IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 12 (December2018)


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1 Epidemiological Study of Certain Marble Mining Areas of Udaipur District
Sonika Jain*, Dr. Nidhi Rai

Abstract: An epidemiological study was conducted in areas of marble mining pockets situated in certain areas of Udaipur district. To determine the prevalence of disease in mineworkers we have collected data from primary health centres of mining areas and also used open questionnaire and random sampling method of workers living in that area. Six sampling sites were selected for examine from mining areas. The results showed that the employees working in mining process had the highest exposure to the total and respirable dust, diseases like asthma, lung infection, URI, diarrhoea, UTI and skin diseases beside personal injuries. The prevalence of skin and respiratory symptoms were higher in workers, however, respiratory symptoms showed no significant relevance with mining occupation. Data on healthrelated illnesses and disease in the mining industry are scarce, and information on rates and costs is not readily available. This paper briefly discusses the current status of some health-related issues, including those involving silica dust, particulate matter, noise, skin disorders, as well as research and other activities aimed at protecting miners from occupational illnesses and disease.


Abstract:Design of compact F-Shape antenna provides a small, low profile planar single band microstrip antenna. The main aim of this communication is to obtain a single band antenna that operates at C-Band and used for radars. The designed antenna has a compact size of 40×25 mm2 . The proposed antenna consists of F-Shaped slot radiators and a defected ground plane. Since only two F-shaped slots are etched on either sides of the radiator for single-band operation, the radiator is very compact in size and simple in structure. The antenna shows a single band at 8.704GHz. To validate the proposed design, an experimental prototype has been fabricated and tested. Thus the simulation results along with the measurements show that the antenna can operate over C-Band.

3 Status, Nature of Work, Working Conditions, and Role of Anganwadi Workers in Women and Child Development: A Case Study
Dr.K.A Rajanna

Abstract: Anganwadi is a government sponsored child care and mother care development programme in India at the village level. It caters to children in the 0-6 age groups. They were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the integrated child development services programm to combat child hunger and malnutrition. An Anganwadi centre provides basic health care facilities in Indian villages. It is a part of the Indian public health care system. Basic health care activities include contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation, as well as preschool activities. The programme also extends to adolescent girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers. They are many responsibilities and duties to be performed by an anganwadi workers recommended by the government. The present study has been undertaken with the objective of assessing status, nature of work, working conditions and role of Anganwadi workers in Chikkamagaluru taluk of Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. Around 400 anganwadi working in Chikkamgaluru taluk. In this study multistage stratified Random sampling technique has used. A sample of 50 Anganwadi technique has used. A sample of 50 Anganwadi workers were selected from five hoblies of Chikmagaluru taluk. The present study attempts to analyse the socio economic status of Angawadi workers, and focus on nature of work. Working conditions, and role in ICDS programme. The study highlights major findings and suitable suggestions the uplifting the their states, and services to the beneficiaries.

4 New Generation Space Technology: Hyperspectral imaging technology
Sivakumar V

Abstract: Hyperspectral imaging technology also known as imaging spectroscopy, which is concerned with the measurement and analysis of reflectance spectra obtained by sensors from airborne or satellite. Hyperspectral data sets are generally composed about 100s of spectral bands with 5-10 reasonably narrow bandwidths at 0.4 - 3 µm wavelength region. The growth of remote sensing technology and the increasing demand by the user’s for higher resolution data sets leading to advances of highperspectral remote sensing. Regional mineral mapping and exploration are the core applications that will benefit from the hyperspectral technology. Minerals and rocks show diagnostic absorption characteristic throughout the electromagnetic spectrum that aid to identify and map the chemical composition and relative abundance. The recent advances in hyperspectral data collection, processing, analyzing and investigating minerals from the earth and inner planets are discussed in the paper.

5 Measurement of Financial Performance of Selected Three Wheeler And Four Wheeler Automobile Companies in India
1Nehal V. Parmar, 2Dr. Yagnesh M. Dalvadi

Abstract: Now-a -days The Indian Automobile industry has emerged as a ‘sunrise sector’ surrounded by the India economy. Automobile Industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing industries in recent times. The Indian Auto Industry has a huge prospective for growth. In this paper, two types automobile companies are selected. Three wheeler and four wheeler companies are selected for this study. In three wheeler and four wheeler two samples each are selected for this study. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the financial position of the selected automobile companies for five years. This study is based on secondary data. Financial position is analyzed by using different ratios. From this study, position of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Scooters India Ltd., Hindustan Motors Ltd. and Maruti Suzuki Ltd. are ascertained. Selected automobile companies are also showing rapid progression in this field.

