IJAIR- Volume 6 Issue 12 (December 2017)


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1 Patterns of Inter-State In-Migration in Himachal Pradesh-A District Wise Analysis, 1991-2001
Archana Sharma

Abstract—Migration is a multifaceted phenomenon and varies over space in response to physical, economic, socio-cultural and political factors. Himachal Pradesh has twelve districts in total; each having a physiography and culture distinct from the other. Due to these physiographic and socio-cultural variations, patterns of migration also differ between different districts of the state. These variations in spatial patterns of interstate in-migration in various districts of Himachal Pradesh have been studied in this research paper.
Page No. 01 - 06.

2 A study to demonstrate the traditional value of dye plants collected from Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh, India.
Suman Rawat.

Abstract--The current study was conducted to exploit the traditional knowledge of major dye plants used by the people inhabiting the Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh. They prepare these dyes by themselves; which played an important role in their cultural, religious and social life. For example Curcuma longa (Haldi) and Oryza sativa are widely used as a dye in various traditions and rituals performed by native people. Flowers of Butea monosperma (Paplah) are also used in religious holi festival and Impatiens balsamina (Teur) are seasonally utilized by local girls to color their palms. Fruits of Mallotus philippensis (Kaamal) are used to extract the sindoor (vermillion) by married women. Hence, these dyes uphold the great impact on conventional culture in the life people of Hamirpur district. Moreover, these dyes are very harmonious to the human health as well as to environment due to their nontoxic properties. Unfortunately the traditional and cultural knowledge about these dyes by people from one generation to other generation goes undocumented and highly prone to extinction due to our negligence. Hence the objective of the present study is to document the traditional knowledge about these natural plant products as they provides as an alternatives to synthetics dyes as they are human/environment friendly and cost effective.
Page No. 07 - 13.

3 A Review on Hybrid Electrical Discharge Machining Processes.
Lokesh Upadhyay, Prof. M. L. Aggarwal.

Abstract— Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is extensively used unconventional machining process for making small holes, dies and cavity from past decades. Extremely hard material is easily machined without any vibration and chattering by EDM process.However, major problems encounterin the EDM process are poor surface quality and low material removal rate (MRR).These drawbacks have been overcome by progressive research in previous years. The paper aims about a review on the modern machining trends of EDM and to study the development of different hybrid EDM processes like ultrasonic assisted EDM, magnetic field assisted EDM, rheological fluid assisted EDM and powder mixed EDM. The study mainly prominenceson aspects related to material removal rate, tool wear and surface quality. Discharge current, pulse on time, pulse off time, duty cycle, voltage and percentage of abrasive particles were reported as the input parameters in existing research.
Page No. 14 - 22.

4 Creation of Latest Routing Protocol L-AODV over AODV with Security Enhancements for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.
Deepak Sharma, Sohan Garg

Abstract- MANET is gradually emerging to be much essential in the growth of wireless technology. MANET is a wireless network comprises the collection of mobile nodes with no fixed infrastructure. They are associated powerfully in a self-assertive way. Every hub carries on as a router and participates in the revelation and upkeep of routes to others. The hubs can move uninhibitedly whenever, with the goal that network structure changes progressively because of mobility. One of the present strong protocols is Ad Hoc On-Demand Vector Routing (AODV) tradition which is an open routing tradition which is mandatory for ad hoc and mobile networks that keeps up routes just between center points that requirements to confer. There are various security issues to be considered in this protocol. Recollecting a definitive goal to offer security to AODV tradition, Latest Ad Hoc On Demand Vector Routing (L-AODV) can be utilized. L-AODV is an expansion of the AODV routing tradition that can be utilized to shield the route disclosure process by giving security qualities like integrity and authentication.
Page No. 23 - 28.

5 Comparison of Acoustic Spaces of 9-year-old Cerebral Palsy and Normal Children.
Aashna Dangaich.

Abstract - This study examines the acoustic features of vowels of four children who are 9 years old: two cerebral palsy (CP) and two normally developed. The voice samples from these children were collected using the picture-naming task and then analysed. Acoustic features like Formant frequencies (F1 & F2) and acoustic space of the vowels are examined. The study’s findings indicated the following: 1. F1 is much developed in CP children as compared to F2; 2. the acoustic space area occupied by the vowels of the male CP child is more than the female child of the same age; 3. Further the acoustic space area of CP children is smaller than a typically developed children of the same age.
Page No. 29 - 33.

6 Robust Watermarking Using Dwt-Svd & Torus Automorphism (DSTA) Based With High PSNR .
Prateek Shrivastava,Md.Suhel.

Abstract - Proposed work is another arrangement of picture watermarking which join pre-preparing of cover picture with DWT and SVD, Proposed work using an alphanumeric key which at first alters watermark using fundamental 'XOR' operation, and at beneficiary end this key must be there so recipient may remove watermark. Proposed work is moreover using torus Automorphism which at first change watermark into a scramble plan which can't be affirmation as remarkable watermark. Case picture from database has been picked as cover picture and host picture. Viability of figuring took a gander at by using parameter, for example, PSNR, BER and MSE. It has been found that PSNR upgrade by 10.64%. This exhibits capability of computation. The work is been design and attempted on MATLAB 2013 test framework.
Page No. 34 - 38.

