IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 5 (May 2018)


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1 Evolvulus alsinoides Enhances Resistance against Thermal and Oxidative Stress in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Shital Doshi, Vincent Braganza

Abstract—— Stress refers to a wide range of phenomena and situations that organisms are exposed to throughout their lifetime. If it goes unchecked then its effect on the body’s immune system and overall health can be detrimental. Medicinal plants and their isolates improve physiological processes that influence metabolic and immunological status and such interventions are of considerable importance in stress management. One such medicinal plant is Evolvulus alsinoides (E.alsinoides). It is a proven potent neurotonic with wide use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, is used as an antidepressant, anxiolytic, and as an antistress drug. In the present study the effect of E.alsinoides whole plant extract on oxidative stress and thermal stress on C.elegans was evaluated. Results indicate that E.alsinoides ethanolic extracts rescue the worms from internal and external stress namely oxidative stress and thermal stress. Further investigations were carried out to evaluate E.alsinoides effect on a mutant strain which were susceptible to oxidative stress.

2 Static and Dynamic Performance of Tall Bridge Abutments with Counterfort Configuration
Dr. H.S Panda, Siddharth Mohanty, Dr.Pravat Kumar Parhi

Abstract—An abutment is subject to dead loads and live loads of the approach span in addition to the lateral pressure due to the earth fill. Bridges in mountainous terrain usually require high embankments where the abutments cannot be constructed as buried type and the resulting lateral loads on the abutments increase significantly. The methodology of the bridge modelling, seismic concept design, comparison of alternatives and cost analysis is an important task before the consultant or engineer for deciding an appropriate choice of end span or abutment configuration in case of high abutment. In this paper three different configuration of abutments have been studied for a sample case of a Major Bridge in Chhota Udepur to Dhar New BG Line rail project in Western Railway for a bridge of approach span of 30.5m and height of embankment around 30m. The abutment configurations are modelled and analyzed using MIDAS Civil software for maximum deformation, maximum stress and maximum foundation pressure. The case study showed that for bridges on high embankment, the earth pressure on abutments along with the dynamic seismic increment for the retained earth is the most significant factor in design loads. It is observed that increase in counterforts increases stiffness of the structure and thus reduces the deflection and stresses in the structure. It is also found that abutments with 3 counterfort type configuration is the most practicable solution for tall abutments of railway bridges

3 Motion of a symmetric top: precession to nutation
Indranath Bhattacharyya

Abstract—— In this article the motion of a symmetric spinning top is considered. Such motion has three component: precession along the vertical axis, spin along its own axis and the nutation. It is intended to study the onset of the nutation, i.e., the transition from purely precession mode to the bipolar motion (precession as well as nutation). The torque of the gravity, the sole external force, acts along the line of nodes. From the energy equation one can construct a function whose roots decide the onset condition. The onset condition is deduced in terms of the angular velocity of the top about the vertical axis (axis of precession). In the neighbourhood of the onset the variation of angle of the top to the vertical is studied to realize how the bipolar motion is evolved.

M.Sinthuja, N. Puviarasan, P. Aruna

Abstract—This expert paper provides an insight in to data mining. Data Mining is the phenomenon of predicting useful knowledge and to improve interconnection among the data that is stored in dense database. This paper reviews the characteristics of most important five free software packages of general data mining. They are WEKA, R, RAPIDMINER, ORANGE, and KNIME. The packages are related regarding to the association support, based on the available sources. The study discovers the positive and negative aspects of each of the particular tool.

5 Effect of Mast Configuration on the Response of guyed tower
Mohamed Hechmi Elouni#1, , Nabil Ben Kahla*2, Saiful.islam.iitr@gmail.com

Abstract—Guyed masts are tall thin vertical space truss structure supported laterally by high strength guy wires. They are designed to support antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting applications. This paper investigates the nonlinear statics analysis and design of tall guyed tower of 150m subjected to wind loads. Four different configurations of the mast were studied and compared to get the optimal solution ensuring safety, stability and resistance against various loadings cases. The wind loads are evaluated according to the area of Jizan, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been concluded that the optimal solution is the configuration (c) having the N shape.