6 Design Of 2-Parasitic micro strips antenna by reducing mutual coupling

Abstract: A compact of 2 Parasitic microstrip antenna array by reducing mutual coupling in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) micro strip antenna is integrated with inverted Parasitic microstrip resonators and line resonators is presented at 5.8GHz to 7.8GHz frequency band. MIMO antenna system suffers a serious problem caused by strong mutual coupling. Parasitic Microstrip resonators to reduce the mutual coupling between closely spaced antenna elements. A distance of 0.5 is kept between adjacent path elements in order to achieve multiple-input-multiple-output structure. The simulation results shows that the introduction of resonators of electric length 2λg between antenna elements leads to suppression of mutual coupling by - 40dB at resonance frequency between horizontal antenna elements. The length, width & distance between the two arms of the two parasitic microstrips are optimized to achieve minimum mutual coupling. The antenna has been fabricated, measured and a good agreement between simulation and measured results are observed. In addition the proposed system also has good impedance matching, isolation, and peak gain and radiation patterns.

7 Trend Analysis of Water Quality Monitoring data of Vembanad Lake: The Largest Ramsar Site on the South West Coast of India
ManviWadhawan1, Priya Sharma2, Suniti Parashar3

Abstract: The present work was carried regarding the 5 year (2013- 2017) trend analysis of Vembanad lake water quality monitoring data. The lake has rich biodiversity and socioeconomic importance. Data for analysis procured from CPCB (National Water Quality Monitoring Program) includes the physio-chemical parameters both core and general like the pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), alkalinity, nitrate (NO3), hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS),total suspended solids (TSS), Feacal Coliform (FC) and Total Coliform (TC). The trend graphs were prepared in order to further analyze and compare with the guidelines for drinking purpose suggested by CPCB and BIS. The results show most of the parameters to be fluctuating, while some parameters did show significant changes over the span of the past 5 years. DO, BOD, COD, alkalinity TDS were found to be complying with the standards with a decreasing trend line. Whereas, Fecal Coliform (FC) and Total Coliform (TC) values display a positive trend line showing an improvement in the water quality of the lake. Other general parameters like the pH, conductivity, alkalinity, nitrate, hardness and TSS were found to be fluctuating or moderately varying over the years. Thus, from the trend analysis it can be depicted that the continued degradation of wetlands will result in further impoverishment of human health especially for vulnerable people in developing count. By researching and evaluating the relationship between previous studies and current trend of the water quality, in Vembanad lake development of proper strategies and management plans should take place for the conservation and management of the lake ecosystem.

8 Role of Libraries in Modern Society
1Dr. Abhay Bhakte, 2Smt. Rajkamal B. Tidke

Abstract: Modern society has various needs such as education, research, cultural advancement, information, spiritual and ideological pursuits, pastime and recreation. Society has founded various institutions to serve these needs. Among them the library occupies a prominent place: While other institutions are designed to meet one or a few of the needs, the library is able to meet all of them in equal measure. It plays an important role in supporting the educational and research activities of society, promoting culture, disseminating information, catering to the spiritual and ideological instincts in man and building up a value system for him and providing recreation. All human activities at all times have relied heavily on knowledge and information. But it is only in the last half of this century that information and knowledge have taken, the centre of the stage, making them the most important resources for development. It is lanelv information technology which has made information storage and processing, access and liability possible irrespective of distances and location by moving them with speed and accuracy. Information and knowledge have occupied the status of basic resources, and modern society, therefore, is termed as an information society. The institutional mechanism to meet a variety of knowledge and information needs has drastically changed. The library has become one of several institutions that serve knowledge and information. This paper discuss now the library plays its role in society.

