IJEA - Volume 7 Issue 8 (August 2018)


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1 ICA Classifier and Cross Correlation Based Sound Source Localization Design with High Throughput
Rakhi Patel (M. Tech Scholar), Prof. Vishal Shrivastava

ABSTRACT - This paper synthesizes a sound source localization routine. Paper utilize a general source separation technique, Independent Component Analysis. Particularly, basic ICA was applied to separate mixtures of low frequency, narrow band, non-Gaussian signals by using closely spaced uni-directional microphones. The localization routine worked with an average condition number of test cases. The routine was tested on data collected form MATLAB standard audio files. Localizing sounds with different frequency and time domain characteristics in a dynamic listening environment is a challenging task that has not been explored in the field of robotics as much as other perceptual tasks. This thesis presents an integrated auditory system localization method which can be used in humanoid robot, Sounds with different frequency components and time domain characteristics have to be localized.
Keywords — SNR, MSE, PCA, ICA, LDA and DWT etc. .
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2 Development of Efficient enhancement technique for Underwater Image Enhancement using Median Filter and HSV Stretching and (MFHS): A Review
Chanchal kumar Gohiya (M. Tech Scholar), Prof. Agranshu Dwivedi

ABSTRACT - Underwater environments generally cause color cast or color scatter while photography. color scatter is due to haze effects appearing when light reflected from thing which absorbed or may be scattered several times by particles of water. This cause lowers the visibility and less contrast of the image. color cast is due to the varying attenuation of light in various wavelengths, and this is cause underwater environments bluish. To mention distortion from color scatter and color cast, this paper proposes a method to reconstruct underwater images that which is a combination of a wavelength compensation and de-hazing algorithm (IDWC). One has to determine the distance between the objects and the camera using dark channel prior, then haze effects cause by color scatter can be removed by the de-hazing algorithm. Next, one has to estimation the photography scene depth using residual energy ratios for each. According to the attenuation of every wavelength, reverse compensation conducted to restore all distortion from color cast. .
Keywords— HSMF: HSI stretching and Median Filter, ACCLAHE: Adaptively clipped contrast limited histogram equalization, WCID: Wavelength compensation and image De-hazing etc.
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3 Overview of Maximum Power Tracking Scheme for Solar Based System
Suman Sourav, Prof. Santosh Kumar (Head of department)

ABSTRACT -Power demand increase day by day but the generation is limited. The concept of Renewable Energy Source (RES) is now become a most popular for generation of power. There are basically three type of non-renewable energy source is used for generation of the power. Solar system is the one of the best non-renewable technique for generation of electrical power but it have some drawback. It is only used in the day time. For improving the efficiency of the system here maximum power tracking is needed. Here in this paper discuss the literature based on maximum power tracking technique used for enhancing the efficiency of the solar system.
Keywords— RES. PV Module, MPPT, MPOP, P & O, INC etc.
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4 Development of Multilevel Inverter based Single Phase Induction Motor Drive
Prashant Arjariya1, Prof. Sagar Singh Tomar and Prof. Naveen Soni

ABSTRACT -Induction motors are more popular in industries due to its robust construction. With the help of multilevel inverter it is operated in variable speed drive now a day. Multilevel inverter is well known for power industries and has tremendous capability at medium and high voltage application. In this paper here discuss the different type of control strategy developed by the different researchers in the field of single phase induction motor. This paper also discusses the review of the multilevel inverter topology developed by the researchers.
Keywords— MLI, PWM, SPIM, AC/AC Chopper, Cycloconverter.
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5 Overview of Load Flow Analysis with DG Placement
Sonali Mishra, and Dr. Sameena Elyas Mubeen

ABSTRACT - Power demand increase day by day but the generation is limited. The concept of Distribution Generation (DG) is now become more popular to fulfil the requirement of power demand. But the basic problem is where it is placed. For knowing the placement here need for load flow analysis. In this paper discuss the literature review based on the load flow analysis as well as the review based on the placement of DGs in the power distribution network.
Keywords— Keywords— DGS, DNR, LFA, RDN, BBC, NR etc .
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