IJAIR- Volume 6 Issue 10 October2017)


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R.Aarthi And D.Sivakumar.

Abstract—Fertilizer usage exaggerated in worldwide, and it causes the several environmental impacts. In order to minimize the ecological factors the fertilizer management is significant. As a result of fertilizer management in the agriculture system helps to maximize crop nutrient usage expeditiously and minimize the nutrient losses via atmosphere conditions. The laboratory soil testing methodology is a standard technique for fertilizer management, which is complex and time-consuming due to extraction and pretreatment process involved. In order to boost the fertilizer management adoption of precision agriculture is significant. Therefore, implementing the various sensor techniques to map the physical and chemical properties of the soil, which result can be provided in real time or quasi-real time at the moderate price. The Most common technique, are remote sensing and a proximal sensor which is providing high-resolution data based on own attributes. Alternatively, yield map and expert systems provide the overall impact of management activities and natural conditions. As each soil sensing technology has upsides and downsides, i.e. one single sensor can’t quantify all the properties of soil. This makes a corresponding single sensor platform is uncertain and complex when attempting to deploy different production setting. This drawback can be overcome by integrating multiple proximal soil sensors in a single platform. This review demonstrates the integrating the multiple proximal soil sensor technologies for detecting macronutrient and other vital soil properties in order to improve the measurement accuracy.

Deepshikha nema,Prof. Amit Chouksey.

Abstract—The performance of existing algorithms is significantly affected when iris are captured with diverse acquisition settings such as multisession, multispectral, multi-resolution, with slap, and with latent iris. In this paper, present the multi-sensor optical and latent iris database of more than 1000 iris images with different intra-class variations during iris capture. Crypt based detection has gained more popularity, but it shows poor performance in case of low quality images. Whereas correlation based methods provides better results for such images. In this paper propose a new correlation method based on the sum of hamming distance between the reference iris in database and intruding iris. The proposed method involves bit level computing operations and less preprocessing steps, thus faster than other conventional correlation based matching.

Manisha Vishwakarma,Prof. Dewyanshu Rao.

Abstract—This dissertation presents a circular multiband fractal antenna which is designed for multiband wireless applications. Sierpinski Gasket approach is used to make circular fractals of scaled dimensions. The fractal antenna has the multiband operation due to the self-similar property in fractal geometry. Fractal geometry leads to improved bandwidth, radiation efficiency and reduced size. The proposed antenna resonant frequencies are centred at 2.6 GHz, 4.8 GHz, 5.6 GHz, 6.3 GHz, 7 GHz, 8 GHz, 8.6 GHz and 9.2 GHz with atleast 200 MHz bandwidth. Circular patch antenna is used as the basic geometry and 3 stages of iterations produced the proposed design. Radius of the base antenna is 24 mm.

Megha Patil,Prof. Utsav Malviya.

Abstract—Proposed work is a new design of I2C protocol which, which can be consider a Tiny I2C protocol it basically need by the mobile phone for communication of commands between camera or display devices, it is much faster and reliable then UART, SPI and PPI protocol. But as it is not using as main data communication proposed work come up with an idea that to develop a reliable simple and significantly faster protocol for commands communication between processor and camera and display. The whole design is implemented in Xilinx ISE 12.2 simulator targeted to Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA.

Astha singh,Prof. Dewyanshu Rao.

Abstract—The FFT processor design with vedic multiplier and new semi-pipelined Fast Fourier transform (SPFFT) with modified multiplication arrangement for modern communication systems provides an efficient way for computation of FFT with better area utilizing hardware architecture. Previously, the radix-22 had been used only for single path delay feedback architectures. Later with many types of research works the radix 22 was extended to multi-path delay commutator (MDC) architectures. This work presents area optimization of SPFFT architecture. This architecture is provided for parallelism value 4 and 16 sample points and the area of proposed SPFFT is compared with other SPFFT (feed forward) architectures using the same synthesis tool and FPGA.

Priya Sen, Abhishek Sahu.

Abstract—Data access control is an effective way to ensure the data security in the cloud. Due to data outsourcing and un-trusted cloud servers, the data access control becomes a challenging issue in cloud storage systems. Cloud Computing has been the most promising innovation in the computing world in past decade. Its usage is still hindered by the security concerns related with critical data. The encryption of remotely stored data has been the most widely used technique to bridge this security gap. The speculated vast usage of Cloud Computing solutions for data storage and with Big Data Analytics gaining strong foothold; the security on cloud is still at big risk. Fully Homomorphic Encryption is a good basis to enhance the security measures of un-trusted systems or applications that stores and manipulates sensitive data. Our attribute revocation method can efficiently achieve both forward security and backward security. The analysis is assumed to show that our proposed data access control scheme is secure in the random oracle model and is more efficient than previous works..

7 Implementation of Optimized Manufacturing Process of Gyrocopter Rotor Blade from Composite Materials.
. Dr. HeshamGorshy, Dr. Moses Sashi Kumar.

