IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 7 (July 2018)


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1 Ethnic dimension in India-Myanmar Relations
T. Chongboi Haokip

Abstract: The study examines the changing dimensions of India-Myanmar Relations, the ethno-nationalist movement operating in northeast India and the peripheral region of Myanmar with special reference to the Kuki and Chin ethnic groups in relation to India-Myanmar relation. Both India and Myanmar are ethnically diverse nations which shared a porous international border with transnational nationalities on both the sides. The Kukis and Chins represents the transnational ethnic communities with shared historical past. Many studies on bilateral relations between India and Myanmar has been conducted, But the ethnic dimension has been ignored viz-a-viz the bilateral relations. The gist of this paper is to highlight the importance of understanding ethnic conflicts in the light of the study on India-Myanmar bilateral relations. In this paper the term Burma and Myanmar would be used interchangeably depending on the era. The term “Burma” would be used for the period before 1989 while “Myanmar” would referred to the period after 1989.

Theresa Ugonwa Okafor

Abstract: Physics has become the bedrock of many nations’ socio-economic development for sustainability. The study was a descriptive survey research design to investigate a way forward to enhance girl-child participation in Physics Education. The study was carried out in the forty-two public secondary schools in Aguata Education Zone of Anambra State. The population consisted of 232 Physics teachers in the education zone. Simple random sampling techniques were used to select 120 female Physics teachers and 80 male Physics teachers for the study. Two research questions and one null hypothesis guided the study. Data was collected using a-26 item structural questionnaire developed by the researcher. The reliability of instrument was established using Cronbach Alpha giving a reliability index of 0.84. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer research questions while t-test was used to test the null hypothesis at P<0.05 level of significance. The findings showed that early marriage, poverty, cultural/traditional belief, sex bias etc were obstacles to girl-child participation in Physics education. Some strategies to enhance girl-child active participation in Physics education such as modification of Physics teacher’s behaviour, awareness of campaigning at the grass root and national levels to discourage parents from denying their girl-child access to proper education by subjecting them to early marriage, child labour etc were highlighted. Elimination of masculine images of textual materials which discriminate against girl-child was emphasized. Educational implications were discussed and recommendations were made.

3 Recent Developments in Intramolecular Stetter Reaction
Dandamudi V. Lenin

Abstract:The Stetter reaction is an important carbon-carbon bond forming reaction between an electrophile and a Michael acceptor in the presences of NHC catalysts. Intramolecular Stetter reaction is possible if both the nucleophile and Michael acceptor in the same molecule. This article highlights recent developments of the intramolecular version of the Stetter reaction.

4 Assess the knowledge on umbilical cord blood banking among antenatal mothers at a selected hospital,Chennai.
Dr.S KalaBarathi1, Ms.W.S.Khanpam2 , Dr.P Mangala Gowri

Abstract: The blood collected in the umbilical cord is said to be a rich origin of stem. The blood contains stem cells which are also known as haematopoietic cells and these cells can convert into any types of organs in the body. These stem cells collected from the umbilical cord can heal genetic diseases related to blood and immune system like cancer, blood disorders and several lifethreatening diseases. Aim- To estimate the level of antenatal mother’s knowledge concerning umbilical cord blood banking. Methods: The level of antenatal mother’s knowledge was estimated by using a descriptive research design. Antenatal mothers of total 60 samples were elected for the study from mothers attending antenatal OP. Demographical variables and the level of knowledge among antenatal mother concerning umbilical cord blood banking were collected by using structured interview. Result: The current knowledge level of antenatal mother on umbilical cord blood banking portrays that 46(77%) had inadequate knowledge, 12(20%) had moderate knowledge and the antenatal mothers with adequate knowledge were found to be 2(3%). Conclusion: Thus this study finding indicate that antenatal mother’s knowledge in regard to umbilical cord blood banking was inadequate.

