IJEA - Volume 5 Issue 8 (August2016)


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1 Properties of Quotient Multi-Fuzzy subgroup under Homomorphism and Anti-homomorphism
R.Muthuraj, S.Balamurugan

Abstract-In this paper we define a new algebraic structures of quotient multi-fuzzy subgroup, quotient multi-anti fuzzy subgroup of a group and some of their properties under homomorphism and anti-homomorphism are investigated. The purpose of this study is to implement the fuzzy set theory and group theory in multi-fuzzy set. Characterizations of multi-fuzzy quotient multi-fuzzy subgroup and quotient multi-anti fuzzy subgroup of a group are given.

2 Properties of Multi-Fuzzy Cosets under Homomorphism and Anti-homomorphism
R.Muthuraj, S.Balamurugan

Abstract-In this paper we define a new algebraic structures of multi-fuzzy coset, multi-fuzzy middle coset, multi-pseudo fuzzy coset, multi-pseudo fuzzy double coset and some of their properties are investigated. The purpose of this study is to implement the fuzzy set theory and group theory in multi-fuzzy sets. Characterizations of multi-fuzzy coset, multi-fuzzy middle coset, multi-pseudo fuzzy coset, multi-pseudo fuzzy double coset on a multi-fuzzy subgroup and on a multi-anti fuzzy subgroup of a group are given.

3 Implementation of playfair cipher by using 7 by 9 matrix and colour substitution
Subramaniyam.c.s, Sukanya sargunar.v

Abstract-In this paper we are going to handle the playfair cipher in a new way from the normal way of encrypting the plain text with alphabet only. In this paper we are going to encrypt the plain text with the help of colours. Traditionally encrypting the text elements is done by the use of the text only, but here we are going to try a new encryption technique by using the colours. In this paper we are going to see two different things that is the difference in the normal playfair technique and the other is that encrypting with the colours which makes the decryption by the hackers some more difficult. Through this method we can encrypt both the uppercase and lowercase letters with case sensitive patterns and also the numeric datas. First we use the colour substitution for the plain text and then the encryption takes place with the help of colours.

4 Secluded Authoritative Deduplication In Hybrid Cloud Draft
M.Lakshmi Haritha, B.V.Ram Kumar

Abstract-Information deduplication is one of vital records looseness techniques for removing duplicate copies of repeating data, and widely used in cloud storage to diminish the sum of storage space and keep bandwidth. To save from harm the privacy of sensitive data while sustaining deduplication, the convergent encryption technique has been projected to encrypt the data before outsourcing. To better protect data security, this paper addresses the problem of authorized data deduplication. Different from traditional deduplication systems, the differential privileges of users are further considered in duplicate check besides the data itself. We also present several new deduplication constructions supporting authorized duplicate check in hybrid cloud architecture. Security analysis demonstrates that our scheme is secure in terms of the definitions specified in the proposed security model. As a proof of concept, we implement a prototype of our proposed authorized duplicate check scheme and conduct tested experiments using our prototype. We show that our proposed authorized reproduction check scheme incurs minimal overhead compared to usual operations.

5 An Algorithm to Discover Disconnection and Reconnecting Wireless sensor System Partitions
Chinta Brown, G Vijaya Kumari

Abstract-Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are gifted machinery for monitoring huge regions at lofty spatial and sequential ruling. The breakdown of some of its nodes, which is called cut, can break up the network into numerous associated components. The ability of detecting cuts by the disconnected nodes and source node of a wireless sensor network will lead to the increase in the operational lifetime of the network.The Distributed Cut Detection (DCD) algorithm proposed here enables every node of a wireless sensor network to detect Disconnected from Source events if they occur. Next, it enables a subset of nodes that experience CCOS events to identify them and estimate the approximate location of the cut in the form of a list of active nodes that lie at the boundary of the cut.The algorithm is based on thoughts from electrical network theory and parallel iterative solution of linear equations. A key strong point of the DCD algorithm is that the convergence rate of the iterative method is moderately quick and self-regulating of the volume and arrangement of the network.

