JCT - Volume 5 Issue 8 (August 2016)


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1 Travolution-An embedded system in passenger car for road safety
Ch. Bhanu Prakash, T. Ashwini

Abstract- Driver inattentiveness, to fatigue, callousness, to drunk driving, is responsible. Simple sensors can be fitted inside vehicles embedded with various features like, automatic collision notification, vehicle security, speed control which can give impetus to an efficient road safety system. The features that are proposed in this work are: Automatic collision notification that gives notification to the victim’s relative, Speed control alters speed in different zones, Alcohol detection detects drunk driving, and Vehicle security is used to prevent theft. An Alarm indication if the driver does not wear Seatbelt.

2 A Heuristic Based Approach for the Big Data Processing Over Multiple Nodes
Aishwarya Dubey, Pranjal Tiwari, Pankaj Kumar Sahu

Abstract- Big-data provides techniques to process very large scale datasets. Big data can be a structured unstructured, semi-structured that depends on the data management methods. Big data is the data which presents in large scale form and required an efficient technique to process that data. Scheduling algorithms provides a way to process big data among the multiple sources. A new scheduling and ranking based technique is proposed in this paper which provides an enhanced functionality to process big data. That technique provides a mechanism to provide an optimization technique for the ranking and availability to check performance of the technique over the factors. A comparison analysis of the results for the existing technique and proposed technique presented in result and analysis section to provide an enhanced functionality to the user and efficient technique to process big data.

3 A Survey over various Congestion Control Techniques in VANET
Anjali Pastor, Dr.Shivi Chaturvedi

Abstract- VANET(Vehicular ad-hoc network) is an inter vehicle communication network which is just like mobile ad-hoc network (MANET), in that DSRD (Dedicated short range device) are used to provide a wireless communication network using cars or vehicle and road side units as a node. In that a real time communication is required to update user about the traffic. A congestion control system is required to provide reliable communication for the network. VANET network used protocol to propagate the data packet in network. Algorithms make use of technique and process the data over congestion and other network scenario, thus the different protocols been use to provide the effective services over the nodes. In this paper a survey over the various techniques which used to provide a congestion control system is presented. Here the different author contribution is presented where the following technique proposed by them and further problem formulation over the existing work and proposed work on the existing scenario can be perform is applied.

4 Low Cost Real Time Monitoring Using Raspberrpi
Mr.Kumaraswamy, Mamidi Dishalini

Abstract- Raspberry Pi which follows Motion Detection Sensor Program written in Python as a default. In addition, the system uses the PIR sensor to detect motion which significantly decrease storage and save investment. The motion detection is being implemented on Raspberry Pi. The streaming can be viewed from any web browser, even from mobile in real-time. By using PIR sensor we can reduce the memory storage, this allows the system to analyze incoming images from cameras, and recognize when movement occurs. Then automatically sends alert to our mobile through GSM. And then, the video system can collect the data using IP address and store the most importance items for the administrators review. Mainly it can be used for security purposes.