IJEA - Volume 6 Issue 1 (January2017)


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1 M-Learning Effectiveness Factors
Adalia Martin, G. Jai Arul Jose

Abstract-This article presents the current demand of education through Information technology. M-Learning is not new to countries where technologies are advanced and is easily adapted to institutions. With the use of educational system which requests more prominent levels of correspondence between institutions, students and faculty members to have ideal utilization of resources, this study explores the application of mlearning through the student portal. Through interviews, participation in online forums, online communities, web chat focus groups, collecting of data inductively while concentrating on members' perspectives and expounding on the procedure makes the study to propose a model for m-learning using SMS technology. This study answers the research questions to its users of what is m-learning. The prototype application answers what mobile users conclude about m-learning via SMS through the student portal, the conceptual model which explains the effectiveness of mlearning and the theoretical approaches that merits the exploration of the study. This study was limited only to the perceptions of the target users of the prototype application and its security features still needs more areas of research. The use of m-learning SMS technology on the student portal helps schools to achieve the best method of communication and use of modern learning with technology in global context.

2 Transformer Fault Detection System Based on GSM Modem and Track location
Shivangi, Vinay Pathak

Abstract-In an electrical power system, the transformer power to control high voltage to low voltage users. For operation of transformer, its operational condition satellite communication use accurate monitored and maintained. Transformer power losses, the system working on time to time of the equipment on the Cumulative system. Since it is so expensive to repair or exchange a single transformer, Implemented Transformer fault monitor and track location system in transmission line1, line2, line3. The Transformer fault tracking a monitor display has been implementation for phase in line power unit system. A Tracking system has been design for Transformer fault monitor to Track location and detections in power electronics system and also we are using Microcontroller ATMEGA328 which indicates the transformer monitor to detection of faults. Parameters like as voltage, current circuit and power energy use are done using protocol Communication USART Master Microcontroller is done. Units are found, wireless technology GSM & GPS Technology is used to send SMS to a monitor control unit section. This satellite functions depend on GPS module as transformer fault monitor detection when abnormality or emergency happens and wireless mobile communication technology. GSM modem is used exact mobile number to send message with coordinate track location using GPS to responsible person.

3 Wireless Vibration Power Generation Monitor System
Shivam Malviya, Vinay Pathak

Abstract-Vibration energy generation system based on piezoelectric sensor and wirelessly to monitor to generate a power. Vibration Power monitor system has a very new research topic. We are using new technique embedded technology apply for vibration power generate wireless to monitor any where output check for this system various device. Sensor nodes, low scale energy piezoelectric has the When piezoelectricity work a power generate any time fully perpetuation-free unit can be devised and microcontroller at due to the motion between external source or plane contact and sliding or rolling vibration. Monitor to display value of generate power use for RF module and monitoring techniques, it will be power store in battery or in some current completely duty cycle the need for, service. Existing unmonitored structures can be equipped with self-powered by piezoelectric sensors to establish their residual life. The modeling and circuit design or power MOSFET use in piezoelectric power and arrange mounted to board that can be used as an energy scavenger for force motion applications is investigated. Power electronic use an amplification of input power generates and step up power increment. Development of the vibration energy motivated by the need to continuously charge and wireless RF module for transmit the power rating and ATMRGA328 microcontroller using for monitor to display Power generate in Piezoelectric sensor based vibration power generation or MOSFET (irz-44) and Transistor (BC-547) use in amplification input l current, voltage convert to high current voltage. The piezoelectric sensor power generators, booster converter circuit the vibration and power circuit change the input voltage convert to high output voltage using an electrode piezoelectric material. The microcontroller help a monitor to all power generate system and efficiency is limited by piezoelectric sensor one time press and generates power of. The drawback of piezoelectric conversion is that it is difficulty of implement on the micro-scale and integrated circuit use in power electronics.