IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 6 (June 2018)


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1 Dokra, the traditional art: A journey from ‘margin’ to ‘centre’ [A field study of Bikna Shilpadanga, Bankura, West Bengal]
Nikhilesh Dhar

Abstract: The name 'Dokra' was used to indicate a group of crafts persons of nomadic type scattered over eastern and central India and was identified by their beautifully shaped and decorated metal products which are characterized by its primitive simplicity, charming folk motifs, rustic beauty and imaginative designs and patterns. It is one of the earliest known methods of non-ferous metal casting known to human civilization as the ‘lost wax casting (cire oerdue) process. But despite a high demand of the products of Dokra for its medieval simplicity, enhancing folk motifs and vitality of form in the local and the global market where fashion and luxury industries take maximum share in trading market, it seems difficult for sustenance of Dokra art and craft and the artisans at Bikna Shilpadanga, Bankura have been undergoing many hardships in carrying on with this traditional & age old craft of India. The present paper is, therefore, a modest attempt to provide an account of dokra craft of Bikna with an objective of highlighting the current socio economic status of ‘Dokra’ and its artisans and also the benevolent measures already taken up for the upliftment of the craft and the people attached to it.

2 On the Construction of Balanced Bipartite Block Designs
Bhavika L. Patel

Abstract: This paper provides some methods of construction of balanced bipartite block (BBPB) designs which are based on incidence matrices of the known balanced incomplete block (BIB) designs. The designs are useful for comparing a set of test treatments to a set of control treatments. Examples are given for application of the results.

Ankit Arvind Mishra

Abstract: Data covering up is the specialty of concealing information for different purposes, for example, - to keep up private information, secure secret information. Understood system is the Steganography; Steganography has developed into an advanced technique of concealing a document in some type of sight and sound, for example, a picture, a sound record or even a video record. This paper displays another Steganography procedure, In this paper, we propose another high-limit reversible information concealing technique for JPEG-packed pictures. This technique depends on changing the quantization table and quantized discrete cosine change (DCT) coefficients. A few components of the quantization table are isolated by a whole number while the comparing quantized DCT coefficients are duplicated by a similar whole number and increased the value of make space for installing the information. By breaking down the impact of each single quantized DCT coefficient on the picture quality, an installing succession is picked keeping in mind the end goal to help control the expansion of document estimate in the wake of concealing the information in the mean time the PSNR esteem between the first uncompressed picture and stego JPEG picture is high. Trial comes about demonstrate that the proposed strategy accomplishes both high limit and high picture quality.

Shubham jain, Abhishek Verma

Abstract: The postulation work is another approach in the hashing territory, which utilize an altered SHA-1 picture Encryption/hashing with modifier round proposed configuration has concocted thought of utilizing 40 adjusts rather than 80 round of SHA-1, that will build the speed of hash age for accomplishing that proposed work essentially changed the single pressure/emphasis task. The consequences of security investigation, for example, measurable tests, differential assaults, key space, key affectability, entropy data and the running time are outlined and contrasted with late encryption plans where the most noteworthy security level and speed are made strides

5 Diversity analysis and present status of Mangroves from Kerala, West coast of India
S. Surya, N. Hari

Abstract: A study was conducted on the diversity and structural analysis of the mangroves in ten districts of Kerala state. A total of 15 true mangrove species belonging to 9 genera and 7 families were enumerated. The true mangrove species are confined to salty-marshy environment along back waters. The study resulted considering the ten districts of Kerala, the diversity relatively high in Kollam and Kasargod compared to other districts. The continuous anthropogenic activities possess threat to the survival of mangroves. At present the mangrove continuity are lost and are faced destruction. Urbanization, tourism development and chemical discharge are some of the major common threats that decline mangrove ecosystems in the study area. Thus the management of the present mangrove is urgent for a sustainable living.