Ekta Malik#1 , Poonam Sheoran*2 , Adiba Siddiqui

Abstract: Every woman go through natural menopause, it is an advance from regenerative to non-conceptive stage. Menopause is emerging as a major health problem in India with an alarming 18% of women in the 30-49 age groups attaining the nonreproductive age prematurely. This is a cross sectional study conducted on 120 women between the age group of 40- 60 years residing in selected rural community of Ambala. Menopausal rating scale was used to assess the menopausal symptoms. Women were selected by purposive sampling technique. SPSS version 20 was used for statistical analysis. The mean age of the women was 46.3±4.23 years. Three most frequent menopausal symptoms reported by women (n=120) were: joint and muscular discomfort 118(98.3%) followed by physical and mental exhaustion 106(88.3%) and hot flushes 103 (85.8%). There was high prevalence of symptoms like joint and muscular discomfort, physical and mental exhaustion and hot flushes followed by sexual problems, irritability, depressive moods, anxiety, heart discomfort, bladder problems, sleep problems, dryness of vagina. Most of the somatic, psychological and urogenital subscale symptoms were reported in the surgical menopause as compared to pre menopause and post menopause.

Abirami M.Avooodaiammal, C.Ramesh

Abstract: Today it is a high time to discuss about emotional intelligence. As emotional intelligence of a person determines the personality of a person. At this fast moving juncture it is stress because of fast foods and fast moving conjure. So the author has discussed the topic emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is meant to represent that how a person act for the situations arisen to him and how ably he manages his temperament at different situations. Emission of emotions in an intelligent manner is called as emotional intelligent. Cognitive intelligence success relies on emotional intelligence.

7 Gamma-ray shielding properties of Bismuth silicate glasses at 662 and 1173keV photon energies
Sandeep Kaur

Abstract: The mass attenuation coefficient (µ/ρ) and Half value layer (HVL) parameters of xBi2O3.(1-x)SiO2 (x=0.50 upto 0.75) glass system have been calculated theoretically by using XCOM computer software developed by National Institute of standards and technology (NIST) at 662 and 1173eV photon energies. The obtained results have been compared with standard radiation shielding concretes at same energies. The prepared glass samples have higher values of mass attenuation coefficients and lower values of HVL parameters. The density, molar volume and X-Ray diffraction measurements have been used to study the structural properties of the prepared samples. Reported glass samples can find applications in the areas of nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storage containers.

8 Design and Analysis of Coaxial Transmission Lines
Jagdeesh Kumar Ahirwar , Papiya Dutta

Abstract: This paper attempts to design a coaxial cable using standard design formula. Simulation is done using empirical methods designing of coaxial transmission line. The coax is designed with a cut-off frequency of 1.25 GHz with TEM mode. The characteristic impedance of the coax is 50Ω. The aim here is to help the reader design a correct coaxial cable at the port of an antenna. Design formula for calculation of cutoff frequency, characteristic impedance, inductance and capacitance are revisited and implemented for the analysis and design of a 50ohm coaxial transmission line. Coaxial wire is also compared with other transmission line

9 Watermarking for secure Communication based on Three level DWT cum SVD (3DWTS) Method
Reena Agnihotri, Prof. vishal shrivastava

Abstract: Watermarking is a type of security technique in obscurity; art & science of hiding available of a message between sender & intended recipient. however techniques that are been developed in area are based of complex & pattern based data hiding in pixels of images, later on key based approaches are also been developed, later on many combination (two different approaches cryptography & Watermarking working together) based procedure been developed. proposed work is new concept for Watermarking that is analytical cum pattern based Image Watermarking proposed procedure is been developed for achieving very high SNR & low MSE even if size of original is less, actually only problem with Watermarking is that it requires many of data ( a full image) for transmitting few original data, so proposed work aims to reduce size of image while maintaining size of original data same. Proposed paper is a unique DWT & SVD based procedure for Watermarking.

Sujan Singh Thakur, Prof. Papiya Dutta

Abstract: An ECG signal is usually corrupted by various types of noises. Some of these noises are power line interface, baseline drift, muscle contraction, motion artifacts, electrosurgical noise, instrumentation noise & electromyography noises. It is highly required to develop a method which can filter ECG signal noises significantly. In this work, an EMD along with adaptive switching mean filter based new method for de-noising of ECG signal has been proposed. Unlike, conventional EMD based denoising approaches, where only lower orders IMFs are denoised in this work, along with EMD, ASMF operation has been employed for further signal quality improvement. lower order IMFs are filtered through wavelet de-noising technique to reduce high-frequency artifacts & retain QRS complexes. Then, considering effectiveness of ASMF, for further enhancement of signal quality adaptive switching mean filtering is performed. validity of performance of described technique is evaluated on standard MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. Gaussian noise at different signal to noise ratio (SNR) levels are added to original signals