9 Skill development Scenario in India
1Rajesh Kumar Jangi, 2Ashok

Abstract: India has the highest number of youth population in the world. Major Proportion of this population comprises the working age group population. If India’s youth population be equipped with the skill and vocational education, this major proportion of young population can fulfil not only the requirements of workforce for the Indian economy but also for the developed economies of the world those are facing the scarcity of youth labour force. Relative share of Skill, education and work participation is lower in female than males in India which is more intensive in rural area. This indicates lower ‘autonomy’ and ‘capability’ of the female in the society. Only skill development and job creation are not sufficient to absorb the female workforce into productive employment. The demand and supply gap of skilled workforce in case of female is more visible than in males.

10 Estimation of Land Surface Temperature to Study Heat Effect and Trends Using Thermal Remote Sensing and GIS in Part of Southern Tamil Nadu, India
¹ B. Santhosh Kumar, ² Dr. A. Balukkarasu, 3 U. Kumara Ganesh.

Abstract: The earth’s average temperature has been a big issue on the global warming. The warming of the earth is largely the results of emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses (GHG) from human activities. Urban areas considerably vary in land coverage, emission of pollutants and anthropogenic heat release from the natural surroundings. As a result, an alteration of meteorological variables (e.g. temperature, wind, moisture) is detected in the cities, which can fundamentally be observed with three methods: in-situ measurements, numerical mesoscale meteorological models and remote sensing products. In this work, a satellite imagery algorithm was utilized to investigate the spatial distribution of land surface temperature (LST) for the study area. LST is derived using Landsat images of 2004, 2010 and 2017 and Arc-GIS and ERDAS were used to calculate the LST. Higher temperature variations were identified in the southern part of the study area in the year 2004 and 2010. In the year 2017northern part of the study area has recorded more temperature. These results can be considered in urban planning, designing and policy making so as to minimize the vulnerability and bring out strategies for mitigating the vulnerability of higher temperature since these urban areas is still growing.

11 Plants Used In the Treatment of Skin Diseases in Harapanahalli Taluk, Karnataka, India
Siddalinga Murthy SM

Abstract: An ethno-botanical survey was conducted to unveil the knowledge treasure of folk medicine in Harapanahalli taluk of Davanagere district, Karnataka state, India. The indigenous knowledge of local traditional healers and the native plants used for the treatment of skin diseases were collected through questionnaire and personal interviews. A total of twenty one plant species were found to be used in the treatment of various skin diseases by the rural and folk people in Davanagere district. Out of these, plant species like Aloe vera (L.) N. Burm., Aristolochia indica L., Azadirachta indica A. Juss., Curcuma longa L., Thespesia populnea (L.) Soland and Erythrina indica Lam. were found to be most effective against skin diseases. The scientific, local and family names of all these medicinal plants along with the habit, part used and mode of their administrations were recorded. Importance was also given in creating awareness among the rural people for the protection and conservation of these valuable medicinal plants.

12 Assessment of Post-Tensioned Slab along with Seismic Effect
Ankush Kumar Jain1 , Nafisul Hasan2 , Abdulla Arashad3

Abstract: Construction industry is being revolutionized with growing technology and innovation. Man started to reach sky not in any aero plane but with the height of building. Tall structures have considerably reduced the problem of shelter but are considered highly susceptible to seismic loads and uneconomical. Both the problems are aroused due to high weight of the building. Of all the structural members in a building slabs are considered to be occupying high area and the load of the building is mostly contributed due to slab. In general for commercial areas normal slabs are not been considered, as the spans between the supports are more which leads to increasing in deflection and ultimately provision of huge depth and percentage of steel is increased beyond the codal provision ,once such solution to reduce the slab depth and provide economical design is flat slabs technology.

13 Impact of Behavioural Biases on Investment Performance
Ms. Aradhana Bhopte*

Abstract: The present study examines the impact of behavioral biases on investment performance. The study was conducted in Gwalior region. The respondents are investors of Gwalior region. Sample size was 300. Factors analysis and regression analysis was conducted to explore the factors and also to check the impact of behavioral biases on investment performance. The study concluded that there is a significant impact of behavioral biases on investment performance.