6 Identification of disturbed and undisturbed snow using optical satellite data
Sukhdeep Kaur, Gurjit Singh

Abstract: In Himalaya during winter season, large region is covered by snow. Amount of snow influences the hydrological and climatological conditions of region and is responsible for avalanches which are destructive for life and property. For reducing the avalanches hazard, a accurate understanding of this phenomenon is required. Initiation of Avalanche depends on various parameters i.e. terrain, ground cover and meteorological conditions of the region. In avalanche-prone regions, it is necessary to alert the population about such events in advance to decrease the effects. Many regions of Indian Himalaya were affected by avalanches. In Himalaya, it is very difficult to collect the information of avalanche activity using manual methods due to the inaccessible terrain, harsh climatic conditions and vast region. Remote Sensing satellite data based techniques are found useful to collect the information of rugged and inaccessible areas. This paper presents the general overview of avalanche, techniques to identify the avalanche incidents or debris and the analysis of the past avalanche occurrence data of the world.

7 Improved Spatial Approximate String Search in Road Networks Using RSASSOL Algorithm
S.V.Shelke, G.P.Chakote

Abstract�A few applications require discovering objects nearest to a predefined area that contains an arrangement of Watchwords. In perspective of case, online business repository enable clients to determine an address and an arrangement of catchphrases. Accordingly, the client gets a rundown of organizations whose depiction contains these watchwords and it requested by their separation from the predefined address. The complexities of closest neighbor seek on spatial information and catchphrase look on content information have been widely examined independently. For inquiries on street systems, we propose a novel correct technique, RSASSOL, which signi?cantly beats the pattern calculation by and by. The RSASSOL calculation restores the best protests that around coordinate both the spatial predicate and string predicate. The RSASSOL consolidates the q-gram based transformed records and the reference nodes based pruning. Broad trials on huge genuine informational indexes show the productivity and adequacy of our methodologies.

Harshvardhan Deo Solanki, Er Meenakshi, Dr Sandeep Kaur Bhatia

Abstract� Trade indicators are a mathematical measure of the changes in the country-level exports (mainly) and imports. They help in assessing the dynamics of a country�s economy. A web application is a software that runs in a web browser. In this, a client, connected to a server via the internet, requests for computation. There are existing software that compute trade indicators however there are some requirements of the academia and industry that remain desirable. This web application is an attempt to fulfill these requirements by operating upon dynamic data entered by the user, providing all the required trade indicators in a user-friendly way. On evaluating the developed web application for accuracy, performance and reliability it was found that, the software works in a fairly prompt, accurate and reliable manner.

Sanjam Narayan Mishra , Neha Singh Mitra, Aratatran Patra

Abstract: Background: Shoulder subluxation is treated with various types of customized and prefabricated orthosis and splints available in market. Among these, Wilmer carrying orthosis is well established. Problem arises in wilmer carrying orthosis with position of forearm, as position of forearm piece is quite effective in standing position but it may change during sitting position and this leads significant change in functionality of orthosis. Aim: The aim of this case study is to identify the need and provide additional support system which maintained the desired position and support of forearm piece in wilmer carrying orthosis. Method: A detailed assessment was performed to identify posterior shoulder subluxation. Customized wilmer carrying orthosis was fabricated followed by measurement, casting, moulding and trimming procedure. After checkout wilmer carrying orthosis was delivered and patient was called for one month follow up. During follow up, patient reported few complaints regarding position of forearm during sitting position. A modified wilmer carrying orthosis was fabricated which includes custom molded shoulder saddle, forearm piece and placement of turn buckle. Comparative result of Pre and Post test were conducted to analyse the effectiveness of both design.

10 Non-Destructive Equation Based Method for The Dielectric Characterization of Material Using Resonator
Hussein KASSEM, Hayssam EL-Hajj, Rabih Rammal, Ismail El-Sayad, Mohammad Hawila, Ahmad Hamdan

Abstract: Material measurement is a very important step to be conducted before integrating materials in components and devices. The method used here is a mono-frequency method using Microstrip Ring resonator (MRR). The material to be measured is placed on the MRR device in a way, the MRR sandwiched between the substrate and the material to be measured thus forming a Non-destructive measurement. The method uses the MRR as a sensor with specific dimensions and specific equation characterizing the relation between its dimensions, layer thicknesses and permittivity of the layers. The inverse problem to extract the permittivity of the unknown material is an equation based one. The results of measurement are compared to those of finite element method simulation software and the error is non-significant.


