IJEA - Volume 4 Issue 8 (August 2015)


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1 SQL query generation using NLP – An overview
Amar Panchal, Vipul Dalal

Abstract-Natural Language is the language used for communication amongst human beings in the real world. The term real world communication of the queries makes the problem much more difficult. Natural Language (NL) is briefly defined as the language spoken by human beings, Natural Language Processing (NLP) defines the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that configures systems and programs that can accept, initiate and communicate in natural language. Application software systems that are capable of interpretation and processing and understanding natural language bridge the man-machine communication to a great extent. In today’s world of artificial intelligence is remarkable discovery to make machine that is much more intelligent with high processing and capability to behave like a human being. Some of the behaviors of human beings have been accomplished during machine implementation e.g. now days machines can hear with the use of microphone, speak by producing sound, see with the use of cameras, smell with sensors but still there are some areas where this machine development is not completely successful and some of them are to understand natural language, learning from experience and making autonomous decisions in real time environment etc.

2 Performance Analysis and Estimated Power Penalty for Different Graded Index Polymer Optical Fibers (GIPOFs) in Optical Communication Networks
Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

Abstract:-Polymer optical fiber (POF) is a promising transmission medium for providing broadband telecommunication services within the customer’s premises. POF offers several attractive features for data transmission such as broad bandwidth and low cost for in-house, access, and LAN applications. This paper has proposed the investigation of the graded index polymer optical fibers (GI-POFs) within can be expected to be utilized as a medium for short reach optical access communication networks and on and off-chip optical interconnection because of their high bandwidth performance and great mechanical flexibility. The rapid increase of data traffic in data communication applications has pushed the demand for high-capacity and low cost photonic networks for use in local area networks (LAN), such as enterprise or datacenter backbones for the use of multi gigabit Ethernet optical communication networks. A viable solution is the use of fiber optic cables. In comparison to multimode silica fibers, the perfluorinated graded-index polymer optical fiber (GI-POF) with different core diameters is a promising alternative because it allows large alignment and dimensional tolerances for components, while still coupling well to standard high-speed transmitters and detectors at wavelengths of 0.8 μm and 1.3 μm. As well as we have deeply analyzed power penalty within high bandwidth GI-POF for high data transmission bit rate for short transmission applications.

3 Survey on Cyber Security System
M. Revathi, S.ShanthGohul, N.Murugesh

Abstract:-To improve the security of a network, a number of devices have been introduced and importance of network security has grown tremendously, and the increased number of networked machines that has led to arise in unauthorized activity not only from external attackers. The networked information environment or cyberspace is pervasively insecure. Cyber-safety is a common term used to describe a set of practices, measures and actions that can take to protect personal information on computer from attacks. A number of other consequences like, loss of access to the campus computing network and loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of valuable university information, research and personal electronic data. This paper provides a survey on contemporary issues and technologies in cyber security system implemented by some researchers.

4 Power Quality Improvement in Micro grid Using Advanced Active Power Conditioner
Kanaparthi srinivas

Abstract:-Wind energy conversion systems are now occupying important space in the research of renewable energy sources with microgrid. The main challenge in wind power generation is power quality problem and their connection with the distribution network in microgrid. The main factor behind poor power quality is the impact of harmonics in current and voltage in power network. In microgrid the converter and rectifier are using to convert AC-DC-AC to interconnection of wind power and load to microgrid. The converter and rectifier are producing the significant harmonics. In this paper presents a three-phase Active Power Conditioner to improve power quality in microgrids based on renewable energy. A microgrid is a weak electrical grid which can be easily subject to disturbances. The Active Power Conditioner (APC) presented in this paper acts as an interface between renewable energy sources and the AC bus of a microgrid and uses an improved control strategy, which makes possible to inject energy in the microgrid, compensate the current harmonics and correct the power factor. Simulation results show the validity of the innovative control strategy.

5 A single reference six pulse Modulation (SRSPM) technique for high frequency inverter
Anusha.K, D Padmavathi

Abstract:-This paper presents a hybrid modulation technique consisting of singe-reference six pulse modulation (SRSPM) for front end dc/dc converter and 33% modulation to the three-phase inverter. Employing proposed novel SRSPM for control front-end dc/dc converter, high frequency (HF) pulsating dc voltage waveform is produced, that is equivalent to six-pulse output at 6× line frequency (rectified 6-pulse output of balanced three-phase ac waveforms) once averaged. It reduces the control complexity owing to single-reference three-phase modulation as compared to conventional three-reference three-phase SPWM. In addition, it relives the necessity of dc-link capacitor reducing the cost and volume. Eliminating dc link capacitor helps in retaining the modulated information at the input of the three-phase inverter. It required only33% (one third) modulation of the inverter devices to produce balanced three-phase voltage waveforms resulting in significant saving in (at least 66%) switching losses of inverter semiconductor devices. At any instant of line cycle, only two switches are required to switch at HF and remaining switches retain their unique state of either ON or OFF. At the same time inverter devices are not commutated when the current through them is at its peak value. Drop in switching loss is very high in comparison with a standard voltage source inverter (VSI) employing standard three-phase sine pulse width modulation. This proposed work explains operation and analysis of the HF two-stage inverter modulated by the proposed modulation scheme. MATLAB software is used for the analysis of the system.

