IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 9 (Sept 2018)


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1 Land Use/Cover Mapping of Bheemili Beach Road, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh using Geospatial techniques
B. Sridhar, Aditya Allamraju, Srinivas Elakurthi

Abstract: Aim: Quickly progressing geospatial technologies like Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning System offer a proficient, convenient and advantageous methodology for mapping resulting from its wide area coverage; giving information about inaccessible areas and timely repetitive coverage of the same area. In the present study, the land use/cover mapping of Bheemili beach road, Visakhapatnam district in the province of Andhra Pradesh has been carried out on IRS-1D, LISS-III satellite image with standard visual interpretation strategies. The identified land use/cover features are beach, deciduous forest, single and double crop, fallow land, gullied land, marine sand dunes, non-perennial tank, perennial tank, plantation, reservoir, main river courses, rural and urban built-up land, scrub forest and un-irrigated land. Maximum area is covered by deciduous forest (26.63%) followed by scrub forest (15.07%), gullied land (13.26 %) and double crop (11.02%). The other land use/cover classes individually cover less than 10% of the Total Geographical Area.

2 Title: “Use of GIS and Differential GPS in Mapping of Spatial Distribution Evidence for Outdoor Crime Scene: A Simulation Study”
Puleno Kennao, Dr. Deepak Lal, Karen Isha Sahu, Dr. Lav Kesharwani

Abstract: It is vital to envisage the location of the evidence to get an idea on how the crime took place and in what manner. Managing outdoor crime scenes with the application of conventional method can be a demanding job to achieve exclusively when the crime emerged in big space, where there is lack of reference points and tress being surrounded. In this research, two simulated outdoor crime scenes were created, where both manual tape measurement and DGPS unit was applied to see if the differential GPS offers an accurate and reliable alternative for mapping the scene over the baseline method. To develop a final digital map of the simulated outdoor scenes was utilized using Geographical Information System. The result indicates that the DGPS unit provides a consistent reading when compared to manual tape measurement giving an average reading difference of 0.06 cm and 0.13 cm. The study concluded through statistical analysis that DGPS unit can be a viable alternative for mapping the outdoor crime scenes.

Aswathy Ramachandran

Abstract: Stock market is known as a pulse of economy or economic mirror, which reflects the economic conditions of a country. Investors are believed to be the backbone of the securities market. Stock market awareness comes under the broad concept of financial literacy. The main objective of this study is to recognize the impact of stock market awareness on their investment. Primary data was is collected from Convenience Sampling technique.

4 Satra as a mean to Sanskritisation to Assamese Society
Bhaswati Das

Abstract: Satras plays a vital role in the life of Assamese society as well as in the formation of Assamese society. The Neo –Vaishnavism Movement, which was initiated by Srimanta Sankaradeva is the most significant socio-cultural and religious phenomenon during the medieval period. The Satra institution which is the most notable contribution of the Neo-Vaishnava movement is perhaps came to emergence at the hands of the great saints, Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhavadeva. For that Satra institution plays a very important role in Assamese society. Therefore, it is tried to analyze the origin and development of the Satra institution in Assam. The paper also aims to highlight the relationship between Satra and society. This paper also made an attempt to understand the role of Satra in the process of Sanskritisation in Assam.

5 Development of Efficient enhancement technique for Underwater Image Enhancement using Median Filter and HSV Stretching and (MFHS)
Chanchal kumar Gohiya, Prof. Agranshu Dwivedi

Abstract: Underwater environments generally cause color cast or color scatter while photography color scatter is due to haze effects appearing when light reflected from thing which absorbed or may be scattered several times by particles of water. Thesis work present a novel procedure for which is a special integration for various available techniques also it has new approach in order to image stretching and image equalization Proposed procedure enhances shallow ocean optical images or videos using stretching cum equalizing cum median filter and also as per wavelength properties Our key contributions are proposed include a novel shallow water imaging model that compensates in order to attenuation discrepancy along propagation path and an effective underwater scene enhancement scheme recovered images are characterized by a reduced noised level, better exposure for dark regions, and global contrast where finest details and edges are enhanced significantly.