Abstract—Rotating wing aircraft rely on a rotating wing to provide lift. Gyrocopter rotor bladesmay bemadeof bamboo, fabric, wood, metalorcomposites. The strength of composite structures depends on the number of layers, the orientation of fibers, the nature of fibers and the method of manufacturing process. Manufacturing of composite structures needs optimized approach to obtain expected performance and to save manufacturing time and cost. This paper is an attempt to formulate an optimized process of composite gyrocopter rotor manufacturing, made ofcomposite skins, foam core and longitudinal spars. Though there are many manufacturing possibilities, indicating the easiest and affordable processes are the objective of this paper. The proposed optimized manufacturing process starts from mold preparation by tracing 2D drawing of the airfoil section on plywood, cutting the section, stacking and aligning number of sections linearly, joining those sections and splitting into half parts of the mold, finishing the surface of the mold and ready for part manufacture, layup required number of layers and accomplish skin manufacturing by vacuum assisted methods. Preparing requirednumber of ribs, assembling ribs and spars and finally joining the two split parts end up by surface finish and painting. The rotor blades manufactured by this way has better aerodynamic, better quality and has no signof delamination.

8 A Survey of Prostate Cancer Using Data Mining Algorithms.

Abstract—Prostate cancer is one of the top three cancers amongst men. Data mining techniques are generally used in prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer are easy to be happened in men when the man is older than 50 years old. Prostate cancer is major health problem, and the most frequently diagnosed growth among men and remains the second leading cause of cancer death in the American male population. These data mining techniques are employed to explore the hidden knowledge amongst the various types of diagnoses and tests of prostate cancer and try to find some solutions by giving the best cancerous treatment according to the stages.

9 Investigation of Mechanical Properties on Dharbai Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin Composite.
J. Antony Pradeep, S. Dhinesh kumar.

Abstract—Natural fiber reinforced composites is an emerging area in polymer science. Natural fibers have recently attracted the attention of scientists and technologists because of the advantages such as - low cost fibers with low density and high specific properties over conventional reinforcement materials. The tremendous production and use of plastics in every segment of our life has increased the plastic waste in huge scales. To reduce use of plastics, natural fibers are used. This project uses a new variety of Dharbai fiber (Botanical name: Eragrostis cynosuroides) used as reinforcement in polyester matrix which will be subjected to mechanical testing. This project discusses the polyester resins that can be considered nowadays the most important classes of thermosetting polymers. The mechanical properties of fabricated composites will be tested for the following, Tensile strength, Flexural Strength, Impact Strength. These results were compared with other natural fibers such as Banana fiber, Aloe Vera fiber.

10 Enhancement of Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Network.
Chitra Saini, Jyotsna Rathee, Harkesh Sehrawat.

Abstract—A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is made up of hundreds or thousands, spatially disseminated self-organizing interconnected sensors, to surveil physical and environment conditions like Humidity, Movement, Temperature, etc. and to interactively pass collected data to a main location using the network. Energy-Efficiency is an important topic in sensor nodes as they are powered by batteries with limited capacity and it is difficult to replace and recharge them. Energy-Efficiency is a noteworthy issue as the lifetime of the whole WSN depends on the sensors with limited energy resource. In this dissertation such a scheme is presented to have a WSN with little long life time by using energy of sensor nodes efficiently working different parameters of AODV (Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector) Routing protocol. All the work is done to reduce the number of RREQs packets over the network to reduce overall load on network. For this purpose, work is done on parameters of AODV and a better Modified AODV M (AODV) is introduced.

11 Performance Evaluation of AODV Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network under the Influence of Fault Nodes.
Jyotsna Rathee, HarkeshSehrawat, Chitra Saini.

Abstract—There is a remarkable growth in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Developing Countries (DCs).Wireless Sensor Network is one of the areas where ICT is recording an ongoing rapid change. Typically, a wireless sensor node (or simply sensor node) consists of sensing, computing, communication, actuation, and power components. We apply our scheme to the Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol and evaluate the performance by simulation. We have used Qualnet tool to analyze the performance of AODV protocol in WSN under the influence of various faults.

12 Inculcate new programmes, Courses and use of advanced Technology for Curriculum Enrichment .
Manojkumar U. Chopade.

Abstract—Online education is flexible and affordable students can attend the class during free time and students become more independent in the class room and they can also interact with others virtually. Many are just beginning to explore the true potential tech offers for teaching and learning. Properly used, technology will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy. The use of advanced technology in the curriculum encourages the traditional role of teachers or professors and encourages to students with help of various technological tools, the technology facilitates co-operation between technology and students for higher order thinking skill.

13 Reduction in Man-hours/Kit through Improvement in internal logistic system from Main Stores to Main Mould.
Veeresh N, Dr. Byre Gowda (Prof).

Abstract—This case study illustrates the application of six sigma process improvement to productivity improvement in manufacturing process. To ensure sustainable profitable growth in a highly price-sensitive appliance market Cost reduction through operational excellence is the key imperative. However, in a Six Sigma organization, the DMAIC Method & host of tools can be used to improve productivity through process improvements.

14 Feed Forward Based ANN Approach for Hash Tag Recommendation over Micro blogging.
Priyanka Shrivastava

Abstract—In this era of science we all are using several kinds of technologies also several kinds of social networking sites that provide us the facility to communicate to the several people at a time. But here not everything gets over. The technologies we have using has a lot of data which will also get pile-up somewhere. So, for this information mining is an interdisciplinary field of software engineering and is alluded to as extricating or mining learning from expansive databases. It is the way toward performing mechanized extraction and creating the prescient data from a substantial database. Information mining comprises of the different specialized methodologies including machine learning, measurements, and database framework and so on.

15 Token Carried Data Monitoring Over Business Framework
Anshu Mishra

Abstract—Data mining plays a very important role in this era where information is to be carried out as a relevant output where web mining is inter-related with the we services which is the utilization of information mining methods to concentrate from web information, including web reports, hyperlinks between records, and utilization logs of site Web is a collection of interrelated files on one or more Web servers.Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to extract knowledge from Web data