IJAIR- Volume 7 Issue 01 (January 2018)


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1 Influence of various doses of Herbicides on weed flora population, yield attributes and yield of Transplanted Rice (Oryza sativa).
Naresh Kumar, Dharam Pal Nandal, Amit Kumar and Mukesh Kumar

Abstract—An experiment was undertaken to study the response of different doses of herbicides on weed flora population, yield attributes and yield of transplanted rice. The investigation was carried out at Students’ Farm of College of Agriculture, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University; Kaul (Kaithal). The experiment laid out in randomized block design replicated three times during the kharif season of 2008 consisting 15 treatments combinations viz., T1- 25 g/ha dose of Bispyribac sodium 10 SC at 20 DAT; T2- 25 g/ha dose of Bispyribac sodium 10 SC at 25 DAT; T3- 30 g/ha dose of Bispyribac sodium 10 SC at 20 DAT; T4- 30 g/ha dose of Bispyribac sodium 10 SC at 25 DAT; T5- 30 g/ha dose of Azimsulfuron 50 DF at 20 DAT; T6- 30 g/ha dose of Azimsulfuron 50 DF at 25 DAT; T7- 40 g/ha dose of Azimsulfuron 50 DF at 20 DAT; T8- 40 g/ha dose of Azimsulfuron 50 DF at 25 DAT; T9- 750 g/ha dose of Pretilachlor 50 EC at 3 DAT; T10- 1500 g/ha dose of Butachlor 50 EC at 3 DAT; T11- 100 g/ha dose of Oxadiargyl 80 WP (Top Star) at 3 DAT; T12- 20 g/ha dose of Pyrazosulfuron 10 WP at 3 DAT; T13- 56.25 g/ha dose of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 9 EC (Whip Super) at 25 DAT; T14- Weed Check; T15- Weed Free. Findings of the experiment revealed that among POE treatments, T3 recorded significantly lowest grassy weed population i.e. 3.1, 3.5 and 3.2/m2 at 40, 60 and 80 days after transplanting respectively, in comparison to rest of the other treatments except treatment T1 (3.2, 4.4 and 3.9/m2 respectively) to which it is statically at par. Among POE treatments, highest broad leaf weed control was observed in treatment T7 i.e. 3.4, 4.0 and 3.5/m2 at 40, 60 and 80 days after transplanting respectively, which was statistically at par with treatments T1, T3, T5 and T8. Performance of Bispyribac sodium @ 30g/ha at 20 DAT in controlling grassy weed and Azimsulfuron @ 30 g/ha at 20 DAT and Azimsulfuron 40 g/ha at 20 DAT in controlling broad leaf weeds at 40, 60 and 80 days after transplanting which were statically at par with Pretilachlor @ 750 g/ha at 3 DAT (PRE) which was best among all treatments except weed free in terms of highest effective tillers/m2, highest filled grains/panicle, lowest unfilled grains/panicle, boldest grain and productivity of rice crop. So using Pretilachlor (PRE) @ 750 g/ha at 3 DAT and Bispyribac sodium (POE) @ 30 g/ha at 20 DAT are the best options in transplanted rice in terms of weed control as well as productivity of rice.
Page No. 01 - 05.

2 A Survey: Power Consumption monitoring and IoT techniques for electric equipments .
Surbhi Mohnani, Mrs Priyanka Saxena

Abstract- IoT is a trending topic over the several articles and portals which deal with the recent trends. IoT is the technique which helps in component communication over the network. A network analysis for the component connected over the internet is required concept in any area. IoT use IPv6 protocol which help identifying the connected component as unique. Further the IPv6 utilize as network traffic analysis for any component connected in a network. Home automation is one of the trend which help in automate electronic equipments used in any public or private house. Each component consume some energy, hence a monitoring and controlling the wastage of electricity is always required. Human interaction with the device is not possible all the time, thus an automation to handle the request is required. In this paper a discussion on IoT and IoT enabled technique is discussed. This paper discuss about , how IoT technique can help in real time for power consumption and other real time fields for public or private utilization.
Page No. 06 - 09.

3 Small Study on Comparing the Presence of Asphaltenes and Maltenes in VG-30 Bitumen With RTFOT (Rolling Thin Film Oven Test).
S.Akhil Tej, S.Sudheer

Abstract- India is a developing country and has large transport network with flexible pavements containing Bitumen on its top . The transport network is the life blood of new society, for this the bitumen ageing is the key factors for determining the life time of a pavement. process of ageing involves chemical and physical properties, the changing properties of bitumen makes the bitumen brittle and it leads to failure so knowing bitumen ageing is necessary. The present study is an attempt to focus on main properties of bitumen i.e.(Asphaltenes and Maltenes) by short term ageing by RTFOT (Rolling Thin Film Oven Test). The outcome of this study leads the comparison of bitumen properties of VG-30 aged bitumen and VG-30 un-aged bitumen with the presence of asphaltenes and maltenes with some basic tests.
Page No. 10 - 12.

