JCT - Volume 6 Issue 6 (June 2017)


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1 A Survey Over Various Access Control and Authentication Techniques in Cloud Computing
Akanksha Mehta,Atul Shrivastava

Abstract- In cloud computing data resides in cloud server, that data contains private and confidential data of the user. Thus, security of that is the major task in cloud computing. There are various techniques are presented by different researchers to provide a secure access for that data. In recent technique RB-IBE technique is presented, which is quite efficient while data accessing from the cloud in secure and efficient manner. A review over the various techniques which used to provide security for that data is presented. Role based Access control technique is generally used, but that technique required some enhancement to provide a secure and enhanced framework to access data in cloud server.

2 Multi Aggregator for Content Aggregation and Contextual Learning
Sana Maqsoon Khan

Abstract- Content aggregation and multi-media data processing over the aggregated data is challenging research to provide efficient mechanism for better experience. Content aggregator contains multiple source data and in different format which can store and further process, use by the vendor. Here the problem associate is data acquisition, data storage and further processing through. In our dissertation the work is taken from different content mining, image processing and relevant matching over the content. A technique of acquisition is also going to describe which make use of advance technique and provide a proper content mining and output to the user. In existing technique various model such as HMM (hidden markov model), co-occurrence model and various cross validation being presented. Thus the approach use by them given as further work in the field of data acquisition and applying more efficient parameter to compute the efficiency. In our dissertation a work on determining the approach for a data acquisition and further content processing by the relation of multiple content aggregators is used. Our approach make use of enhance parameter computation which shows the efficiency of our outcome. Experiment were performed via CPU machine 4 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk and i5 processor. It found satisfactory which is implemented using Java language with file media access API. Thus the observed parameter such as precision, recall, Accuracy found to be better while comparing with previous algorithm of working with single aggregator system.