JCT - Volume 6 Issue 5 (May 2017)


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1 Network Security: A Need for the Hour

Abstract- Network Security is designed to protect the usability and integrity of the network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering and spreading on the computer. Network takes all kind of sensitive data and it is not secret so security plays a vital role of any network system. Network security is concerned with the protection of network resources against alteration, destruction, unauthorized use and prevent from eavesdroppers from stealing and altering the data. And also the malicious intentions may include bringing down the servers, using people’s private information for fraudulent activities, sabotaging of major organizations by accessing their websites. The network security deals with various issues like Authentication, Integrity, Confidentiality, Non- Repudiation, and Authorization. To implement the security issues, a technique called cryptography is applied which uses encryption and decryption methods. Cryptography takes the plaintext as its input then transforms it to cipher text known as encryption which is in unreadable form and then it transforms it to plaintext known as decryption. Encryption is the most effective method to reduce data loss or theft on the network. It is a process of network security which applies crypto services at the network transfer layer on top of the data link level and under the application level. This paper covers the cryptography types and explains the two most efficient algorithms Triple DES and Two Fish and compares them with nine factors.

2 Diversified and Scalable Recommendation System for the Web Services
Neha Rakeshiya, Nitya khare

Abstract- Recommendation approach and its various components take part while dealing with large availability options. There are techniques which take participate for user recommendation for different item and category. In recent time web services reported a rapid growth, these services contains web application, storage services, various computing resources etc. due to the rapid growth in these services a new enhanced recommendation system is required to provide better access to these services. Provide filtered services to the user to execute their tasks. Techniques like collaborative filtering, content based filtering are generally used to perform the filtering task to recommend services to the various users. But these techniques not able to provide better performance in rapidly increasing web scenario. Thus a new technique which uses clustering and diverse ranking technique to provide an enhanced mechanism to recommend web services to the user. A hybrid technique which uses contextual online learning and collaborative filtering to filter the content for the recommendation purpose. An enhanced recommendation system can be provided.

3 Indexing and Security Algorithms in Cloud Health Care System
Nayna Wane, Bhupchandra Kumhar

Abstract- Data access control is an effective way to ensure the data security in the cloud. Due to data outsourcing and un-trusted cloud servers, the data access control becomes a challenging issue in cloud storage systems. Cloud Computing has been the most promising innovation in the computing world in past decade. Its usage is still hindered by the security concerns related with critical data. The encryption of remotely stored data has been the most widely used technique to bridge this security gap. The speculated vast usage of Cloud Computing solutions for data storage and with Big Data Analytics gaining strong foothold; the security on cloud is still at big risk. Fully Homo-orphic Encryption is a good basis to enhance the security measures of un-trusted systems or applications that stores and manipulates sensitive data. Our attribute revocation method can efficiently achieve both forward security and backward security. The analysis is assumed to show that our proposed data access control scheme is secure in the random oracle model and is more efficient than previous works.

4 A Health Care Data Acquisition And Accessing Approach Over Cloud Environment
Nayna Wane, Bhupchandra Kumhar, Anshul Sarawagi

Abstract- Cloud Computing and its environment help to compute large potential data in low computation complexity. It process data with scaling and effectively while the talk is about availability. Medical is an important field while deal with data and its reachability. Frequently generated data is required to store and make available for user on demand. In this dissertation work is to effectively store, process and search over the encrypted medical data. The past algorithm such as indexing, compressive sensing and AES 256 with SHA-2 used for storage and security purpose. Limitations were observe as lack of security and lack of Storage availability due to indexing they followed. Our proposed work, implemented on Apache server with Possibility of lexical indexing with HECC algorithm for data security over cloud.

5 Attack Detection over Wireless Sensor Network & VANET: A Survey
ShahuRaj Nikam, Anshul Sarawagi

Abstract- A wireless based infrastructure and providing the monitoring for the vehicles are important area of research. Today various IoT services and devices incorporate to provide such facility to maximize the vehicle monitoring and networking. For instance, it is difficult for a Roadside Unit (RSU) to verify each vehicle’s signature sequentially when a large number of vehicles emerge in the coverage areas of an RSU. To reduce the computational overhead of RSUs, Author proposed a cloud based infrastructure that is software defined networking and POF techniques is used to solve the desired calculations. Further CRM used for investigating the complete cost, performance and other parameter to observe. In this paper our work investigates the different VANET technique where software work performs for data distribution.

6 A Survey: Security Algorithms In IOT Communication- Cloud Computing
Amit Tiwari, Raj Kumar Paul

Abstract- In this era, large amount of the information in form of digital information is made available in digital form. For many years, people have held the hypothesis that using phrases for are a presentation of document and topic should perform better than terms. In this survey paper, various security challenges and issue over cloud computing and IoTcloud with security issues are discussed. The summary on the current security and privacy information challenges have been surveyed. Some current security measurements are also summarized.