11 Patterns of Growth in Services Sector
Ms. Poonam

Abstract: India is a vast country. Indian economy is classified in three sectors: Agriculture and allied services, Industrial sector and Services sector. India is the 2nd fastest growing economy after China. India is the 3rd largest economy on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and India is the 7th largest economy as per nominal GDP. Services sector has become important for many economies in the world and very important particularly in India. The services sector forms a backbone of social and economic development of a region. It is a large and most dynamic part of the Indian economy both in terms of employment potential and contribution to national income. Growth of the services sector is also an important aspect of economic development and is strongly associated with income and economic modernization. As an input to the production process, services are playing an increasing important role in manufacturing industries, world over. At world level, manufacturing sector as a whole has grown moderately in production and employment since last decade. This sector has added steam to its growth parameters and it is predicted that this growth rate will accelerate in the coming years, thus resulting in high demand of Indian professionals in both national as well as international markets.Services sector contributed around 60.20 per cent of employment in 1961-65 and 68.35 per cent of employment in 2006-12.The present paper shows components of GDP of various sectors at constant and current prices, GDP of sub-sectors of services sector at current and constant prices, annual compound growth rate at current and constant prices. The study takes time period of 62 years i.e. from 1951 to 2012. This paper aim to show that share of services sector has a favorable effect on the growth of Indian economy. There has been increase in employment through services sector.


Abstract: Native chemical ligation is a widely used technique for the synthesis of long chain peptides or proteins. The essential requirements for this process are peptide thioesters and peptide amides. The low yield and purity are the challenging factors in the synthesis of peptide thioesters. The synthesis of peptide thioesters using double linker strategy on a solid support gives better yield and purity. The quality of the product was analysed using RP-HPLC and MALDI-TOF MS.

Yogesh kumar

Abstract: The aim of this article is explain the relationship between living-living, living-nonliving, nonliving-nonliving body by radiation associated their body. If two body come together and the radiation emitted or absorbed by them are in same phase then they are good friend or have same chemical or physical properties.

14 Rainfall Interception of Salak Plants (Salacca sumatrana Becc) in North Sumatera Indonesia
Yusriani Nasution1, Azwar Rasyidin , Yulnafatmawita and Amrizal Saidi

Abstract: Salak (Salacca sumatrana) is a profitable commodity with low and wide plant canopy that can retain rain and it roots could withstand the runoff. The purpose of this study was to determine the canopy interception of salak plant, tree canopy interception have a significant role in reducing the amount of rainfall that reaches the ground beneath the tree. The study has been tasted on the type of mineral soil in East Angkola District North Sumatera with an altitude of 350 - 880 m above sea level. The study period start from October 2016 to March 2017. The study was conducted by survey method with the calculation of interception based on the measurement of rainfall, stem flow and throughfall. Result showed that the maisured interception, throughfall and stemflow accounted was 71.96 mm (82.98 %), 15.19 mm (15.62%) and 0.78 mm (0.93%) of cumulative gross rainfall during 1 year. Simple and multiple linear regeresion was used to determine the interception relationship with rainfall, throughfall and stemflow factors. The multiple linear regression relationship between interception with rainfall, thrughfall and stemflow indicate a very strong regression relationship ie interception is strongly impact by three factors. The coefficient of determination (R2 = 0.938) indicate that there is a strong influence of the factors on interception. A very high number of interception of salak plants shows that salak plants can hold rainfall to fell the ground.

Manoj Pareek

Abstract: Affordable and quality healthcare has not reached to majority of Indians after 70 years of independence. Only 25 % of Indian population is insured under both private health insurance and government run insurance schemes. To address this issue the government had set up High Level Expert group in year 2010 under 12 Th Five Year plan, which submitted its report with focus on Universal Health cover as basic component for social security. Recently Union Budget 2018 came up with Ayushman Bharat Programme that plans to cover 10 crore BPL families under a health Insurance scheme. The paper attempts looking at various challenges to be faced in implementation of this scheme and role of various stakeholders required for its success.

16 A Survey on Image Compression by Different Techniques for color Images
Nisha Raikwar , Deepak Dhruv

Abstract: Image compression is a type of data compression applied to digital images, to reduce their cost for storage or transmission. Algorithms may take advantage of visual perception and the statistical properties of image data to provide superior results compared with generic compression methods .The Block Truncation Coding (BTC) is one of the lossy image compression algorithms. This paper presents Image compression technique that is employed to cut back the number of bits, scale back the cupboard space and transmission price. Completely different technique used for image compression like lossless and lossy compression (VQ) technique, there are a unit completely different technique Huffman encoding, vector division, Block Truncation Code ,run length cryptography etc. Every technique has some blessings and a few limitations. Here we have a tendency to area unit study on varied image compression techniques.