Abstract: Gender inequality is one of the problems facing science education in Nigeria with its negative effect on national harmony and development. This paper discussed ways of promoting gender equality in science education for national harmony and development. It looked at the needs for promoting gender equality in science education and stressed gender equality as an essential criterion for national harmony and development. This paper also examined boys and girls education by comparing their ratio in Nigeria science education classrooms. It then talked on gender barriers and how science teachers can break the barriers in science education classrooms. As a way forward, the paper suggested the promotion of gender equality in science education through gender mainstreaming and discussed the instructional strategies for mainstreaming gender in science education classrooms. It was therefore concluded that gender equality in science education should be promoted as a necessity for national harmony and development. This paper recommended among others that government should ensure gender equality in science education through compulsory, fair and accessible education for all students irrespective of gender.

12 Bat Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization and Grasshopper Algorithm: A Conceptual Comparison
Deepak Nandal , Dr Om Prakash Sangwan

Abstract�Computer science, mathematics and operational research comprises of optimization problems. Use of the optimization techniques to solve the engineering problems and by making the most it from the available resources to find the optimum solution to the specific problem is the need of today. By performing exploration and exploitation in the given domain space various algorithms have been designed, the motive of this research paper is to find the best available approach of optimization from the recent researches. In this context, three types of metaheuristic approaches bat algorithm, particle swarm optimization and grasshopper optimization are selected and tested to find the optimum solution efficiently. Bat algorithm is inspired from echolocation behaviour of bats, particle swarm optimization is also nature inspired algorithm based on the swarm made by the birds in search of food in the space, while the grasshopper optimization is based on the swarm made by the grasshopper in the adult age and the behaviour is combined with the larval stage of the grasshoppers. Experimental results were analysed and it is observed that GHA performs better that PSO and BA.

13 A Study on Cyanobacterial Consortium and Water Quality Assessment from Kullursandai Reservoir, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu
G. Mahendra Perumal, S. Thenmozhi, M. Marikannan and R. Ramalakshmi

Abstract�The current study was the isolation, screening of microalgae. Physico �chemical characteristics were studied. Biochemical characteristics such as pH, Calcium, Nitrate, Chloride, Ammonia, Carbonate & Bicarbonate, and TDS, were analysed. The cyanobacterial widely growth in the reservoir and Physico chemical parameters was highly variable. But this kullurusandai reservoir has high pollutant due to industrialization as lead to water quality and algal species were varied. pH was measured by pH value of dam water variable from 5.6 to 8.6. The range of TDS analysed water samples variable between 0.01 to 4.83 mg/litre. The nitrate ranged from 1.24mg/litre to 2.79mg/litre. In these samples maximum nitrate samples found in from dam location 2 the value was 2.79mg/litre. The micro algae biodiversity studies were observed from these dam samples but most dominated microalgae was evaluated from dam location 2. The total 10 genera cyanobacterial strains were the record, out of this 3 green algae, 7 blue green algae were isolated. This paper deals with the isolation and identification of microalgae, Physico �chemical characteristics of water from kullurusandai reservoir.

14 Literature Output on Gout: A Bibliographic Study
S. Manimekalai Dr. S. Kavitha Dr. M. Nagarajan

Abstract�This study evaluates research output on Gout carried out in different parts of the world during 1970�2017 using different bibliometric indicators. Data have been downloaded from Scopus database for the period 1970�2017 using the keywords Gout in the title and abstract fields. The study examined the pattern of growth of the output, its geographical distribution. The study Gout research output is gradually increasing. The USA, followed by the UK and German contributed the highest number of papers. The majority of the prolific institutions were located in the USA, the UK, France and Australia. The last two decades have witnessed considerable growth in research output in this field. Interestingly, the countries like the USA, the UK and Australia.