6 Vinegar - as an Antibiofilm Agent Against the biofilm of UPEC
SM.Nachammai, Dr.Karthika Jayakumar, Vinithra Suresh, Kousalya M

Abstract: Background: Biofilm, an extracellular polysaccharide produced by the uropathogenic E. coli may responsible for resistant to treatment, recurrent and persistent urinary tract infection. Table vinegars were tried as an antibiofilm agent to eradicate the production of biofilm. Materials & Methods: A total of 212 E. coli isolated from urine samples were quantitatively determined for biofilm production and Apple cider and Grape vinegar were tested for biofilm eradication using microtiter plate assay. Results: Of the 212 E. coli isolates, 127 (59.9%) of isolates were capable of producing biofilm, Based on the criteria 86.6% of isolates were weak biofilm producer, 11% were moderate and 3.2% were strong biofilm producers. The apple vinegar prevented biofilm formation in 121(95.3%) E. coli biofilm and grape vinegar 120 (94.5%)

7 Development of Innovative Nutraceutical Drink with Soy Milk to Combat Malnutrition
S.K. Chauhan, Smriti Verma, Jenny Joseph

Abstract: The present investigation is made with an attempt to prepare Nutraceutical Drink Based On Soy Milk (A-E) was made by using different combination of (beet root powder, betel leaf powder, mint leaves powder, lemon grass powder, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, funnel powder and honey etc) organoleptic quality and nutritive values (Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Energy and Mineral content)were evaluated. Oragnoleptic quality of prepared product was carried out using the nine point’s hedonic scale. It is concluded that the treatment E (soy milk 100ml, beet root powder 1gm, betel leaf powder 1gm, mint leaves powder 0.5gm, lemon grass powder 2gm, cardamom powder 0.5gm, fennel powder 0.5gm and honey 20gm) was scored highest. On the basis of nutritional analysis the best product claim more than 2.56% protein, calcium 25mg/100gm, energy 81.64kcal.

8 Exploring the effects of mindfulness-based training program on early adolescents’ mindfulness skills and emotional competence: School -based study
Rucha Sarwate, Dr. Alpana Vaidya

Abstract: Present study explored the effects of mindfulnessbased training program on early adolescent school children’s mindfulness skills and emotional competence. In this repeated measure design study, thirty-two students from grade eight participated in the ten sessions mindfulness-based training program. Participants were assessed before, after and at follow up on the mindfulness skills (measured by CAMM) and emotional competence (measured by EC – Scale). Results indicated significant increase in the mindfulness skills and emotional competence of the participants at post test level and effects were maintained after three months.

9 Personal Hygiene: Perspective of Ayurveda
Shrikant Pandey

Abstract: Personal hygiene is advised in almost all the sciences related to health and also in some other sciences. In Ayurveda also there is much description of personal hygiene, being the science of health. The one of the important aim of Ayurveda is maintaining the health or prevention of diseases and it cannot be facilitated without the knowledge of personal hygiene. So, there is a vast description of personal hygiene in Ayurveda. Ayurveda have a holistic approach and consider mental hygiene too along with physical hygiene. In this paper it is tried to explore the literatures related to personal hygiene, described in Ayurveda and their significances are also elaborated.

10 Spatial Patterns of Food Security in Jammu and Kashmir: A Regional Analysis
Rubi Raina, Monika Choudhary

Abstract: The notion of food security has been developing over the past few decades with researchers, policy makers and NGO campaigners contributing significantly to the discussions on what contributes food security, elements of food security and in what way it can be ensured at international, national, state, household and individual level. The issue of improving food security to the population is a matter of great importance as it is requisite for the maintenance of human well-being. The present study of spatial patterns of food security in Jammu and Kashmir is noteworthy as it assessed the status of food security in a food deficit state. The state faces huge deficit in food by 40 percent, deficiency in oilseeds by 70 percent and in vegetables by 30 percent. The productivity of all agricultural crops is lower than national averages. The state is still meeting its food grain demands by purchasing large quantities from other states. By taking selected indicators under food availability, food accessibility and food utilization food security regions have been demarcated to analyze food security status in Jammu and Kashmir. The present study takes on district wise analysis based on secondary statistics. In this study, food security index has been generated at district level by applying Composite Index given by UNDP.

11 Design of fast and Error free ECG signal filter with LMS Thresholding
Rahul Mandle, Prof. Vishal Shrivastava

Abstract: An ECG signal is usually corrupted by various types of noises. Some of these noises are power line interface, baseline drift, muscle contraction, motion artifacts, electrosurgical noise, instrumentation noise and electromyography noises. It is highly required to develop a method which can filter ECG signal noises significantly. In this work, an EMD along with adaptive switching mean filter based new method for de-noising of ECG signal has been proposed. Unlike, conventional EMD based de-noising approaches, where only lower orders IMFs are denoised in this work, along with EMD, ASMF operation has been employed for further signal quality improvement. The lower order IMFs are filtered through wavelet de-noising technique to reduce high-frequency artifacts and retain the QRS complexes. Then, considering the effectiveness of ASMF, for further enhancement of signal quality adaptive switching mean filtering is performed. The validity of the performance of the described technique is evaluated on standard MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. Gaussian noise at different signal to noise ratio (SNR) levels are added to the original signals.

