JCT - Volume 5 Issue 11 (November 2016)


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1 Reduction Of Quasi-Periodic Noise From Digital Gray Level Images Using Probabilistic Approach
Shailendra Saini, Dr. Krishna Raj

Abstract- This paper manifests an efficient algorithm to minimize the effect of periodic as well quasi-periodic noise from digital images. The algorithm uses a-contrario method for the detection of noise spikes in frequency domain. The performance of this method is tested on the different test images. The results of this method is compared with the algorithm to remove quasi-periodic noise based on mathematical parameter and found that the proposed method gives better results than other existing methods and also can be apply for any type of digital images.

2 Enhanced and Secure Distributed Data Discovery and Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shivkant Rai, Shailendra Gupta, Pankaj Richhariya

Abstract- Now a day’s Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are the most popular technique so that Protocols such as the data dissemination and data discovery is going to be completely responsible for scattering commands to management as well as it updates the parameters used in configuration to the participating sensor nodes. Two major drawbacks encountered in the previous protocols that are used for dissemination and data discovery that they follow the approach which is centralized in manner; that means firstly the data can be distributed by the base stations only. In multi-owner-multi-user scenario of wireless networks this type of old approach is not good. Secondly very less security is used when these protocols were designed so that it was very easy to made attacks on such kind of unsecure scenario to destroy the network. Hence to overcome this we proposed a new technique here named as EDiDrip, which is safer and efficient than the older ones. In this approach number of privileges are assigned to multiple users present in network which are authorize by network owners so that users can easily distribute the data items in the network of sensor nodes.