14 Ethical Talent Management and organizational health- A pluralistic approach
1Dr.M.Dhanabhakyam, 2 Sowmya G

Abstract:Talent management interventions being a major human resource trend of the present business era, the talent philosophy itself cripples the ethical management systems of the companies. The operationalization of the word talent in different contexts, the existence of talent incongruence between the employees and the employers, the exclusive talent identification policies become double edged swords and shadow negative impact on the organizational health. Management is moreover unaware of their skewed talent identification and management policies and its possible impact on the employee performance and the organizational health. This study identifies the ethical talent development practices and assesses the impact of ethical talent management interventions on organizational health. Talent management is not a singular approach, it must be judged on ethical dimension of management which take care the prevailing organizational health.

15 Significance of Inheritance and Cohesion on Ambiguity
1Dr. Brijesh Kumar Bhardwaj, 2Dr. R. M. L.

Abstract: Lately, the ambiguity of the software is increasing because of automation of each section of application. Software is no place remained as one-time development item since its architectural measurement is increasing with addition of new prerequisites over a brief duration. Object Oriented Development procedure is a popular development approach for such frameworks which sees and models the necessities as real world substances. Classes and Objects logically speak to the substances in the arrangement space and quality of the software is specifically relying upon the design quality of these logical elements. Cohesion and Inheritance (Cohesion and Inheritance) are two major design unequivocal factors in Object Oriented Design which impacts the design of a class and dependency between them in complex software. It is also most significant to measure Cohesion &Inheritance for software to control the ambiguity level as prerequisites increases. Several measurements are in practice to quantify Cohesion and Inheritance which plays a major part in measuring the design quality. The software enterprises are concentrating on increasing and measuring the quality of the item through quality design to proceed with their market image in the aggressive world. As a part of our research, this paper features on the impact of Cohesion and Inheritance on design quality of an unpredictable framework and its measures to quantify the overall quality of software.

1Pratibha Vishwakarma, 2Mr.Sanjeev Shrivastava

Abstract: This paper propose a technique for software-implementation of an UART (Universal-Asynchronous-Receive-Transmit) with the goal of getting a customizable UART-core which can be used as a module in implementing a bigger system irrespective of one’s choice of implementation platform. This paper is implementing the design through Verilog HDL using Xilinx 14.2 design suite and it is tested on Spartan-6 FPGA after interfacing the circuit under test using PC with the help of RS-232 cable. The simulation results and the test results are supporting our proposal.

17 Growth Centers in Developing Countries "Factors and Requirements for Success" – Lessons from the Indian Case
Muhammad AbdulRahman Seddeek *1, T.V.KRISHNA2.

Abstract: After the Second World War, many countries seek to achieve fast growth and remedy the development problems through using growth centres policy. India one of the developing countries which tried to get the policy benefits due to suffering from regional inequalities and unbalance in the implementation of plans and policy towards few privileged sectors of communities and neglect the other areas and sectors. The implementation of the policy happened on two distinguished stages and both of them have strong points like encourage the small and medium cities to develop them and help the poor rural and excess labor to find substitutional employment in their areas. The weak points appear in the difficulties of urban control in the growth centres and the disabilities of equipped the proposed growth centres with the proper infrastructures. To avoid the weak points and increase the success probabilities of policy implementation some recommendation are given such as providing adequate resources in the growth centres with the preparation to meet the urbanization requirements, should establish Periodic follow-up of economic changes and Create the multi integration between growth centres in the region.

Trapti Chodoker, Rajeev Thakur and Puran Gour

Abstract:This paper highlights the design of finite impulse response(FIR) filter with the help of an evolutionary optimization technique, particularly multiple constant multiplication. The Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter is that the necessary part for comingupwith associate economical digital signal process system. Transpose kind finite impulse response (FIR) filter is of course a pipelined structure that supports the multiple constant multiplications (MCM) technique however direct form FIR filter structure doesn’t support MCM technique. The MCM is more practical in Transpose form once the common operand is multiple with the set of constant coefficient that cut back the procedure delay. The implementation of MCM technique is simpler in fixed coefficient Transpose form FIR filter however complicated in configurable coefficient. For this purpose, the coefficient of the filter are encoded by Canonical Signed Digit (CSD). FIR filter supported canonical signed digits illustration of coefficient so as to attenuate the power consumption and quick implementation of the filter Performance of the proposed filter has been analyzed in terms of its area, power and speed. The look of FIR filter is planned to implement using Xilinx tool.