6 New domination parameters in intuitionistic fuzzy graphs
C.Y.Ponnappan, R.Muthuraj, S. Basheer Ahamed

Abstract-In this paper, regular domination in an intuitionistic fuzzy graph, regular split domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graph, regular non split domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graph, regular connected domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graph and totally regular domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graph are introduced and discuss its properties. Also introduced inverse regular connected domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graph. Furthermore this new domination parameter is compare with other known domination parameters.

7 Review on Numerical Simulation for Evaluation and Reduction of NOx emissions in Natural gas pre-mixed Combustion using SCR Method by CFD (Fluent)
Santosh Kumar Dixit, Suresh Badholiya, Rohit Choudhary

Abstract-Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are the various compounds of nitrogen and Oxygen(O2) formed during the combustion process. Both nitrogen and O2 are present in the air used for combustion. Exposure to NOx can cause respiratory problems, such as lung irritation, bronchitis, or pneumonia. Photochemical smog results when HCs and NOx are combined with sunlight. Smog appears as brownish groundlevel haze. Smog can cause many health problems, including chestpains, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing, and eye irritation. When NOx in the atmosphere mixes with rain (H2O), nitric acid (HNO3) or acid rain is created. The combustion of a modern days used fuels produces exhaust gases which consist of gases such as NOx, SOx, CO, CO2. of these NOx is most important due to their possible carcinogenic effect, contribution to photochemical smog formation over cities. This NOx converted to fine particles and nitrate aerosols. These particles get through the lungs and small enough to pass through the tissue and enter the blood. They can then trigger inflammations which eventually cause heart and lungs failure. So the world governing bodies framed rules and regulation for the industry to follow in order to reduce the amount of NOx discharge in the atmosphere. To comply with federal, state, and local acid rain and ozone non-attainment rules, both regulators and regulated industry seek nitrogen oxide (NOx) controls which offer the greatest reliability and effectiveness at the least cost. One such NOx control technology is selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Although SCR will not be universally applicable, or always the most cost effective control strategy, in many cases it will meet the dual requirements of high performance and low cost, and so should be considered by affected sources and permitting authorities. In present study we will evaluate the NOx percentages in Natural gas pre- mixed combustion and then reduce NOx by SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction ) method.

8 Numerical Simulation of RCC L-Beam Reinforced with FRP Laminates
Shivam Yadav, Dr. Suresh Singh Kushwah

Abstract-Reinforced concrete components such as beams and columns are made strong in flexure through the utilization of Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites which are attached in their tension zones. In this study finite element method is used to study the deflection of rectangular concrete L-Beamreinforced by FRP laminate composites at the top and bottom surface of the beam. In this study the FRP are CFRP and GFRP. ANSYS software is used for finite element modelling. In this study unreinforced beam and beam reinforced with CFRP and GFRP are compared on the basis of deformation and stresses. The variables in the finite element modelling are type of FRP and different length of FRP laminates. In this study it is observed that CFRP is more efficient in reduction of deformation and stresses as compare to GFRP.

9 Smart Home Surveillance System
R. Narayana, Dr. B. Jhansi Vazram

Abstract-With advancement of Automation technology, life is getting simpler and easier in all aspects. In today’s world Automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. With the rapid increase in the number of users of internet over the past decade has made Internet a part and parcel of life, and IoT is the latest and emerging internet technology. Internet of things is a growing network of everyday object-from industrial machine to consumer goods that can share information and complete tasks while you are busy with other activities. Wireless Home Automation system(WHAS) using IoT(Internet of Things) is a system that uses computers or mobile devices to control basic home functions and features automatically through internet from anywhere around the world, an automated home is sometimes called a smart home. It is meant to save the electric power and human energy. The home automation system differs from other system by allowing the user to operate the system from anywhere around the world through internet connection.