Rakhi Patel, GNCSGI, Vishal Shrivastava

Abstract: Proposed paper utilize a general source separation technique, Independent Component Analysis Particularly, basic ICA was applied to separate mixtures of low frequency, narrow band, non-Gaussian signals by using closely spaced unidirectional microphones The localization routine worked with an average condition number of test cases The routine was tested on data collected form MATLAB standard audio files Localizing sounds with different frequency and time domain characteristics in a dynamic listening environment is a challenging task that has not been explored in the field of robotics as much as other perceptual tasks This thesis presents an integrated auditory system localization method which can be used in humanoid robot, Sounds with different frequency components and time domain characteristics have to be localized.

Rajni Singh, Shashikant Tripathi

Abstract: The Land Surface Temperature (LST) can be states as radiative skin temperature of ground. The Land Surface Temperature (LST) depends on the albedo, soil moisture; the vegetation cover and. LST is very much important for the several types of studies as climate change, global warming, site suitability and urban land change detection studies. LST is widely uses as mixture of vegetation and bare soil temperatures. Because both the vegetation and bear soil respond rapidly to changes in incoming solar radiation due to cloud cover and aerosol load modifications, and the results are LST displays quick variations too. In this study the LST has been estimated with respect to top of atmospheric radiance, brightness temperature and the Land Surface Emissivity (LSE) is retrieved band 10 thermal bands. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values determined from the Red and Near Infrared bands.

14 To Study the Elemental Concentrations in Selected Medicinal Plants by EDXRF Technique
S. Jyothsna, G. Manjula, A. S. Nageswara Rao

Abstract: Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technique was one of the most powerful and quick multi elemental analyses with high sensitivity has been used to detect characterized for trace elements. To determine the trace elemental concentration in selected medicinal plants namely, Eclipta prostrate, Acalypha indica, Andrographis paniculata, Datura metal, Alstonia scholarisis, Aloe vera and Acacia catechu which are traditionally used by the natives of the Telangana State. From the present study, thirteen elements (P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Se, Br, Rb and Sr) and their elemental concentrations were determined in these plant samples. In this we are found to contain significant amount of the S, Fe, Cu, Mn and Rb, which can used to a new standard of prescribing the dosage of herbal drugs prepared from the plant material to integrate their medicinal values in the modern system of the medicines. It is hoped that, this elemental data will be a useful lead for phytochemists and pharmacologists for further study.


Abstract: In this paper, we discussed totally regular fuzzy digraphs and properties of totally regular fuzzy digraphs. The concepts of the total degree of a vertex in fuzzy digraphs formed by the operation union is terms of the total degree of vertices in the given fuzzy digraphs for some particular cases are obtained some properties of regular fuzzy digraphs are studied and they are examined for totally regular fuzzy digraphs.

16 Influence of Diabetic Education Programme in improving the Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) of Diabetic Patients

Abstract: Positive Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) are important for diabetic patients. Aim: To assess the influence of Diabetic Education Programmes (DEP) in improving the KAP of diabetics. Methods: A study on DEP was conducted among 50 diabetic patients in Calicut districts of North Kerala. Prior to DEP, a questionnaire with KAP statements was distributed among all diabetic participants and the knowledge testing questionnaire was again repeated immediately after the programme. Dichotomous scales were used to assess the knowledge and practice level questions and 5-point grading scale was used to assess attitude questions. After one month and third-month, KAP scores were again retested. Results: Among the four stages of assessment, retention of knowledge was high immediately after the DEP and it continued after 1 month, however retention level decreased gradually after 3 months. DEP made slight changes in the daily practice of patients, but failed to change the attitude of the patients Conclusion-. The retention level of KAP dwindled with time. So continuous education with regular follow-up program is essential to control diabetes.

17 An Analysis of Minimum Support Price in Tuning the Life of Farmer
Dr.C. Umamaheswari.

Abstract: Minimum Support Price (MSP) is a part of India’s agriculture price policy. The Minimum Support Price for various crops is announced by the central government at the beginning of every crop seasons on the recommendations of CACP. The most important aim of the Minimum Support Price policy is to save the Indian farmers from making distress sales. Minimum Support Price is announced currently for 24 crops including cereals, pulses, oilseeds and cash crops. The Swaminathan commission had recommended several path –breaking measure to resolve the agrarian distress in India.