1Gaurav Tamrakar, 2Mr. Anoop Kumar, 3Dr. Pravin Borkar

Abstract: The surface roughness and Material Removal Rate analysis are dependent on various parameters, specific to input parameters are feed, speed, and percentage of water in Coolant. The combination of these parameters is designed by MINITAB using L9 orthogonal array. On the basis of Design of Experiment, the milling operations are performed in order to evaluate surface roughness and material removal rate. The authors performed the experiment on Vertical Milling Machine using for cutting Alloy material with end mill tools. Experiment wise investigation of the EN24 plates is fixed as work-piece specimen milling operation is carried out. The experiment is performs on different sets of EN24 plates as per design of experiment by MINITAB. The best setting among the feed, speed, and percentage of water in Coolant for low surface roughness and high MRR has been evaluated. Moreover, Grey Relation Method is used to convert Surface roughness and Material Removal into single responses. In each case, the best setting among the feed, speed, and percentage of water in Coolant for low surface roughness and high MRR and both is found by S/N ratio curve. The results are shown in conclusion section.

20 Bacterial Nucleotide Immunogen Enhances the efficacy of vaccine

Abstract: Bacterial nucleotide especially plasmid DNA and their fragments act as Good Immunogen during vaccine development and its efficacy in inducing immune response is good. The plasmid DNA has short sequence DNA. In induce both cellular and humoral immune responses. It has lot of advantages, it is stored in room temperature . Transport is very easy, preparation method is also easy. So it is highly suitable for vaccine development for most of the bacterial infectious diseases. Nowadays, Multidrug resistant pathogens appear in many places in our global threat , WHO advise to produce new vaccines against these MDR-pathogens, these short sequence nucleotide open new window to develop new vaccine.

21 Ultrasonic vibration shock treatment effects on biomass production of yeast

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration is one of the physical stress factor. Here stress treatment was provided to yeast cells, after that growth performance was studied. The ultrasonic vibration was given (2 MHZ) to yeast cells with different timings such as 0,2,4,6,8,10 and 12 minutes. After the treatment, Yeast were incubated to 72 hours at 37oC.At the end of the experiment,optical density and biomass production of yeast were calculated. The highest OD (0.72) was observed in 2 minutes treatment .The highest biomass production also observed in 2 minutes treatment (1.044gm).The two minutes treatment produce highest growth rate compared to other treatment. If the stress time increases, the biomass production and OD value also decreased. So stress always suppress growth rate, However initially it induce growth then slowly suppress growth rate of yeast cells.

*Dr.Benita.S.Monica#1 & Ms.Subhasini.J#2

Abstract: Vendor plays an important role in any company’s success or failure, and it refers to all the ways and methods of handling arrangements with vendors and its works. Vendor hold wealth of knowledge relating to their product or services and utilization within industry. Vendor client management will be focusing on providing trust commitment and quality towards the client and create positive response to the business. Vendor manager has the responsibility to select the right vendor to yield the desired performance characteristics. The manager has to focus massive amount of details to manage vendor effectively. An important objective of purchase management is to maintain good relationship with vendors. Vendor management will facilitate the process of performance monitoring, reporting and profit risk assessment. Hence the study is timely and vital to understand the perception towards vendor client management.

Musa Shu’aibu, Dr. Nimisha Beri

Abstract: Job satisfaction is of great importance in all organizations, be it public or private, it makes description on how well an individual or employee is happy in or with his/her job, many factors do contribute towards job satisfaction among employees in any given organization which is different from individual to another or from employee to employee. Satisfaction of job determines teachers’ commitment to their organization and employees are more committed to their organization when they are satisfied with their job. This paper makes summary and analysis of the literature which is available for the topic under discussion. The finding reveals that when teachers are satisfied with their job, it leads to the significant increase in organizational commitment of teachers. It was discussed that teachers exhibit very good organizational commitment when satisfied with aspects of their job. It was concluded that, job satisfaction makes significant impact in the commitment of teachers towards their job.