6 Review Of Tool Coatings In Machining.
Navriti Gupta#1, Dr A.K Agrawal*2, Dr R.S Walia

Abstract—Turning operation is one of the primary machining operations. Its importance lies in the rough machining of the turned object, how fast it can be done. Machining hour rate on CNC and finish operation machines are to the tune of 10000/hr as compared to 800/hr on simple rough turning lathes. So maximum material should be removed during rough operations. Of course in case of advanced manufacturing industries as precision machining, aviation industries and nuclear setups High Speed Machining takes the front stage. There also very high temperatures are encountered which are compensated by very high quality coated turning tools generally W and Ti based coatings. The thermal stability or the chemical stability of the coatings at higher temperatures encountered during processes can be improved using oxygen-improved coating systems. The material systems Al-Cr-O-N or Zr-O-N are used to deposit oxygen-improved hard coatings using an arc-PVD process using oxygen-nitrogen gases mixture. Tool wear in hard turning is caused because cutting edge experiences significant mechanical and thermal stresses, chemical changes. Tool wear plays a significant detrimental role on finish hard turning. The most common wear patterns are flank wear and crater wear. Flank wear affects surface finish and tool life. Also we see role of Abrasive wear and Diffusion wear in hard turning.

7 Fabrication and Analysis of Magnetic Particle Defect Detector for Online Defect Detection Used In Semi-Automatic Machines
U.Abdul kadar, E.Ramya, R.Saranya, R.Shariga

Abstract—Nowadays many manufacturing companies producing variety products into variety of customers, based on the needs. In manufacturing practices, enormous number of design, manufacturing, assembling and modern manufacturing, inspection process are used in their function process. In this regard, nowadays limited advanced inspection processes are used companies to monitor the overall process and maintain the quality of produced products. In this work, a novel idea is introduced by our team members to monitor the quality of material, before entering the manufacturing process. A combined activity of defect detection and flow of raw materials, a permanent defect detector is attached in semi-automatic machine (Turret Lathe).This work, we are introducing the magnetic particle test (MPT) with the permanent electromagnetic field to detect the defect with low cost. This created model outcomes are explained in this paper

8 Women Empowerment in India: The Cultural Aspect
Shefalica Singh

Abstract— “For most of the history, Anonymous was a woman”. Virginia Woolf The paper tries to focus upon how femininity and masculinity affect the thought process of individuals in various domains beginning from interpersonal relations, to social organizations and institutions, to gender roles occurring in politics in a certain manner. It is this thought process that has evolved the concept of empowerment as a counterintuitive phenomenon. In case of India, although the changes have occurred in the roles of women this concept of empowerment is more cultural and historical in nature. This has a contextual impact in which gender formations arise, and in turn affect the gender playing out in politics, that is the nurture contributes to the nature wherein the background and beliefs have become the prominent factors contributing to the behavior of the gender toward the society.

9 Medical Procedures and Yoga – A good combination for medical tourism marketing
Soumiya A

Abstract—The wellness tourism market in India has been growing at a tremendous level with yoga tourism being one of the prominent areas of wellness tourism. It also identifies the possibilities where yoga tourism can be combined with a medal tourism vacation as yoga can be effectively for relaxation during medical travel. Even though yoga tourism in India attracts tourists from all over the world, India has not developed as a yoga tourism destination compared to other competitors in the industry like Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan etc. The paper highlights the factors that attract yoga tourists to the country, the problems in this area, the measures taken by the government of India to promote yoga tourism and gives certain suggestions to promote yoga tourism in the country.

