly every point where data is stored or transmitted in cloud storage. Many cloud providers offer to client’s privacy preserving as well as secure cloud storage for users. This research paper discusses the different type of Privacy-Preserving methods survey. .
Keywords— Keywords— Privacy-Preserving, cloud Storage, Security as a Services (SaaS) and Cloud Providers.
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