IJAIR- Volume 6 Issue 11 (November 2017)


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1 Efficient Algorithm for Big Data Application.
Santhiya R, Revathi M, Madanachitran R

Abstract— Data mining applications play an important role in IT firms where energy wastage is the main problem. Increase in workload and computation leads to high energy cost. Mapreduce scheduling algorithm is a model which is developed for processing and storing large volume of data at the same time. EMRSA is an algorithm gives reliable energy and reduction in maps based on arrangement priority based scheduling is provided to the test for utilization and system work is easily improved by reduction with maps.
Page No. 01 - 04.

2 Analysis and Concentration of Organic Micropollutant in Wastewater.
Avantika B. Kulkarni, Dr. Sunil B.Thakare.

Abstract— Nowadays large number of people using personal care products and Pharamauticals for personal life It is necessary to see disposal of these content because at the end this produces the pollutants which are micropollutants. Micropollutants are mainly coming from pesticides and Pharamauticals. They are not completely biodegradable. They are present in wastewater in very low concentration, so it becomes difficult to identify and remove completely from wastewater. For the complete removal of micropollutants from wastewater more advanced treatment is required.
Page No. 05 - 07.

3 S S D P P Labelling of Snake Graphs.
Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K

Abstract—In SSDPP labelling, vertices of the graph are numbered with first (p-1) whole numbers and the edges (e = ab) with |{f(a)}2 +{f(b)}2-f(a)f(b)|, where f(u) is the label of the vertex u. Greatest common divisor of the values of all edges incident on a vertex is called greatest common incidence number. The greatest common incidence number of each vertex of degree greater than or equal to 2 is one ,then the graph is called sum of the squares and product prime labelling. Here we investigate triangular snake graph, quadrilateral snake graph , pentagonal snake graph , comb triangular snake graph for the labelling .
Page No. 08 - 10.

4 Optimal Image Selection for Segmentation with Particle Swarm Optimization
Miguel Angel Razo Salas, Ivan Terol Villalobos, Hugo Jiménez Hernández, Carlos Alberto Olmos Trejo, Ana Marcela Herrera Navarro

Abstract—Calcium acts as messenger in a variety of cells. The study of intracellular Ca2+ using image processing consists on segmenting each individual cell. This process results difficult because of the environmental conditions. In this work, the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm is introduced in order to obtain the best image to segment, reducing the time of processing.
Page No. 11 - 15.

5 Tread Extraction Using Skeletonizing.
Satendra Kushwah,Kamlesh Kushwaha

Abstract--As an important car component, the tires rely on tread to increase grip force and achieve greater driving safety. However, tires are also a consumable; they wear off over time and long-term wear causes gradual functional degradation of tread leading to problems, such as slippage, tire explosions, and air leakage. Therefore, a technique to extract tread using two major tread patterns and then define the borders of ROI on the basis of four criteria. For the previously mentioned criteria, three threshold values T1, T2, and T3 are defined. For detailed definitions, please refer to the study of Hung et al.[1]. The procedure and criteria of their algorithm are as follows. skeletonizing of the smooth region (ETUS) is proposed in this study to overcome the weakness of the texture-based region of Interest (TBRI) algorithm.
Page No. 16 - 20.

6 Study on Effect of Electromagnetic Field on The Fracture Properties of Steel and Copper.
Dhruv Kumar, Dhananjay Kumar Raman.

Abstract— Different environment such as temperature, electric field, magnetic field, etc, influences the mechanical properties of metals. And many researchers are working on this area to improve the properties of materials for the optimum performance. This paper reviews the electromagnetic effect on the properties of steel and copper. The studies presented in this review referred to the effects and influence of magnetic field on mild steel and copper on the basis of behaviour of magnetic field intensity (lines) inside these materials leads to the martensitic transformation in which the structure changes from Face Centered Cubic to Body Centered Cubic (FCC~BCC) lattice structure. On the other hand, if an alternating magnetic field is created around a 'copper wire through it' for more than 20 hours, fracture toughness decreases. Increase in temperature increases the resistance which affects the performance of the metals.
Page No. 21 - 25.

7 Design and Verification of Angle Quantization and Wavelet Transform Based Audio Watermarking.
Shivam kumar Usrethe,Prof. Santosh chouhan

Abstract— An audio watermark is a unique electronic identifier embedded in an audio signal, typically used to identify ownership of copyright. This thesis considers desired properties and possible applications of audio watermarking algorithms. This thesis describes the different methods involves in process of audio watermarking also it describe the available methods developed by researchers for audio watermarking. This thesis also describes the problems associate with audio watermarking and problems in available work. Proposed work is a new method of audio watermark hiding inside another bigger cover standard audio cover. The method includes ‘harr’ wavelet based DWT decomposition of frequencies hence the audio samples of watermark gets hidden only those parts of cover audio where human ears are less sensible according to HAS. Proposed method also includes the SVD decomposition which is required for making our method robust against the various communication of processing attacks like compression, filtering, fading or noise addition. Proposed work is also using the concept of angular modulation which initially modifies the audio watermark in to provide extra security and also extra robustness in communication. The design is been develop on MATLAB 2013b version and verification of design o the same.
Page No. 26 - 33.