17 Assess the perceived stress among postnatal mothers at a selected Hospital, Chennai.

Abstract: Purpose: To assess the level of perceived stress among postnatal mothers and to associate the level of perceived stress among postnatal mothers with the selected demographic variables. Methods: A Descriptive study was conducted to assess the level of perceived stress among postnatal mothers at Saveetha Medical College Hospital. The population consisted of postnatal mothers who have delivered both by vaginal and caesarean section within 6 weeks of postnatal period. The samples were selected by non-probability convenient sampling technique. Data was collected after obtaining the consent from the postnatal mothers. Structured interview method was used to collect the demographical variables and level of stress was assessed by perceived stress scale. The data was analyzed by descriptive statistics. Results: The study findings depicts that 46(77%) had mild stress, 12(20%) had moderate stress and 2(3%) had severe stress and there was statistically significant association with level of perceived stress among postnatal mothers with type of family and parity at p<0.05 level. Conclusion: The study findings shows that there is a statistically significant association with level of perceived stress among postnatal mothers in type of family and parity at p<0.05 level and the other demographic variables among postnatal mothers. Hence the perceived stress is commonly found in postnatal mothers.

18 Monsoonal variation and correlation in concentration of trace elements in ground water of Bareilly region U.P., India
Neha Gupta, Ravi Kumar Gangwar, Sameer Chandra, Jaspal Singh

Abstract:Ground water samples were collected from different tehsil (Aonla Tehsil, Baheri Tehsil, Bareilly Tehsil, Faridpur Tehsil, Mirganj Tehsil) of the Bareilly regionand analyzed quantitatively for the concentration of trace elements like As, Mn, Al, Cr, Fe and Pb by using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The concentration was found fluctuating due to the temperature variance in different season and observed mostly below the permissible limit and some time at various sites slightly high or equal to permissible limit of WHO and BIS. As and Mn observed about the maximum permissible level at Anolateshil in both the season respectively (0.01 mgL-1and0.50 mgL-1) and (0.013 mgL-1and0.54 mgL-1). Concentration of Mn was also observed highest at Faridpur in pre monsoon season (0.50mgL-1) whereas at Meerganj Al and Cr concentration observed nearby maximum permissible limit in both the season. Ground water of the study area in different tehsil’s of Bareilly can be used for drinking purpose after suitable treatment, constant monitoring of the trace elements concentrations in the surface water as well as comprehensive conservation efforts recommended should be taken by relevant organization.

Dr. C. Somashekher

Abstract: Using the empirical data on postgraduate students of Bangalore University, this study examines how different combinations of aspirations and satisfactions can impact the students’ future. The purpose of this paper is to ascertain the level of educational aspirations as well as educational satisfaction among the postgraduate students and the extent of social background influence on the students’ aspirations to pursue higher education. A total of 250 students from Bangalore university campus were interviewed for this purpose. The study indicates that students are on the higher side of aspirations and satisfaction. Furthermore, significant association was found between educational aspirations, age and social origin. Additionally, the study finds significant differences in favor of rural students being more satisfied with lower social origin.

20 Potential of Passive Microwave Sensor for retrieval of Snow Water Equivalent: A Review
Manjinder Kaur,Gurjit Singh

Abstract: Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) information is essential for meteorology, water cycle, hydrology and global change studies. SWE is the one of most important parameter for accurate prediction of snow melt run off. In Himalaya due to the ruggedness and inaccessibility of Himalayan terrain, it is very difficult to monitor the snow cover information. However, microwave-based sensors in various satellites have the capability to estimates the snow cover characteristic i.e. snow depth, snow density and snow water equivalent. SWE estimates can be obtained from passive microwave sensor i.e.Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR), Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I),Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-Earth Orbiting System(EOS)(AMSR-E),Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR ADEOS-II) and Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-2 (AMSR-2). This paper briefly reviews historical passive microwave instruments and different techniques to estimate SWE.