10 Challenges & Prospects of higher education with Special Reference to Tribal People of India
Jini Kuriakose#1,DR.K.Devadasan

Abstract—In the words of Mahatma Gandhi education is an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man- body, mind and spirit 1 . Higher education is the education given in universities and college’s .As India is a pluralist country with rich diversity reflected in multitude of cultures ,religion, castes, communities and social groups and most of the people of India especially Tribal people cannot go for their higher education. In this study a brief idea about the challenges faced by the tribal people in regard to their higher education and how we can to an extend solve these problems are mentioned. Rural India is characterized by lack of infrastructural facilities, poverty and indebtedness, which has led to the perpetuation of layers of inequalities and it created some deprived groups. The University Education Commission of 1948, chaired by Dr.S.Radhakrishnan recommended the setting up of Rural Universities for improving the educational background of rural pupil.

11 Use of PLC Automation in Level Measurement: Result
Priyanka Martand Anirudh Mudaliar

Abstract— …In any process plant level of the silos, dust bunkers or bins is measured continuously for a specific purpose. In large size dust bunkers level measurement is always challenging due to the heavy dust concentration, moisture and high temperature inside it. Conventional level sensors for this large sized bunker are very costly and are not techno economically feasible. In such cases existing PLC system used for the control and automation of process plants may be utilized for developing a solution to this problem. PLCs are widely used in sequential logic implementation and control loop implementation. Now days Level-1 automation is achieved through PLC systems as backbone. This concept of utilizing PLC automation feature with inputs of conventional low cost sensors will be used as developing a real time solution to this vital problem of large dust bunkers of process plants.

12 Development of Biscuit Incorporated with Amla Pomace Powder and Soya Flour
Kiran, V. R., Ramkumar, C., Ashwini, A., Ramya, H. N

Abstract—Studies were carried out with the purpose of developing biscuits incorporated with amla pomace powder and soya flour so as to enhance their nutritive value. Amla powder prepared using a cabinet dryer was incorporated at 2, 5 and 7% in to the formulations containing varying amounts of refined wheat flour and soya flour. The biscuits prepared from the mixture were analysed for sensory and nutritional properties. Sensory analysis was carried out using 5-point Hedonic Scale and chemical analysis was done using the methods of AOAC. Biscuits made from 100% refined wheat flour were used as control. Among the samples, biscuits with 32% wheat flour, 12% soya flour and 2% amla powder scored the highest for sensory characteristics. The compositional analysis of this biscuit also showed that protein, fibre and vitamin C contents were higher when compared to biscuits prepared using 100% refined wheat flour. Amla pomace obtained as a by-product during the extraction of amla juice can therefore be used in a beneficial manner. Manufacture of these biscuits could help in meeting the nutritional requirements of protein, dietary fibre and vitamin C of the consumers

Dr. Pankaj Srivastava

Abstract—Modern western approach conceives science in terms of quantitative study of physical and psychological objects which can be empirically verifiable and theoretically demonstrable. Such an account of science involves the design of third person account (objectivity) but rules out the possibility of any first-person account1 (subjectivity). The present study is an attempt to critically examine such a model of science and thereby argues that Buddhists have made major contributions in the development of a more comprehensive approach by exploring contemplative refinement (mindfulness) of reflection and its subsequent utilization in the study of both physical and psychological phenomena. It is, therefore, argued that such a holistic approach is helpful in the study of inner dynamics of mental events in general and the nature of consciousness in particular. Looked at from such a vantage point, the present study further suggests that the integration of first person exploration of consciousness to scientific approach (third person account) can open novel dimensions in the study of consciousness.

14 Interval Valued Fuzzy hyper bi-𝚪-ideals in 𝚪 − 𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐫 − 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠
A.Kalaiyarasi, N.Meenakumari, M.Navaneetha Krishnan

Abstract—In this paper we introduce interval- valued fuzzy hyper bi- -ideals in hypernear rings and obtain some properties. Keywords: Hyper Γ – near – ring, hyper bi - Γ − ideal, interval valued fuzzy hyper bi - Γ − ideal.