7 Nature, Flow and Constraints of the Railway Commuters: An Analytical Study on Sealdah Section.
Priyanka Kundu.

Abstract - Railways are the major transportation networks upon which the development of any country depends. It acts as veins through which movement of the commodities and flow of the passengers occurs. Sealdah station is one of the important node in terms of railways movement in West Bengal. This is an important part of the suburban railway system around Kolkata. Huge segment of commuters move through the railway lines surrounding Sealdah railway station. Maximum flow of the local trains is circulated within nearest peripheral parts of the city core areas. Thus, the area of influence is also confined within these peripheral areas. Degree of interaction with the city core areas and the surrounding outskirts mainly occur through passengers flow. The growth potential zones are also projected within these areas of maximum degree of interaction. The outer segments have relatively poorerpassengers flow and resultant growth. In spite of the huge flow, lots of constraints are faced by the commuters related to the paucity and inadequacy of railway services. The services may be upgraded and maintained up to a better level through quite attention. These management related approaches must be focused to have better railway services within Kolkata suburban railway system surrounding Sealdah station.
Page No. 39 - 44.

8 A Review on Tools for Data Mining Application in the Diagnosis of Psychiatric Diseases.
Shivangi Jain,Dr. Mohit Gangwar.

Abstract - Data mining and processing large amount of data captured by various resources produce many outputs. Several research direction and solutions to the previously arise problems can understand by the large amount of past study data. Various resource such as UCI, different medical institutions, various medical readings and devices produce large amount of data. In order to understand the large data there are tools for mining their knowledge. Data extraction, mining knowledge from that is an important task which gives output for utilization. There are different tools such as Weka tool, Rapid miner etc are the best effort tool which provide better understanding of large data in visualize form. In this paper a study about the different data mining tools , which can be used for psychiatric disease disorder mining is studied. Different tools discuss about their features and advantages to process large medical data. Further a comparison between the tools among is presented. As per study it is described that using tools is very much effective and easy to process understanding large amount of data.
Page No. 45 - 49.

9 Survey on Recommendation System in Big Data Analytics.
Dr. Golda Dilip, T.P.Ezhilarasi, M.Easwari, M.Alice Janovier Gayen

Abstract -Recommendation system is employed to predict the user interest supported the user style and suggest things to the user supported the likes and reviews of various things. The big quantity of increase in data obtainable over the web has created a greatest challenges in looking helpful data. There area unit several knowledge filtering algorithmic program area unit obtainable for recommendation system like user primarily based filtering , item primarily based filtering and hybrid filtering that create that are attempting to predict the user interest with greatest accuracy. However there exist some problems in handling streaming knowledge. Therefore we have a tendency to area unit process a cooperative filtering recommendation system with Hadoop and Spark framework to processed recommendation to the user with higher accuracy.
Page No. 50 - 52.

10 Web Service Composition with Auto Suggestion Framework.
G. Bhavani, R. Shenbagavalli

Abstract -Now a days webservice essential to any or all organization to make their business . However the key issue in web-service is quality of service . Webservice doesn't permit multiple method parallels with effective quality of service measures. during this paper, rather than predefining a work flow model for service composition, we tend to propose a unique designing-based approach which will mechanically convert a QoS-aware composition task to a planning downside with temporal and numerical options. What is more, we tend to use progressive planners, together with associate existing one and a self-developed one, to handle advanced temporal designing issues with logical reasoning and numerical improvement. Our approach will notice a composite service graph with the optimum overall QoS price whereas satisfying multiple world QoS constraints. we tend to implement a example system and conduct intensive experiments on giant net service repositories.
Page No. 53 - 56.

11 Analysing sentiment on matter Reviews victimisation QD manual laborer Technique in on-line Mobile store.
T.Divya, C.Reikha

Abstract -The rising of net user and also the quality of social media network has semiconductor diode to massive knowledge of on-line opinion. Analysis on these opinions is extremely necessary as a result of it will extract information that may be the premise in creating business selections for the organizations therefore to create a sentiment analysis system isn't simple as a result of it's to be ready to determine words and classify its sentiment. to beat this downside, a sentiment analysis system that ready to method opinions from social media victimisation text mining is developed. This projected approach would use feature extraction and choice to pick words from learning dataset of Indonesian corpus then categoryifying them to the individual class of target objects and sentiment. Then, we have a tendency to adopt the standard Data(QD) manual laborer technique, with three sentiment classifications, aspects of on-line retail search, and polarity of sentiment (positive, negative and neutral) and also the polarity of the aspects of on-line retail search. Results from this study shows that the sentiment analysis system for smarts} product on social media victimisation QDminer technique is in a position to classify user opinions with good exactness and accuracy.
Page No. 57 - 59.

