IJEA - Volume 6 Issue 12 (Dec 2017)


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1 Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Communication
Sami Khan and Professor Abdul Samee Khan

Abstract- In last decade microstrip patch antenna is one of the newest topics of research. There are different papers are present for Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, 3G and 4G communication antenna. Now a day’s 5G communication is one of the hot topics between researchers. 5G communication and its parts such as transmitter, receiver and antennas. In this survey paper discuss the different small micro strip patch antenna for 5G communication. Small microstrip patch antenna is one of the key element for 5G communication. Fifth generation communication system require band above 8 GHz. In fifth generation communication require high bandwidth. For the analysis of different previous 5G antenna use famous antenna parameters such as return loss (S -11), bandwidth, number of bands and VSWR. Keywords—5G Communication antenna, bandwidth return loss, voltage standing wave ratio, and micro strip patch antenna