8 Secure and Adaptive Image Robust Watermarking with Advance Scrambling High PSNR.
Priyanka Jain,Prof. Rajender Singh Yadav

Abstract— Watermarking is a strategy to conceal the picture effectively into any covering object (picture for our situation) so any gatecrasher can't translate it by any methods. Proposed work is another plan of picture watermarking which incorporate pre-handling of cover picture with Discrete Wave Transform (DWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Proposed work utilizing an alphanumeric key which at first alters the watermark utilizing basic 'XOR' operation, and at the recipient end this key must be there so collector can extricate the watermark. Proposed work is likewise utilizing torus Automorphism which at first change the watermark into a scramble arrange which can't be acknowledgment as unique watermark. The work is been plan and tried on MATLAB 2013 test system.
Page No. 34 - 41.

9 A Survey on Energy Efficiency Distributed Topology Control Algorithm For Low Power Wireless Networks .
M.Jothilakshmi ,S.Subbaiah

Abstract— Topology Control is one of the significant research topics in traditional wireless networks. The primary purpose of topology control ensures the connectivity of wireless nodes participated in the network. Wireless network environments in which the main communication devices are wireless devices with limited energy like battery. In this paper we examine the neighbor discovery algorithm for energy efficiency in low power wireless networks. asymmetric neighbor discovery by mixing the concept of the combinatorial block design and the multiples of 2. One of the biggest challenges of the block design cannot guarantee proper generation of neighbor discovery schedules when a desired duty cycle is presented. Neighbor discovery algorithm has minimum number of total and wake-up slots. This implies that Combinatorial +M2 protocol finds neighboring nodes faster and spends less energy resource than other protocols.
Page No. 42 - 46.

10 Evaluation of IS6110 PCR and LAMP in Sputum Samples for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Gaurvee Sharma, Rupinder Tewari, Sunil Kumar Dhatwalia, Rakesh Yadav, Digambar Behera, Sunil Sethi

Abstract— Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) is an upcoming molecular method for TB diagnosis. It uses six primers to amplify DNA isothermally and results can be observed visually. The present study is focused on the comparison of performance of LAMP and PCR targetting IS6110 with conventional methods- smear microcopy and culture. Sputum samples were collected from 230 TB suspects which were analysed by all the above methods. LAMP detected the maximum number of TB cases (111/119) as compared to PCR (97/119), smear (98/119) or culture (105/119) Overall the sensitivity and specificity of LAMP was 93.2% (95% CI: 87.197.0%) and 97.1% (95% CI: 91.8-99.4%) respectively.These results are very encouraging and suggest that LAMP has the potential to serve as efficient method of diagnosis for TB.
Page No. 47 - 50.

11 A Study on Machine Learning Algorithms .
M.Kavitha, Dr.S.Subbaiah

Abstract— Presently a day's machine learning is the present investigate region. It is one of the utilizations of the manmade brainpower. The frameworks can take in the information naturally without human mediation and enhance the information. The learning begins with perceptions or data, for example, ability, or preparing, keeping in mind the end goal to search for model in information and improve conclusion later on in view of the illustrations. In this paper, we display different calculations utilized for anticipating occasions in machine learning.
Page No. 51 - 54.

12 Skin Texture Analysis Based On New GLCM & Modified Thresholding.
Pooja Dhahiya,Prof A.K. Sharma

Abstract— Skin surface examination is one of than testing issues in field of medicinal analysis. Different sorts of skin illnesses are influencing human life like skin dryness, parasite, & hypersensitive side effects. target of this paper is to examine skin sickness utilizing surface investigation of skin picture & by contrasting test picture with a characterized pictures or reference pictures. Bolster Vector Machine (SVM) based GLCM has been connected for perception of highlights. Preparing of SKIN TEXTURE pictures is one of parts of this field. MATLAB is been utilized for outline proposed framework, to make plan easy to use a GUI is been created for front end utilize & out of sight proposed calculation works, outcomes found are great as far as precision & time delay.
Page No. 55- 65.

