JCT - Volume 6 Issue 11 (November 2017)


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1 Designing of SAR Image Entropy Efficient Model for Various Noise Reduction Method using Bivariate Shrinkage Function by Wavelet Image Fusion
Anurag Panday and Prof. Arvind Sahu **

ABSTRACT - During this paper we observe, however riffle transforms will be enforced to scale and translate a noise speckle image into a multi resolution analysis illustration. Quantity shrinkage operate using to cut back noise speckle at completely different resolution levels. These result obtained have shown significant speckle reduction then standard filter methods such as Lee filter, Kuan filter and median filter are among the better de-nosing procedures in RADAR civic. During this paper we see the performance of various speckle filters. In recent years, wavelet-based de-nosing algorithmic program has been studied and applied with success for speckle removal in SAR pictures. Compact support of riffle basis functions permits riffle transformation to expeditiously represent functions or signals, which have localized options. Then we take away the speckle noise using wavelet-based technique. Finally, we complete that de-noising using wavelet-based algorithmic program is a lot of more economical than customary speckle filters.
Keywords— Speckle reduction, Synthetic Aperture Radar system (SAR), Lee filter, Kuan Filter and Wavelet transform. .
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2 IoT: Border Security Force in Semiprecious Areas
M. Parimala* and Ganta Rama Mohan Reddy**

ABSTRACT - – In Now a days a country has contain must and should two thing one is technical development and protect them self from other countries. Protection or security is very difficult to the some parts/regions of a country like India. If suppose any other country suddenly attacks this type of country, at that time this type of countries unable to face the problem and there may be loss the soldiers in this type of the attacking and damage the security system of countries and also other internal type of problems will be increased. In this paper we proposed is we can attach one angle selection router on the bottom of the gun and also fix the camera for observation and fixed target angle .trigger on button used .this system is interacted to the central security system. If Soldiers of our country is recognized doesn't perform any action other than that any unknown person enter the boundary soldiers send the signal to gun. At this time gun will be fair. By using this idea we can try to save the soldiers. .
Keywords-— IoT, Smart Phone, Semiprecious Areas and RFID
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