JCT - Volume 7 Issue 2 (February 2018)


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A Study of Disease diagnosis using Classification and Optimization Techniques
Abhilasha Mishra and Sanjay Kumar Sharma
ABSTRACT - Recently, the problems related to intelligent medical disease diagnosis classification have become one of the important areas of study. Therefore different researches have been carried out in order to predict heart disease based on data mining methods such as classification and clustering methods. Support vector Machine is binary classifier, the performance of classification of support vector machine is high in compression of another binary classifier such as decision tree, KNN classifier. In this paper we discuss with the rich study about various techniques in health care diseases diagnosis in medical science domain.
Keywords - Decision Tree, Neural Network, Feed Forward Back Propagation, Health Care, Classification and Clustering .
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Analysis of Image Contrast Enhancement on Satellite Image Processing
Sher Bahadur Singh and Professor Devendra Patle
ABSTRACT - Satellite images have gained much popularity due to their varied uses in geology, meteorology, oceanography etc. Satellite images are captured and analyzed by remote sensing. Satellite images have to face spatial and spectral resolution problems due to scattering, Satellite Image Enhancement technique is one of the force areas in the field of satellite image processing to improve the visualization of the features. Such as noise contrast image information and edges. Images taken by satellites maybe ruined due to climate, weather and other factors. In this paper discuss the different satellite image enhancement methods projected in the last decade. In this analysis paper also discuss the comparison of different methods and its advantages and disadvantages. The comparison of different method is based on image enhancement parameters such PSNR, MSE, AMBE and EME. .
Keywords— Satellite Image, DWT, SWT, CWT, Interpolation and Noise.
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