JCT - Volume 6 Issue 8 (August 2017)


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1 Comparative Analysis on Different U Shape Microstrip Patch with Defected Ground Structure
Authors - Arvind Sahu and Dr. Kavita Burse

ABSTRACT - In this paper demonstrated the investigation of various shape microstrip antenna. Microstrip antenna play a crucial part in WLAN correspondence, versatile communication 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX gadgets in various range between 1 to 6 GHz. Distinctive shape microstrip fix radio wire is extremely fascinating and interesting issue for inquire about. There are diverse shape based reception apparatus exhibited in the most recent decade for WLAN and Wi-MAX gadgets like U shape, H shape, I shape, S shape and V shape. In this comparative analysis paper examined U-shape and other shape based patch antenna for wideband and narrowband application. In this overview paper likewise examined the study of various shape receiving wire and simulation tool.
Keywords - Microstrip Patch Antenna, Wi-MAX, WLAN, VSWR, Return Loss (RL), Wide band (WB) and Narrow band .
Page No. 01 - 07 .

2 A Robust U Shape Microstrip Patch with Defected Ground Structure for Wi-Fi and Wi-Max Range
Authors - Arvind Sahu and Dr. Kavita Burse

ABSTRACT - In the last decade there are different shape and size microstrip patch antenna introduced for the enhancement of bandwidth in the antenna. In this paper discuss robust patch shape antenna for the enhancement of bandwidth of the antenna. The proposed robust U shape microstrip patch with defected ground slot is presented in this research article. The proposed antenna shows good return loss as well as shows good voltage standing ratio of 1 to 6 GHZ range. The proposed U shape antenna with DGS simulated on the CST studio. The current and energy distribution of proposed U shape antenna is also very good. The proposed antenna shows better result as compare to other previous U shape antenna on the basics of return loss (S-11), VSWR and radiation pattern of the antenna. The application range of proposed work is 2.86 GHz frequency and give return loss -45dB also shows good VSWR near to 1. The proposed antenna shows good bandwidth. The BW of proposed antenna is 2.489 is good as compare to the other U shape microstrip patch antenna. .
Keywords- Bandwidth, VSWR, Return loss, CST, Wi-Fi and WiMax range.
Page No. 08 - 12 .
3 Implementation of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to Prevent and Detect Multiple Attacks
Authors - Mohd Nazri Ismail and Norhatta Mohd

ABSTRACT - In this research article discuss the how to prevent the Intrusion detection system (IDS) multiple attacks. Now a days IDS attacks are increases day to day. Intrusion detection system detection and prevent multiple attacks is the challenging task to current generation research. .
Keywords-- Intrusion detection system (IDS), Ping of Death Attack, DDOS attack, TCP, Snort Alert and Metasploit
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