12 Secure and Efficient Access Control Over P2P Cloud Storage System.
A.Sudha, P.M. Kamatchi

Abstract -A P2P stockpiling cloud might be molded to supply to a great degree offered capacity administrations, bringing down the monetary incentive by abusing the cabinet space of participating clients. In any case, since cloud separates and clients ar normally outside the beyond any doubt area of data house proprietors, P2P stockpiling cloud delivers new difficulties for data security and access administration once data house proprietors store touchy data for partaking in the beyond any doubt space. In addition, there aren't any instruments for get to administration in P2P stockpiling cloud. to manage this issue, we tend to style a ciphertext-approach quality based coding () subject and an intermediary re-encryption topic. upheld them, we tend to any propose a safe and temperate access administration over associate to look distributed storage framework. we tend to authorize get to strategies bolstered client characteristics, and coordinate P2P name framework. this grants data hou se proprietors to assign the greater part of the substantial client repudiation errands to cloud servers and respectable framework peers. Our security investigation exhibits that framework is certifiably secure. search. Results from this study shows that the sentiment analysis system for smarts} product on social media victimisation QDminer technique is in a position to classify user opinions with good exactness and accuracy.
Page No. 60 - 64.

13 Nearest-Shelter Computation in Event-Dependent Spatial Networks in Disasters.
P. Elakkya, R. Kothai

Abstract -Numerous approaches are planned to unravel shortest path question issues (SPQPs) in either static or time-dependent spatial networks; but, these approaches square measure neither suitably nor expeditiously accustomed notice the closest shelter with quickest ways in disaster evacuations. In disasters, segments of a path computed and saved because the quickest may become unpassable. the closest shelter differs for individuals looking on their locations and may additionally modification on the premise of haphazard and extremely dynamic edge value (e.g., most passable vehicle speed), that is influenced by disaster events. to unravel this downside, this paper proposes a dynamic network model, that is named AN event-dependent network, to represent a spatial network during a disaster. Effective approaches exploitation multiple algorithms square measure planned for on-the-fly computation of the closest shelter and quickest ways during a disaster. A distributed system consisting of a server and multiple mobile shoppers exploitation our approaches is given for navigating the quickest ways for individuals to evacuate a area. Real-world maps, like a map of American state, were utilized in our experiments. The results disclosed that our approaches need but two ms to search out a replacement nearest shelter and its quickest ways, that is quicker than alternative approaches for resolution the fastest-path downside.
Page No. 65 - 69.

14 A Survey on Routing Protocols in VANET with Efficient Multicasting AODV Route Discovery.
V. Gowri, R. Suganya, G. Rekka

Abstract -VANET is a Promising technology to improve the efficiency of inter vehicle Communications, for improving efficient road side Communication and safety between the vehicles, alerting vehicles by messages ,sharing between the vehicles, alerting vehicles by messages ,sharing the information and entertainments. Thus the vehicular Adhoc network (VANET) is a subclass of the mobile adhoc network (MANET) which is the emerging technology in intelligent transport system. The important factor for improving efficient communication is routing protocol in VANET. In this paper we will approach AODV protocol for better performance. The main aim of the paper is to propose a new protocol and algorithm for efficient message sharing by comparing the existing protocols and algorithm of VANET.
Page No. 70 - 75.

15 Survey on Cloud Computing with Cloud Service Model.
R.Suganya, V.Vidhya, E.Sumathira, S.Mabuniza

Abstract -Nowadays as Computing technology plays an essential function in internet of offerings. The lengthy-dreamed imaginative and prescient of “computing as a software” has sooner or later taken shape within the shape of cloud computing. The primary requirements of cloud are to fulfill the numerous wishes of company agencies which include scalability, adaptability, extensibility and manageability. . Computing at such an incredible scale requires a framework that may help extraordinarily huge datasets housed on clusters of commodity hardware. Its use organizations can save cash on operational charges and they can attention on their center commercial enterprise instead of being worried about exceptional IT obstacles. . Computing is mentioned a maximum latest rising paradigm of computing utilities. On this paper we provide an creation to cloud computing, several cloud carrier models and deployment fashions. It additionally explore about the characteristics, challenges of cloud computing.
Page No. 76 - 80.

16 Robust Watermarking Using DWT-SVD & Torus Automorphism (DSTA) Based With High PSNR: A Review.
Prateek Shrivastava,Md.Suhel

Abstract -This paper presents particular avaolable watermarking systems and issues related with them. In like manner discussed parameters need to ensure gainful watermarking. Proposition furthermore clears up Discrete Wavelet Transform as it is a conspicuous methodology for changing after some time space picture into repeat region and DWT records flexible watermarking. Proposition also clears up Singular Value Decomposition since it gives disturbance edge in long detachment correspondence, At that point, key-based strategies are moreover been delivered. Further, various blends (two particular systems cryptography and watermarking collaborating) based strategy have been created.
Page No. 81 - 84.