18 Effectiveness of nursing care on postnatal mothers with breast engorgement
Mrs G Sathiyabama. Asst Professor

Abstract:Breast engorgement is the painful overfillig of the breast with milk .This is usually caused by an imbalance between milk supply and infant demand.Breast engorgement is due to exaggerated normal venous and lymphatic engorgement of the breasts which precedes lactation.Objectives; To assess the condition of the postnatal mother with breast engorgement .To provide nursing care of postnatal mothers.to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care of postnatal mothers with breast engorgement.Research design descrirtive study design was chosen for this study.The population for the study were postnatal mother admitted in postoperative ward at rajiv gandhi institute of medical sciences.sample size 30 postnatal mothers.convenient sampling technique was used . The instrument consists of 3parts.part1 consists of demographic variables are age,education religion occupation family income residence obstetrical score etc.part II ; Rating scale was used to monitor the health condition of postnatal mothers with breast engorgement.partIII ;Observation check list was used to find out the effectiveness of nursing care for postnatal mothers with breast engorgement.The descritive statical analysis method and inferential analysis was used to the find out mean,SD,percentage of scoreThe chi-square test were adopted.paired t test used.statistically there was significant improvement in health condition of mother with breast engorgement at level of ,P,value

19 Studies of Hippuric Acid Crystals Doped With Mercury Chloride

Abstract: This study has been undertaken to investigate the growth and studies of mercury chloride doped hippuric acid (MCHA) crystal. The growth of single crystals of MCHA was carried out by slow evaporation solution growth technique at room temperature. For comparison purpose, undoped hippuric aicd crystals have also been grown by solution method. The XRD study reveals that MCHA crystal has orthorhombic crystal system. The functional groups of the grown MCHA crystal have been found out by FTIR spectral method. Hardness and work hardening coefficient of the samples were determined by measuring the average indentation length for various applied loads. The dielectric parameters like dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor and AC conductivity of the samples were evaluated at different frequencies and temperatures. The SHG efficiency of the mercury chloride doped hippuric acid crystal was measured by Kurtz-Perry powder technique and the results were discussed.

20 A Study on Triangular Graceful Graphs

Abstract: A graph G with p vertices and q edges is said to be triangular graceful if there is an injective function  : V(G) → X = {0,1,2,…T q }, where T q is the q th triangular number. Define the function  * : E(G) → {1,2,…T q } such that  * (u,v) = |  (u) -  (v)| for all edges (u,v). I  *(E(G)) is a sequence of distinct consecutive triangular numbers say {T 1 ,T 2 ,..,T q } then the function  is said to be triangular. In this paper we prove the following graphs S+(n,m), Generalized Butane graph, n – Centipede union Pn, Fork graph are triangular graceful graphs.

21 A Survey on Remotely Monitoring the Vehicle Parameter through IoT Protocol
Ruchi Dronawat , Upasana Shrivastava

Abstract:By using the Internet of Things Technology can greatly enhance the performance, monitoring and maintenance of the vehicle. In this paper analysis is based on the Implementation of new cost effective methodology based on IoT to monitor vehicle health remotely for performance evaluation. This will facilitate preventive maintenance, fault detection, historical analysis of the vehicle in addition to real time monitoring. In this paper we review the different vehicle parameters via remote monitoring system. In this paper analysis system take care of the safety by different parameter heating, avoiding engine damaging, drinking alcohol to find the status of the driver & vehicle location.

M.Mary Adline Priya, Dr.S.Joseph Jawhar

Abstract: Lung cancer represents one of the main causes of death among all the possible diseases, being the leading cause of death among all the different cancers. From all the imaging modality, computed tomography is one of the most sensitive and adequate imaging technique to identify malignant nodules due to its image quality, resolution and level of detail. Accurate lung nodule segmentation from computed tomography (CT) images is of great importance for image-driven lung cancer analysis.

23 Application of ‘Mohand’ Transform in Cryptography
P. Senthil Kumar, V. Sandhya , S. Sindhuja , A. Viswanathan

Abstract: Cryptography involves creating written or generated codes that allow information to be kept secret. It is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data (message).This paper aims to encrypt and decrypt a message by using a new integral transform “Mohand” transform and congruence modulo operator.

24 Cloud Computing Intelligent Data-Driven Model: Connecting the Dots to Combat Global Terrorism
1Priyanka Usrate, 2Prof. Damodar Tiwari

Abstract: Internet emerging as one of the de-facto means of communication, there are huge amount of the data shared over internet. In now days there are virtual communities or (social religious groups) are formed on different social networks. These virtual communities are to recruit peoples for the violent extremist activities. There are components like white power music and white supremacist games are used to influence youth for the terrorist activities and radical movements. In this paper a survey over the different techniques which are used to detect and forecast the violent extremist movement and provide a prediction model for such activities. Techniques SVM and LDA are used for the purpose of the violent extremist forecasting purpose.