JCT - Volume 6 Issue 1 (January 2017)


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1 An Optimization Approach to Examination Information System (EIS) using Mobile Computing
Vijaya Shankar Pol, B. Lal

Abstract- Examinations are an integral part of teaching and learning process which determines the student’s destiny. Researcher focus on the information system of examination using mobile computing and its supportive components. This research study is an approach to optimize to reduce the time, efforts and complexity of examination scheduling process.

2 Simulation Model Approach of Mobile Computing for Outpatient Department
Yogesh Ramchandra Rane, B. Lal

Abstract- Outpatient Department (OPD) is very important wing of the hospital system. The patient are facing numbers of significant problems during the OPD related to appointment, registration, searching OPD location and waiting for doctor checkup. Researcher analyzes the various processes and find out various number of factors which are significantly related to the researcher study with the help of mobile computing. Researcher studied the number of literature and research articles related to the outpatient department problems and issues. Researcher given a proposed simulation model to develop mobile computing which optimized OPD services in the hospital.

3 Effect of Rotational Speed on Liquid-Solid Mixing and Operating Conditions
Saiful Islam, Mohd Danish

Abstract- Significant efforts have been devoted to better understand the solid liquid mixing phenomena, because of the large number of industrial applications of this operation. The important point in designing a solid-liquid suspension is choosing a high performance impeller for achieving both the dispersion of the particles and their suspension, at the same time. In the present study pallet is mixed with 20 liters of water. Flat paddle impeller (0.075 x 0.06m) an experimental investigation is carried out to characterize the mixing performance. The study is perform to show relationship between two dimensionless parameter (power number and Reynolds number).Moreover the effect of angular speed on Torque, Power and Balancing weight is also studied in this research work.

4 Stability of slope Along Abha-Darb Road
Saiful Islam, Roohul Abad Khan, Mahmoud Hussain

Abstract- The study work comprises of the stability analysis of Slope Along Abha-Darb Road, Asir Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The area is vulnerable to landslide to avoid this problem. Geotechnical study was carried out along the road cut slopes to determine the various properties of soil mass. Which act as input parameters for the numerical simulation of Slope (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua). The result is checked for displacements and FOS .The result shows that the slope is unstable showing circular failure at the upper height and is quite stable at the lower height of the slope.