Priyanka Kumari, Sudeep Kumar and, Jitendra Kumar Mishra

Abstract�Plug-and-play information technology (IT) framework has been expanding certainly all of a sudden in recent times. With the appearance of cloud computing, a number of ecological community and organization paradigms are encountering capacity changes and might have the ability to get rid of their IT framework maintenance processes. Real-time appearance and strong opportunity requirements experience induced telecom organizations to approve the recent concepts of one's cloud variety: software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). NFV introduces and deploys new structure functions inside a release and consistent IT ecosystem; even though SDN aims to seriously change the style structures function. SDN and NFV are correlative technologies; they don't revolve around on one another. However, the two concepts might be merged and feature the capability to mitigate the demanding situations of legacy networks. In that paper, our aim undergo characterize some great benefits of the use of SDN inside a multitude of ecosystems similar to in info places, info place networks, and Network as Service offerings. We still suggest the several demanding situations facing SDN, originating at scalability to honesty and security concerns, and discuss current solutions to these demanding situations.

Dushyant Mudgal, Dr. C. P. Singh Chandel

Abstract�Soil degradation from different organic and inorganic pollutants, is not only an environmental risk, but at the same time it is also a Socio-economic problem, such soils grow into reduced in physico-chemical properties and reduced food chain quality. Industrial Effluent entering the water bodies is one of major source of environmental toxicity. It has harmful impact on the soil. Industries keep on releasing effluents, which are quite toxic. In the present study was an attempt to evaluate quality of polluted soil and the physico-chemical properties of industries effluent. Investigation were carried out for selected parameters i.e. pH, electric conductance, organic carbon, Potash, Phosphorus, Mn, Zn, Cu and Fe etc.

17 Security by Using Encrypted Key Exchange between client and cloud storage: - A Review
Tanuj Sharma, Ankur Tanuja

Abstract�Cloud Computing is a way to increase the capacity or add capabilities dynamically without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. As information exchange plays an important role in today�s life, information security becomes more important. This paper is focused on the security by using encrypted key Exchange between client and cloud Storage and techniques to overcome the data privacy issue. The client only needs to download the encrypted secret key from the Authorized party when uploading new files to cloud. Besides, our design also equips the client with capability to further verify the validity of the encrypted secret keys provided by Authorized party. All these salient features are carefully designed to make the whole auditing procedure with key exposure resistance as transparent as possible for the client. We also check the Authorized party is valid or not like proxy servers the definition and the security model of this paradigm. The security proof and the performance simulation show that our detailed design instantiations are secure and efficient.

18 Baylis-Hillman Reaction in Organic Chemistry
Dandamudi V. Lenin

Abstract:The BaylisHillman reaction is a novel carbon-carbon bond forming reaction between -position of activated alkene and carbon electrophile under catalytic influence of a tertiary amine. It produces a multifunctional molecule usually known as Baylis-Hillman adducts. This review highlights how the Baylis-Hillman reaction developed and importance of this reaction in organic chemistry.

Dr. C. Somashekher

Abstract: Using the empirical data on postgraduate students of Bangalore University, this study examines how different combinations of aspirations and satisfactions can impact the students’ future. The purpose of this paper is to ascertain the level of educational aspirations as well as educational satisfaction among the postgraduate students and the extent of social background influence on the students’ aspirations to pursue higher education. A total of 250 students from Bangalore university campus were interviewed for this purpose. The study indicates that students are on the higher side of aspirations and satisfaction. Furthermore, significant association was found between educational aspirations, age and social origin. Additionally, the study finds significant differences in favor of rural students being more satisfied with lower social origin.

20 Potential of Passive Microwave Sensor for retrieval of Snow Water Equivalent: A Review
Manjinder Kaur,Gurjit Singh

Abstract: Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) information is essential for meteorology, water cycle, hydrology and global change studies. SWE is the one of most important parameter for accurate prediction of snow melt run off. In Himalaya due to the ruggedness and inaccessibility of Himalayan terrain, it is very difficult to monitor the snow cover information. However, microwave-based sensors in various satellites have the capability to estimates the snow cover characteristic i.e. snow depth, snow density and snow water equivalent. SWE estimates can be obtained from passive microwave sensor i.e.Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR), Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I),Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-Earth Orbiting System(EOS)(AMSR-E),Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR ADEOS-II) and Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-2 (AMSR-2). This paper briefly reviews historical passive microwave instruments and different techniques to estimate SWE.

