JCT - Volume 5 Issue 10 (October 2016)


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1 Design and Analysis of the Performance of IVC Networks by Using Enhanced Fast Multihop Broadcast Algorithm
G.Raja Gouthami, Dr. G. Suvarna Kumar, Dr. G. Sandhya Devi

Abstract- Now a day‘s vehicular communication systems were become more and more advantages for communicating the nodes like vehicles and road facets that are present on both sides of road. With these vehicular communication systems, they will exchange the data associated with the traffic to avoid hold up and numerous accidents that takes place in road network. These are getting additional and additional well liked owing to frequent network disruption, continuous topological modification and dynamic nature of vehicles. As these are the various assorted issues that are created by transport networks, there‘s no mechanism to deliver the data with efficiency. So thus so as to realize this economical knowledge delivery we have a tendency to came with a brand new thought known as as inter vehicular communication (IVC) to significantly contribute to traffic safety and potency. During this purpose of read, there square measure several attainable IVC applications that share the common data like speed of car, direction of car, and position of car in multihop message propagation. In conjunction with this primary data it ought to conjointly capable to spot numerous security attacks that occur throughout knowledge exchange and it ought to ready to offer counter live for those attacks. During this IVC plenty of malicious vehicles invariably try and inject cant into the lay vehicle wireless links that results in plenty of cash losses or to the other type of adversarial stinginess in terms of misrouting the vehicles. Thus during this paper, we have a tendency to principally developed a quick and secure multihop intervehicular network for communication with no knowledge loss. By conducting numerous experiments on our planned IVC network, results clearly tell that this can be the primary time to implement such a brand new system which may offer counter live fast and fastly for the mortal vehicles that reside in IVC.