21 Status of Transgenders (Eunuchs) in Mughal India
Anju Bala

Abstract:The present work focuses on the status of eunuchs in Mughal India. Eunuchs are one type of transgender community known as third gender. It is the marginalised section of our society particularly in context to our Indian society till today. But the status of eunuchs in Mughal India was far better than present day. So, through the present work, an attempt has been made to study the various contemporary works to analyse the status and position of this marginalised section of our society.

22 Ill effects of first and second hand exposure of smoke of tobacco
Dr. Mamta Patel

Abstract: If we talk about exposure of tobacco smoke there is no safe level of it for humans. It is equally harmful to consumers and to the people who are surrounded by them as well. The tobacco smoke is one of the key causes of different health problems related to respiratory system in infants, children, old age people and up to specific extent adults as well. Acute problems may result in premature deaths. Planning of different health policies and tobacco control programs can be properly made and applied if proper descriptive information of premature deaths and diseases is available along with the risk factors cause such. In the present study I have tried to project the future deaths and DALYS by using Regression analysis to get clearer virtual picture of future harm of exposure of tobacco smoke in male, female and combined population.

23 Butea monosperma (Lam.) var. lutea (Witt), (Fabaceae): A rare new ethnomedicinal plant species record in Kaprada forest
Patel Dharmesh C. and Dr. B. L. Jat

Abstract: Butea monosperma (Lam.) var. lutea (Witt), which is belongs to fabaceae family. It is before identified single from Maharashtra state and then Sabarkantha district state Gujarat and recent is recorded for the first time from Kaprada forest Gujarat state. This provides information on distribution and medicinal uses of this plant species and need immediate conservation. A comprehensive report and a take picture of are provided.

24 Butea monosperma (Lam.) var. lutea (Witt), (Fabaceae): A rare new ethnomedicinal plant species record in Kaprada forest
Vidyasagar Yadav , Dr . Deepa Mehta

Abstract: Present paper tries to investigate the Issue and challenges of the school dropouts at the Primary level in Mirzapur District. The major essences influencing school dropouts were found to be students’ socioeconomic status, lack of parental support, Low family education, family mobility, students absenteeism and truancy, Lack of interest in education, Child bearing and domestic chores, Students delinquent behaviour, Drug and alcohol abuse, poor performance in studies, Uncaring teachers and school policies, Academic demotivation. Paper also tries show that Government Schools have more dropout of students than private schools because of Educational management of private schools and students’ higher socioeconomic background, etc. Paper gives some important suggestions to retain students in schools. This drop out incidence makes obstacles in government educational programme and lags the rate of development of our country. Mirzapur District shows low dropout rate than Uttar Pradesh but higher dropout rate than India. This paper is a sincere effort to cover all push, pull and falling out factors and present paper is based on data collected from 180 teachers and 60 head teachers from 12 blocks of Mirzapur district. A convenience sampling technique was used for the selection of sample. Data was collected through the use of questionnaire made by Mphale,L.M. Findings reveal that family background of students, individual experience in schools, roles of school Management teams are responsible for dropout of students.

25 Structural, Morphological and Optical properties of La doped NiO nanoparticles prepared by co-precipitation method
M. Abdur Rahman, R. Radhakrishnan

Abstract:Lanthanum (La) doped Nickel oxide (NiO) nanoparticles (NPs) prepared by co-precipitation method. From the XRD patterns showed that the synthesized NiO NPs exhibits cubic structure. In FESEM image showed that, the synthesized La doped NiO NPs were formed agglomeration with spherical structure. Chemical compositions were identified by EDAX spectra.The Ni-O stretching vibrationswere observed by FT-IR spectra located at 3442 cm-1 for La doped NiO nanoparticles respectively. UV-Vis absorption spectra, the absorption edge peak observed at315nm for La doped NiO NPs. From the PL spectral measurements revealed that the broad emission bands observed, due to nickel interstitials (Nii) and oxygen vacancies (VO).

26 Structural and Optical properties of Cu0.5In0.5Se Thin Films Grown by Thermal Evaporation Technique
R. S. Dhake, M. S. Kale, D. S. Bhavsar

Abstract:The Cu0.5In0.5Se thin films were deposited on glass substrates by vacuum thermal evaporation method. Further samples were characterised for Strctural, topological, surface morphological and optical properties. XRD analysis revels that the sample is polycrystalline with monoclinic crystal structure. The surface roughness of sample is calculated 4.28 nm by using AFM analysis. The SEM study shows the sample is homogeneous and optical band gap of grown sample is determined by using UV-VIS Spectroscopy.