21 Status of Transgenders (Eunuchs) in Mughal India
Anju Bala

Abstract:The present work focuses on the status of eunuchs in Mughal India. Eunuchs are one type of transgender community known as third gender. It is the marginalised section of our society particularly in context to our Indian society till today. But the status of eunuchs in Mughal India was far better than present day. So, through the present work, an attempt has been made to study the various contemporary works to analyse the status and position of this marginalised section of our society.

22 Ill effects of first and second hand exposure of smoke of tobacco
Dr. Mamta Patel

Abstract: If we talk about exposure of tobacco smoke there is no safe level of it for humans. It is equally harmful to consumers and to the people who are surrounded by them as well. The tobacco smoke is one of the key causes of different health problems related to respiratory system in infants, children, old age people and up to specific extent adults as well. Acute problems may result in premature deaths. Planning of different health policies and tobacco control programs can be properly made and applied if proper descriptive information of premature deaths and diseases is available along with the risk factors cause such. In the present study I have tried to project the future deaths and DALYS by using Regression analysis to get clearer virtual picture of future harm of exposure of tobacco smoke in male, female and combined population.

23 Butea monosperma (Lam.) var. lutea (Witt), (Fabaceae): A rare new ethnomedicinal plant species record in Kaprada forest
Patel Dharmesh C. and Dr. B. L. Jat

Abstract: Butea monosperma (Lam.) var. lutea (Witt), which is belongs to fabaceae family. It is before identified single from Maharashtra state and then Sabarkantha district state Gujarat and recent is recorded for the first time from Kaprada forest Gujarat state. This provides information on distribution and medicinal uses of this plant species and need immediate conservation. A comprehensive report and a take picture of are provided.

24 Issues and challenges of dropout students of Mirzapur District
Vidyasagar Yadav , Dr . Deepa Mehta

Abstract: Present paper tries to investigate the Issue and challenges of the school dropouts at the Primary level in Mirzapur District. The major essences influencing school dropouts were found to be students’ socioeconomic status, lack of parental support, Low family education, family mobility, students absenteeism and truancy, Lack of interest in education, Child bearing and domestic chores, Students delinquent behaviour, Drug and alcohol abuse, poor performance in studies, Uncaring teachers and school policies, Academic demotivation. Paper also tries show that Government Schools have more dropout of students than private schools because of Educational management of private schools and students’ higher socioeconomic background, etc. Paper gives some important suggestions to retain students in schools. This drop out incidence makes obstacles in government educational programme and lags the rate of development of our country. Mirzapur District shows low dropout rate than Uttar Pradesh but higher dropout rate than India. This paper is a sincere effort to cover all push, pull and falling out factors and present paper is based on data collected from 180 teachers and 60 head teachers from 12 blocks of Mirzapur district. A Random sampling technique was used for the selection of sample. Data was collected through the use of questionnaire made by Mphale,L.M. Findings reveal that family background of students, individual experience in schools, roles of school Management teams are responsible for dropout of students.

25 A Survey over Lung Cancer Detection Using Digital Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks
Chandni Kumari1 , Kamlesh Chandravanshi2 , Deepak Tomar3

Abstract: Data mining is the process of extraction of data from input resource and finding a usable entity from it. Medical field produces multiple data which can actually use for medical analysis and predictions. MRI and other CT scan produces the structure of internal body components and symptoms can be recognize using these images. An expensive human skillset is always required to predict the immense disease such as lung cancer. Digital image processing is the approaches which help in analysis of an image using its feature extraction and classification process. Various past approaches are limited to certain criteria and feature observation. In this paper a survey of various approaches which takes a part for lung cancer analysis and other disease prediction is discussed. An image processing algorithm and their usage has been discussed by different author is presented. Thus our proposed system is needed to present and enable of extraction the proper lung cancer detection. A proposed technique using the A proposed BATLO (Bat classification with Linear function Optimization) approach is used for efficient accuracy; precision, low error rate with hybrid classification approach is going to defined by our work which can predict the decision efficiently.