JCT - Volume 7 Issue 11 (November 2018)


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1 A Hybrid Agent-Based Network Monitoring Tool
Taylor, Onate Egerton and Ata-ebirieng, Offia Michael

ABSTRACT - The purpose of this paper is to develop a responsive Agent based network monitoring system designed to reduce the time taken by network administrators to initiate monitoring of network nodes and making any changes and updates on the monitoring parameters. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the most extensively used network monitoring tool but it is limited by its centralized client server and static paradigm. The approach is Ad-hoc, centralized and relies on a limited set of capabilities at network nodes. In this paradigm, the system does not auto respond to changes and modifications in the network as hard coding is required to make the necessary changes. Our approach uses an agent system that provides a solution that works by reducing the time taken to initiate monitoring in network parameters by introducing intelligence to the system. The results of the study showed that the agent or multi-agent system optimizes efficiency in monitoring network parameters and the comparison between the network monitoring conventional system and that of the agent based system in terms of response time.
Keywords— Agent, Agent System, SNMP, JADE.
Page No. 101 - 105

2 Performance Analysis of Fuel Cell based Power Grid
Vikas Kumar, Prof. Vishwajeet Verma and Prof. Ashish Singhal

ABSTRACT -Power demand increase day by day but the generation is limited. The concept of Renewable Energy Source (RES) is now become a most popular for generation of power. There are basically three type of non-renewable energy source is used for generation of the power. The renewable energy source produces DC power. Fuel cell is now increasing day by day for generation of electrical energy due to continuous operation. In this paper discuss the grid interfacing of the Fuel cell. The whole work is simulated in the MATLAB to see the performance of the grid tied fuel cell based power system.
Keywords— RES. DER, CCHP, DGs, DC-DC Conversion, DC –AC Conversion, DC Micro grid etc.
Page No. 107 -111 .
3 Evaluation of Single Phase Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Inverter
Lalan Kumar, Dr. Malaya Saurava Dash and Devendra Sharma

ABSTRACT -Multilevel inverter are well known for power industries and have tremendous capability at medium and high voltage application. With the increasing the output level these inverter required more and more switches in the circuits. Due to increasing the number reduce the efficiency of the inverter also its driver circuit becomes more complex. To solve that type of problem it required reduce count of the switch. In this paper a 31 level multilevel topology is discussed with their switching pattern. The mathematical operation is also discussed. The proposed topology is simulated in the MATLAB software. The THD of the voltage and current for inductive load is discussed.
Keywords— RE, DC/AC, Power Converter, MLI, NPC, FC, CHB, etc …
Page No. 112-118 .
4 Performance Analysis of 13 Level Three Phase CHBMLI with LSPWM
Surbhi Sahu and Vishnu Prasad Parmar

ABSTRACT -The application of Power Electronics has changed the concept of power conversion and management strategy of electrical power in an exceedingly wide selection. The appliance of solid state device is currently raised for the application of power conversion. Traditional converters have several limitations like DC-Link capacitor or series inductor that produce complexity within the circuit additionally they increase the price of the power conversion. These elements additionally produce harmonics within the system because of that the power quality issue generated. For therefore here is demand of construction inverters. In this paper 13 level cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel inverter is designed and checking the performance at various modulation index. The whole work is simulated in MATLAB software and found the THD is lower than existing multilevel inverter.
Keywords— VSC, DC-MLI, CHBMLI, H-Bridge, MLI, cascaded, 13 Level, THD, Power quality, etc.
Page No. 119-124 .
5 Design and Control of Fuel Cell Based PMSM Drive for Electrical Vehicle
Sandeep Kumar, Prof. Anuprita Mishra

ABSTRACT - Due to increasing of prices of fuel and greenhouse gas emission have attracted toward the alternative energy sources especially in transportation sector. The transportation sector accounts for 40% of total fuel consumption. Thus, an increasing number of studies have been conducted on hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and their energy management system (EMS). This paper discuss the fuel cell based HEV. Here in this paper permanent magnet synchronous motor is used as a replacement of conventional dc motor. The whole work is simulated in MATLAB software for checking the performance of the proposed drive for variable load application.
Keywords— HEV, ICE, FCV, EV, PMSM, FOC, etc.
Page No. 125-130 .