IJEA - Volume 7 Issue 9 (September 2018)


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1 A Literature Survey on Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
Avinash Kumar and Santosh Kumar

ABSTRACT - This paper includes an overview of well-established multilevel inverters also the discussion on the new multilevel inverters is been made here. The presented work provides a solution to design an efficient multilevel topology which is suited for medium and high power applications. The research background is also discussed. Multilevel inverter includes an array of power semiconductor devices and capacitors voltage sources, the output of which generates voltages with stepped waveform. In this survey paper discussed the different type cascade multi-level inverter and its advantages.
Keywords — Case cascade H bridge, Multi-Level inverter, Harmonic reduction and pulse width modulation etc. Page No. 01 - 08 .

2 Overview of DC Microgrid and Control
Nevedita Kushwaha and Prof. Ravi Kumar Rajalwal

ABSTRACT - Power demand increases day by day but the generation is limited. The concept of Renewable Energy Source (RES) has now become the most popular for generation of power. There are basically three type of non-renewable energy source which is used for generation of the power. The renewable energy source produces DC power. Now a day’s DC Microgrid concept play major role in power transmission. In this paper discuss the different literature based on the DC Microgrid. This paper also discusses the control scheme of the DC Microgrid connecting to the main grid. .
Keywords— RES. DC-DC Conversion, DC –AC Conversion, DC Microgrid etc.
Page No. 01-04 .
3 A Literature Survey on Different Golay Code
Mayank Rajput#, Prof. Sher Singh* and Prof. Suresh Gawande*

ABSTRACT -Information encryption and decryption is an important task for secure data communication between sender and receiver. In the last decade day to day most of nations focus on digital economy. For digital economy require a secure encrypted data communication. For data security golay codes plays a vital role. Golay codes perform data encryption and decryption in the various formats. In this literature survey presents the information about the Golay codes. In general it can be said as it is a type of linear error-correcting code used in digital communications. There are various theories presented. The literature survey has described the information of the Golay codes of many authors which is given for studying and for the reference. In the survey paper discuss the various types of golay codes these are used in the secure digital communication.
Keywords— Case Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Octads, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), QR code, Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Page No. 01-05 .
4 Development of Multilevel Inverter-A Survey
Lalan Kumar, Dr. Malaya Saurava Dash and Prof. Devendra Sharma

ABSTRACT -Power converter plays major role in the industry for conversion of dc power to ac power and vice versa. Inverters are used for conversion of the dc power to ac power. The harmonics content produce by these inverter create power quality issues. To remove this concept of multilevel inverter is proposed by the researchers. Now multilevel inverter captures the market of power converter. In this paper discuss the different approaches based multilevel inverter proposed by the researchers. Also discuss the basic problem associated in multilevel inverter.
Keywords— Power Converter, MLI, NPC, FC, CHB, etc.
Page No. 01-04 .
5 A Review of Fuel Cell and its Application in HEV
Sandeep Kumar and Prof. Anuprita Mishra (Head of Department)

ABSTRACT - Due to regular use of renewable energy the power sector widely categories into two categories: grid connected and stand alone. The emission and fuel consumption favourable operation of the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) have resulted in tremendous popularity increase of these vehicles during the last two decays. Even if large advance has already been made, there are still many aspects to be considered and problems to be solved regarding the HEVs before they can be fully commercialized. Two such aspects are the cost and performance of these vehicles. Various research and development activities have resulted in a variety of different hybrid solutions, from the electric motor assisted bicycles to more advanced plug in hybrid cars and the fuel cell vehicles (FCV). In this paper a brief review is done for the Fuel Cell architecture and control.
Keywords— Fuel Cell, PEMC, AFC, SOFC, DER etc.
Page No. 01 - 05 .