4 Wind and Seismic Analysis of High Rise Building With and Without Steel Bracing Using ETABS.
S.Fayaz Basha, S.Sudheer

Abstract- Earthquake effect is becoming a great concern in india as because not a single zone can be designated as earthquake resistant zone. One of the essential viewpoint is to assemble a building structure, which can oppose the seismic power productively. Study is made on the distinctive basic course of action to discover the most upgraded answer for deliver a proficient safe seismic tremor safe building. In the present investigation, a private working with 15 stories is dissected with segments, segments with bracings at various areas were for Zone-III in three unique soils. torsion were thought about for every one of the cases. It is watched that the torsion was decreased by giving the bracings.
Page No. 13 - 18.

5 Determining Factors Affecting Critical Success of Construction Project: Review.
Anatol Berhanu Gobana, Habtamu Miju Teshome, Lemi Tasisa Negewo

Abstract- Construction project involve many participants such as designers, consultants, contractors, construction managers and specialists from different disciplines. Many researchers have tried to regulate factors for successful project for the long time. Lists of variables have been abounded in the literature; however no general agreement can be made. The aim of this paper is to determine critical factors for construction projects. Eleven main research papers in construction project field were selected to review prior works on project accomplishment. Five main collections of independent variables namely, project related factors, project management action, project procedures, human related factors and external environment are identified as vital to project achievement. This study is an exertion to describe success of the project, failure of the projects and many research papers were discussed.
Page No. 19 - 24.

6 A Heuristic SOM Based Hybrid Approach for Liver Patient Disease Data Classification
Priyanka Mathur, Shweta Sharma, Pankaj Richhariya

Abstract- Data mining is a stream where a large data analysis using processing algorithm can be performed. Data mining help in understanding the processing outcome and thus a utilization of data can be done. Health care is the segment which is sensitive area and a large number of information produce by the health care data reports. Liver Health care analysis helps us to understand the behaviour and diagnose the disease according to requirement. Different data classification approach for classifying the liver health care dataset is proposed by existing authors. Algorithm such as Naïve Bayes, Genetic rule based algorithm, Support vector machine approach and other classification approach is performed by existing researchers. The existing solution still lacking in finding a proper computation efficiency over the health care dataset. In this paper a enhance Heuristic SOM based optimization approach is proposed for health care data analysis. The proposed technique makes use of heuristic optimization and Map use from the SOM ANN algorithm. The proposed technique is experiments using the Weka tool and ILPD (Indian liver patient dataset) taken from UCI is executed. Observed result shows the efficiency of proposed technique over existing solutions.
Page No. 25 - 30.

7 Hybrid MPPT for Hybrid Energy Conversion System.
Dr.P.Venkatesan, C.Yasodha, K.Madhumathi

Abstract- This paper provide the solution to fast and high efficient MPP tracking to the renewable energy sources. The main theme of this paper is to propose a hybrid MPPT algorithm for the Hybrid system comprising of Wind and Solar Energy system. In the hybrid MPPT we combined the features of P & O and Hill climbing algorithm for the fast and better tracking efficiency. Here the hybrid MPPT technique is used to design the MPPT and to generate the control signals for the converters. The converter used is proposed to be of boost type that is used to step up the source voltage to the suitable value of the grid. The simulation can be implemented for this project using MATLAB. With the implementation of this project grid stability, efficiency and speed of the tracking system can be analyzed. The proposed control framework has been actualized in MATLAB programming and tried for different wind and load conditions.
Page No. 31 - 37.

8 A Survey: Cloud computing data security and accessing technique.
Priya Pandey , Aparna Bhandari

Abstract- Data access control is an effective way to ensure the data security in the cloud. Due to data outsourcing and un-trusted cloud servers, the data access control becomes a challenging issue in cloud storage systems. Cloud Computing has been the most promising innovation in the computing world in past decade. Its usage is still hindered by the security concerns related with critical data. The encryption of remotely stored data has been the most widely used technique to bridge this security gap. The speculated vast usage of Cloud Computing solutions for data storage and with Big Data Analytics gaining strong foothold; the security on cloud is still at big risk. Fully Homomorphic Encryption is a good basis to enhance the security measures of un-trusted systems or applications that stores and manipulates sensitive data. Our attribute revocation method can efficiently achieve both forward security and backward security. The analysis is assumed to show that our proposed data access control scheme is secure in the random oracle model and is more efficient than previous works.
Page No. 38 - 42.