15 Optimal Control for Switching On/Off between two major Political Parties
Nita H. Shah , Foram A. Thakkar, Bijal M. Yeolekar

Abstract—In this paper, a mathematical model as a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations for switching on/off between two major political parties i.e. Ruling party and Opposition party has been developed and analyzed. Here, the basic reproduction number R0 is calculated which will state the motion of party workers between the two major parties. Local and global stability at switching party free equilibrium point and switching party move equilibrium point has been discussed. The control is provided to both the party members so as to distract their switching. Optimal control model along with the numerical simulation is carried out to support the analytical results

16 QAPC (Quadratic ANT pattern classification): An Approach for Automated Test case Optimization
Vivek Singh, Niresh Sharma

Abstract—Testing is an important part in any of the development life cycle, which make it enable to satisfy the final requirement. Creating the proper test cases, making it verification and updating a final status according to the client requirement is always a challenging issue. The requirement to cover all possible test case and then populating them for the reports use is current requirement from the programming code. The automated testing help in improving the scenario and finding usage of algorithm for test case generation. Many approaches covered using data mining algorithm. An existing traditional mining approach take use of pattern based approach. In this paper an approach extending QAPC (Quadratic ANT pattern classification) is proposed which use Quadratic problem solution using equation usage. The result outcome shows the effectiveness of proposed algorithm over the traditional solution

Apoorva Shrivastava, Prof. Papiya Dutta

Abstract—High power speakers (HPAs) are among fundamental parts for any remote correspondence frameworks & HPA's nonlinearity brings about group for stars distorting, range re-development & nonlinear in-between image obstruction (ISI), Multiple-input numerous yield (MIMO) frameworks, as a rule, while working with nonlinear HPAs additionally bring about nonlinear in-between channel impedance (ICI). MIMO-STBC is a suitable arrangement which gives better pay for range redevelopment, heavenly body twisting, ISI & ICI. In any case, accessible MIMO-STBC are not working at full rate subsequently proposed work will utilize Space Frequency Block division, SFBC give better orthogonality rather than STBC.

Bhawna Ondela, Prof. Silky Peryani

Abstract—many algorithms are available in cryptography like AES, DES, BLOWFISH, RSA and IDEA etc. But there are some problems in these algorithms like performance, integrity of data, authentication .As we studied some papers, AES (Rijndael) was the best among all in terms of Security, Flexibility, Memory usage and Encryption performance. Proposed work is a high level security algorithm for encryption that is PAIE(pipelined AES and IDEA Encryption ) which is a combination of AES and IDEA .The basic concept involved in proposed work reducing time delay and increase the avalanche of the data .We have worked in three basic parameters throughput ,timed delay and avalanche and compare these parameters from ADA Algorithm[1] result. PAIE is successfully simulated in MATLAB and experimental results shows that PAIE having less time delay

Deepak Kumar Singh, Prof Amit chouksey

Abstract—Symmetrical Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a confident system as achieving high information rates in versatile condition due to its multicarrier regulation. As sub transporters are symmetrical in OFDM, range for every bearer has an invalid at middle recurrence for every one for alternate transporters in framework. Yet, in time changing channel symmetry in-between subcarriers are mutilated due to Doppler Spread (DS) which presents Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) that lessens framework execution. To improve OFDM framework execution after few time differing channels, an ICI self-cancelation plot driven with transmitter Hamming & Hanning windowing are actualized. time space Hamming & Hanning windows promptly after Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) wipe out ICI parts from nearby subcarriers altogether. Subsequently, recurrence area channel lattice reshaped by Hamming & Hanning windowing may be nearly approximated to an entirely grouped network. estimation for channel network is finished with help for pilot tones in Complex Exponential Basis Expansion Model (CE-BEM). CE-BEM channel estimation execution is assessed as far as bit mistake rate as proposed framework & contrasted & cyclic prefix OFDM framework with time shifting channel.

