JCT - Volume 6 Issue 10 ( October 2017)


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1 A Hybrid Substrate Based U Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi and Wi-Max Range
Arvind Sahu and Dr. Kavita Burse

ABSTRACT - U shape microstrip patch antenna is one of the efficient antenna for 1 to 6 GHz. In the last decade there are different shape and size microstrip patch antenna introduced for Wi-Fi, WiMax ranges. In this range there are different bands occurs X, Ka and Ku etc. In the last decade researchers are try to improve the bandwidth and directivity of the microstrip patch antenna. For the improvement of the bandwidth researchers are used different substrate for like RT Duroid 5880, Teflon and PVC. In this research paper discuss noble combination of substrate for patch antenna. In the noble substrate use combination of FR4. Air and RT Duroid. When use this novel approach improve the number of bands, S-11 and VSWR. The proposed fusion of substrate apply in U shape microstrip patch with defected ground slot is presented. The proposed work also discuss different losses they are power loss, port loss, energy loss. Energy and power flow in the antenna in also discussed by the work. At the last compare the result of the proposed work with different previous methods that is shown in the table.
Keywords— Power loss, Energy losses, Metrals losses, Outgoing ports, Power Flow, Enegy Flow and RT duriod 5880 .
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