JCT - Volume 6 Issue 12 (Dec - 2017)


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1 Risk Perception in Cipher Cloud
Prof. M. Parimala

ABSTRACT - Cloud computing is a collection of resources and services offered by the Internet. Cloud services are delivered from data canters located throughout the world. Cloud computing helps its customers by providing virtual resources via the Internet. General example of cloud services is Google apps, provided by Google and Microsoft SharePoint. The rapid growth in the area of "cloud computing" also increases the serious security issues. Security remained a constant problem for open systems and the Internet, when we talk about cloud security genuinely suffering Cloud service requires security measures in three domains: data storage, processing and transmission. In this paper, we are focusing on security measures required for cloud computing. We proposed a method to build a secure computing environment for the system by integrating cloud computing platform of confidence in the cloud. We propose a model system in which cloud computing system is combined with trusted computing platform with trusted platform module. In this model, some important security services, including authentication, confidentiality and integrity, are provided in cloud computing system.
Keywords—Cloud computing, Security and Trusted service. .
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2 Voltage Ripple Reduction for DC-DC converter in AC Motor Drive by using Feed Forward Controller
Nikky Kumari* and Dr. Jitendra Singh Shakya**

ABSTRACT - – In this paper, the common power electronics system is used to study about dynamic behaviour of Ac fed drive. This power electronics switching circuit is examined for the presence of complete disorder and confusion. Due to complete disorder exhibited in the various general non-linear briefly along with properties. Analytical design for practical value of inductor and capacitor for (six pulse inverters), boost converter is present. This is the model which is based on feed forward control to repress the beat of voltage ripple induced by inverter of the motor during operation. The continuous conduction mode of inductor current is verified experimentally. Higher gain can achieve low duty cycle. Another advantage is there is no external circuit needed to limit capacitor voltage. In compare to traditional control scheme; the feed forward scheme is more superior. .
Keywords-— Fuel cell, battery, boost converted, Inverter, induction motor, Hysteresis control and Indirect vector control.
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