13 Tissue Detection in MRI Images Based On New Modified Multiple OTSU Thresholding.
Milli Singh,Prof. Santosh Chouhan

Abstract— Remedial picture taking care of is most troublesome & rising field now day by day. Treatment of MRI pictures is one of parts of this field. This literature portrays proposed methodology to recognize & extraction of mind tumor from patient's MRI analyze photos of cerebrum. This procedure wires with MRI Image preprocessing in light of various Otsu Thresholding & morphological operations Erosion & augmentation. Likewise, relationship of patient's cerebrum MRI analyze pictures with all possible common human sort mind MRI database SRI24 lastly Tumor zone & estimation discernment Detection & extraction of tumor from MRI check pictures. technique done by using MATLAB programming, to make arrangement simple to utilize a GUI is been created for front end customer & outside of anyone's ability to see proposed count works, results found are incredible to extent precision & time delay.
Page No. 66 - 70.

14 Acculturation and Transition in Religious Beliefs and Practices of the Bodos.
Dinanath Basumatary, AlakaBasumatary

Abstract— The traditional religion of the Bodos, a tribe of northeast India, has been under massive transition due to its increasing contact with the religion and culture of more advanced group of people of the country and abroad. It has been under constant pressure from the major organized religions that comes from the process of integration within a national political and economic system. The religion, called Bathouism, that can be placed under naturalism category, after passing through different stages, is now under threat of losing its principal philosophy. The en masse accommodation of religious beliefs and practices of more organised religions into it through acculturation has started to pose a question on its distinctiveness. The religion has split into many branches, its new versions becoming more popular than original version, indicating that people want reformation of their traditional religion. It is the high time for the followers of the Bathouism to adopt necessary measures in order to retain its basic philosophy and distinctiveness.
Page No. 71 - 81.

15 An Analytical Study on Combined Stegno And Cryptography Security Algorithms.

Abstract— In widespread system the number of set of connections technology enhance rapidly. Sometimes the illegal activity also gets increased. That means the not permitted persons can cut the information in which the hackers may be from inside and outside. The costly information is always attack by the invader in the network. Attacks may occur in many ways. These attacks are otherwise called as threat. Using multiple methodologies the attackers may combine many hacks. So an well-organized security system is desired in networking system to avoid hacking. Therefore, an proficient security model is necessary to save from harm undisclosed information over the network system. However, many security systems have been introduced for the protection purpose. Here we use two the latest thing security techniques, cryptography and steganography, which performs better in contrast of other existing regular and mechanical safety methods.
Page No. 82 - 87.

16 The Elements of Bodo Culture Reflected in the Short Stories of Janil.Kr. Brahma .
Dinanath Basumatary, Ranjita Brahma.

Abstract— :Janil Kumar Brahma is considered one of the greatest Bodo short story writer. He has published three collections of short story books named - i) Dumphaoni Phitha (2005), ii) Mwider Muhini (2007), and iii) Japanni Swima (2009) He has depicted the picture of rural area in his short stories. The short stories are the reflection of Bodo society, its cultures, value, traditions, norms, etc. Moreover, he has shown the habit and act of migration of people in his short stories. There is a discussion on the Bodo cultural heritage and its effort towards development of cultural norms and standards in the writing of Janil Kumar Brahma.
Page No. 88 - 93.

17 A Survey Study on Secure Dynamic Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks .
C.Theebendra, Dr.T.Ramaprabha.

Abstract— :The enormous development in Wireless Communications has added to an immense request on the sending of new remote administrations and their applications prompts range shortage in both licensed and unlicensed frequency spectrum. Cognitive Radio Technology is utilized to get to the inaccessible range proficiently by designating the range to the unlicensed clients i.e. Secondary Users (SU) when it is not utilized by the licensed users i.e. Primary Users (PU). Be that as it may, the system is defenseless against new sorts of security dangers because of the circulated idea of helpful range detecting. The present range does not give security system to alleviate against these attacks. This proposed framework researches different attacks and security component for the future upgrading in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks (CRSN).
Page No. 94 - 97.

18 A Study on Mount Extraction Technique for Human Palm Symbol Detection
N. Kohila, Dr.T.Ramaprabha.

Abstract— : This paper is listening carefully on reading of an algorithm to segment the human palm into a number of considerable regions. Segmentation of the palm is essential for usual spot recognition, pattern alike, and object detection by the computer. Consequence quality of the algorithm is that, it does not include human being contribution all over the process. The fields like criminology, fingerprint detection, security, medicinal science, and palmistry require suspicious study of dissimilar sections of palm. at this instant days, every one of these fields are considered, except still present are a number of steps in all places person giving is needed. The inhabited algorithm removes the dependability of human being in every one on top of mentioned processes.
Page No. 98 - 103.