24 An Exploratory Frame work on the Applications of E-Commerce

Abstract: Today E-commerce have become a part of our everyday life. It is no longer a technology that only technically advanced and wealthy people use. Electronic commerce predominantly comprises of the marketing, buying, advertising, selling distribution as well as the examining of products by means of internet. E-commerce has given a free rein to another revolution in Kerala that changed the commercial way of business. The companies like Amazon and eBay actually began using E- commerce and now it plays a major role in Indian economy. This paper talks about the recent trends in the business in the state of Kerala that employs e-commerce and its impact on Indian economy by exploring the benefits and limitations of e-commerce. The benefits in general are wider reach, savings in time, low cost, all time accessibility, well synchronisation and large assortment. However, there are certain limitations, one among many being trust, financial security, human less transaction and delivery.

25 LeveragingDataDE-duplicationtoImprove thePerformanceofPrimaryStorageSystemin theCloud

Abstract: Cloud computing is a distributed system which works with the multiple component to provide a processing of users input request. The input request can be of data storage, data access and utilizing the data in real time with different available model. Cloud computing consist of multiple layers and model of performing the processing of large amount of data. Different areas of research are available which includes the data security, authentication, accessibility and identity based data utilization. Data usage over the cloud helps in fast and scalable usage of data. Cloud data is accessible with various platform includes web and mobile units. Thus the availability of data and its accessibility increase the vulnerability over the data. This topic is required in further research to enhance the security over the cloud data and accessing them on secure channel. This research discuss about the algorithm which enhance the security with hybrid level of security model. An end to end communication protocol with enhances cryptography and data auditing approach is presented. Thus the algorithm shows the efficiency over the traditional security mechanism. The proposed algorithm works experimented over the java platform using Apache server. The Computation parameter which is taken for comparison is computation time, computation cost, and bandwidth and Energy consumption in data packet transmission. The experiment performed over the proposed security and reliable model shows the efficiency of proposed approach over the traditional solution of data processing in cloud computing distributed environment.

26 Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analysis Semantic Knowledge
1Raheema Sheik, 2K. Laxmaiah

Abstract: Semantic web mining and Synaptic web entropy mining is an important and recent research area today where number of technique presented in order to mine the web crawl efficiently and to find the web page rank of various data available in the web, in the present paper which is taken by us for the further research is the hybrid approach where the entropy is calculated based on the semantic-synaptic based approach and the important role of the entropy required today to monitor the todays web fluctuation and various stages of multiple portals and web data available today , here as the authors of the paper mentioned about the scope of the semantic monitoring ,we assume it to be a great way to make it better to experience and query search for the extracted data and opinion monitoring, we have monitored a paper which works with the short text analysis, challenges associated with it and finding data relevance in available knowledge base. Using the spatial data and related information with the input dataset. It can able to find more specific data about the user input. We here mentioning and further trying to make user experience better to utilize the data extracted from the user and visualize them efficiently as per the user requirement. ANN approach can further be utilized for efficient parameter computation.

1Sumanjali Billi, 2I Surya Sekhar

Abstract: Cloud computing is a new approach in the field of information technology based on the World Wide Web. It is new approach in the field information technology and also it satisfies a end users requirement for computing resources like services and applications etc. Security is one of the most challenging issue in the cloud computing. In cloud computing, services need to address the security during the transmission of sensitive information. Many organization, companies or banks have confidential information, this information is very essential. The cloud does not provide a fully guaranteed of data and it is compromised by the attackers. In this paper by providing a new method, we improve the security of data access in the cloud computing for a bank or any other particular location by using location-based encryption.

28 Secure Data Sharing In Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage IBE
1Sunita Palleti, 2CH. Suresh Kumar

Abstract: Cloud computing is a distributed system which works with the multiple component to provide a processing of users input request. The input request can be of data storage, data access and utilizing the data in real time with different available model. Cloud computing consist of multiple layers and model of performing the processing of large amount of data. Different areas of research are available which includes the data security, authentication, accessibility and identity based data utilization. Data usage over the cloud helps in fast and scalable usage of data. Cloud data is accessible with various platform includes web and mobile units. Thus the availability of data and its accessibility increase the vulnerability over the data. This topic is required in further research to enhance the security over the cloud data and accessing them on secure channel. This research discuss about the algorithm which enhance the security with hybrid level of security model. An end to end communication protocol with enhances cryptography and data auditing approach is presented. Thus the algorithm shows the efficiency over the traditional security mechanism. The proposed algorithm works experimented over the java platform using Apache server. The Computation parameter which is taken for comparison is computation time, computation cost, and bandwidth and Energy consumption in data packet transmission. The experiment performed over the proposed security and reliable model shows the efficiency of proposed approach over the traditional solution of data processing in cloud computing distributed environment.