Kamlesh Prajapati, Prof. Hemant Amhia, Dr. A K Wadhwani

Abstract—Electrocardiogram signal is one of the biomedical signals, which reflects electrical activity of the heart. ECG signals are widely studied and applied in clinic. The ECG signal is time varying signal, includes the valuable information related to heart diseases, but frequently this valuable information is corrupted by various noises. As noise corrupts the ECG signal it is very important as well as difficult task to suppress noises from ECG signal. So de-noising is the method of estimating the unknown signal from available noisy data. The empirical mode decomposition provides description of signal, decomposing it at different timefrequency resolution. Empirical mode decomposition is well suited tool for analysis of non-stationary signals like ECG. At first step, the signal is decomposed into transform domain where filtering procedures are applied. The noise free signal is then obtained by inverse transform. The basic idea behind this paper is the estimation of the uncorrupted ECG signal from the corrupted or noisy signal, and is also referred to as signal denoising

21 Implementation for Association Rule Mining as Fingerprint Identification by MATLAB
Ravi Kumar Mishra, Prof. Abhishek Verma

Abstract—paper directed on 200 subjects (100 guys & 100 females) in age gathering for 18– 30 years. Edge densities on right-and left-hand thumbprints were resolved utilizing a recently outlined format & broke down measurably, proposed work comes about demonstrated that females have a tendency to have a higher thumbprint edge thickness in both zones analyzed, independently & joined. Applying LR-test, distinctions in edge densities for guys & females at LoC (Left for Center), RoC (Right for Center) & Combined (LoC + RoC) were observed to be factually huge at p< 0.01 levels, demonstrating relationship amongst sexual orientation & unique mark edge thickness. Likelihood densities as people got from recurrence conveyance (at LoC, RoC & Combined) were utilized to compute probability proportion. Contrasts in thumb edge thickness may be utilized as a critical device as assurance for sex in situations where incomplete thumbprints are experienced as confirmation. work is done on MATLAB 2013b variant & standard human unique mark database is CASIA as authentic correlation.

22 Construction of Diverse Library of Co (II), Ni (II) containing New Aza Macrocyclic Complexes, Antimicrobial and DNA Cleavage studies
Kshipra Soni, R.V. Singh and Nighat Fahmi

Abstract— Diverse library of novel aza macrocyclic Shiff base complexes containing Co (II) and Ni (II) is reported using different ligands (L1-L3). The ligands and its complexes have been characterized by various physico-chemical techniques like C, H, N analysis, molar conductance, IR, UV-Vis, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analytical techniques. On the basis of spectral studies and analytical data, six-coordinated octahedral geometry is assigned to all complexes. Furthermore the ligands and their complexes are screened for their antibacterial, antifungal and DNA cleavage activities. The studies demonstrate that the complexes possessed moderate DNA cleavage and antimicrobial activities when tested against Gram +ve and Gram –ve bacterial strains.

23 A new approach for cloud security using hybrid querying system over cloud scenario
Priya Sen , Ritu Prasad , Praneet Saurabh , Bhupendra Verma

Abstract— Data access management is proficient way that make sure the information security within the cloud. thanks to information outsourcing and un-trusted cloud servers, the information access management becomes a difficult issue in cloud storage systems. Cloud computing has been the foremost promising innovation within the computing world in past decade. Its usage remains hindered by the safety issues connected with important information. The secret writing of remotely keep information has been the foremost wide used technique to bridge this security gap. The speculated wide usage of cloud computing solutions for information storage and with massive information analytics gaining robust foothold; the safety on cloud remains at massive risk. Hybrid information comes in to assist you store all of this varied information supported the importance of the information, privacy and governance needs for the information, the initial supply of the information and offered capability on your systems. This paper proposes a Cloud security hybrid querying system (CSHQS) due to data outsourcing and un-trusted cloud servers, the data access control becomes a challenging issue in cloud storage systems.