29 Core End To End Traffic Retandary Elimination for Reducing Cloud Bandwidth Cost
1Vamsi Priya Challa, 2M Vijetha

Abstract: In today’s era, End to End TRE (Traffic redundancy) over the cloud computing is a recent technology and recent research topic under cloud computing environment. The Cloud computing and its mechanism to transfer the data, managing its component is an important process for complete process. Where the component such as third party auditor, data centre and virtual machine take participate. There are process involve in the middle such as Packet forwarding, data storage, transmission over the different channel takes process in user activity. In this area of research recent technique PACK takes an advantage of chunking scheme with execution of SHA-1 as security signature approach. According to understanding algorithm PACK face little problem formulation such as in finding high level prediction with efficient signature scheme. The algorithm exhibit reliable prediction over the data. In this dissertation work, our work presented as EPACK, which is the extension version of PACK to identify redundancy prediction over the transmitted data. Algorithm used of similarity measure algorithm, which take use of similarity score measure value from the available data and storage. The algorithm makes use of Meta information, topical relation in between the file parameters, SHA-2 for signing information and outperforms the high level prediction as compare to existing technique. The proposed algorithms also take use of security concern in between any transmission of data in different components. A highly security enhancement of ECC algorithm named HECC (Hyper Elliptic curve cryptography) is used to perform security level in this approach. This can performs over the PACK & EPACK algorithm with comparison parameter by performing data transmission using JDK framework. The proposed scheme and result comparison analysis shows the efficiency of our approach while comparing with PACK algorithm. The further approach over the simulation parameter and environment outperform its best while comparing with the existing PACK technique.

30 A Consideration Independent Score Based Benchmark for Distributed Database
1MD. Zaheda Parveen, 2P Sravanthi

Abstract: Big data and hadoop plays an important role in dealing with the large number of process and big data processing in different scenario. There are multiple nodes participate in the Distribution and different type of data movement scenario. The existing algorithm which is taken for the further improvement work is distributed dataset algorithm, which is phase based Distribution algorithm to process the large number of data and data packets. Our enhance distributed dataset algorithm technique outperform as compare with the existing distributed dataset algorithm and other scheduler so far. Thus the requirement leads us to perform further improvement to the distributed dataset algorithm Distribution technique. In this dissertation our work perform to create a new heuristic based Distribution algorithm which make use of existing scenario and improve it with balanced distribution technique. The proposed technique is based on enhance model which is heuristic & priority based Distribution and load balancing Distribution based scenario which make use of all the resources properly and outperform the complete distribution using the provided Distribution algorithm. The proposed work implemented and tested in java technology and upon processing data range from 1 gb to 5 gb there are performance monitored in terms of computation processing time, throughput with hardware configuration as 4 gb ram, 750 gb hard disk and the competitive results were monitored. Thus the result as compare to existing technique were monitored which are 1.1 x improved while comparing with existing algorithm.

31 Trust Enhanced Cryptographic Role Based Access Control if Secure Cloud Data Storage
1Sushma Uopanaboina, 2B Anand Kumar

Abstract: Cloud data storage has provided significant benefits by allowing users to store massive amount of data on demand in a cost-effective manner. To protect the privacy of data stored in the cloud, cryptographic role-based access control (RBAC) schemes have been developed to ensure that the data can only be accessed by those who are allowed by access policies. However, these cryptographic approaches do not address the issues of trust. In this paper, we propose trust models to reason about and to improve the security for stored data in cloud storage systems that use cryptographic RBAC schemes. The trust models provide an approach for the owners and roles to determine the trustworthiness of individual roles and users, respectively, in the RBAC system. The proposed trust models consider role inheritance and hierarchy in the evaluation of trustworthiness of roles. We present a design of a trust-based cloud storage system, which shows how the trust models can be integrated into a system that uses cryptographic RBAC schemes. We have also considered practical application scenarios and illustrated how the trust evaluations can be used to reduce the risks and to enhance the quality of decision making by data owners and roles of cloud storage service.