6 Efficient Integer DCT Architectures for HEVC for 4- bit Error Compensation
Edpuganti Anusha, G.Suseelamma, Shaik Mallika

Abstract:-In this paper, we present area- and powerefficient architectures for the implementation of integer discrete cosine transform (DCT) of different lengths to be used in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).We show that an efficient constant matrix multiplication scheme can be used to derive parallel architectures for 1-D integer DCT of different lengths. We also show that the proposed structure could be reusable for DCT of lengths 4, 8, 16, and 32 with a throughput of 32 DCT coefficients per cycle irrespective of the transform size. In this paper mainly we focus on the error compensation by using a adder tree. Previously for this error compensation high-throughput DCT designs have been adopted to fit the requirements of real-time application. Operating the shifting and addition in parallel, an error-compensated adder-tree (ECAT) is proposed to deal with the truncation errors and to achieve low-error and high-speed discrete cosine transform (DCT) design. Instead of the 9 bits used in previous works, 4-bit Distributed Arithmetic was proposed. DA based DCT design with an errorcompensated adder-tree (ECAT) is the proposed architecture in which, ECAT operates shifting and addition in parallel by unrolling all the words required to be computed. Furthermore, the Error-Compensated Circuit alleviates the truncation error for high accuracy design. Based on low-error ECAT, the DA-precision in this work is chosen to be 4 bits instead of the traditional 9 bits. Therefore, the hardware size and cost is reduced, and the speed is improved using the proposed ECAT.Also we reduces the time delay than previous method.

7 Preliminary Investigation of Groundwater Quality of Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Roohul Abad Khan, Shams Al Deen, Mohd. Kafeel, Amadur Rahman Khan

Abstract:-Abha is one of the top destination for tourists attraction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has resulted in exponential growth in development in terms of buildings, roads etc. This development has added to the ever growing water demand in the area. The study is a preliminary investigation into the present groundwater quality of the Abha City, further study will be under taken on the basis of the current study results. The samples have been collected from the farm wells situated in the city along the rain water streams. The samples were analysed in terms of pH, conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Solids. The study determined the pH value to be within the permissible range while other three parameters were not conforming to the permissible limits needing further research work to determine their causes.

8 An effective Robust Router for improving the Security
Kalapala Sravya, N.Nageswara Rao, P.Bala Murali Krishna

Abstract:-The router is a” Network Router” has a one input port from which the packet enters. It has three output ports where the packet is driven out. Packet contains 3 parts. They are Header, data and frame check sequence. The switch drives the packet to respective ports based on this destination address of the packets. Each output port has 8-bit unique port address. If the destination address of the packet matches the port address, then switch drives the packet to the output port, Length of the data is of 8 bits Through this paper our attempt is to give a onetime networking solution by the means of merging the VLSI field with the networking field as now a days the router is the key player in networking domain so the focus remains on that itself to get a good control over the network, Networking router today are with minimum pins and to enhance the network we go for the bridging loops which effect the latency and security concerns. The other is of multiple protocols being used in the industry today. Through this paper the attempt is to overcome the security and latency issues with protocol switching technique embedded in the router engine itself. This paper is based on the hardware coding which will give a great impact on the latency issue as the hardware itself will be designed according to the need. In this paper our attempt is to provide a multipurpose networking double router by means of Verilog code, by this we can maintain the same switching speed with more secured way of approach we have even the packet storage buffer on chip being generated by code in our design in the so we call this as the Double router called as the VLSI Based router. This paper has the main focus on the implementation of hardware IP router. The approach here is that router will process multiple incoming IP packets with different versions of protocols simultaneously and even it is going to hold true for the IPv4 as well as for IPv6. With the approach of increasing switching speed of a routing per packet for both the current trend protocols.

9 Underwater Image Enhancement using HSV Stretching and Median Filter (HSMF) for efficient enhancement
Madhuri Puranam, Santosh Chohan

Abstract:-Underwater environments generally cause colour cast or colour scatter while photography. Colour scatter is due to haze effects appearing when light reflected from thing which absorbed or may be scattered several times by particles of water. This cause lowers the visibility and less contrast of the image. Colour cast is due to the varying attenuation of light in various wavelengths, and this is cause underwater environments bluish. To mention distortion from Colour scatter and Colour cast, this paper proposes a method to reconstruct underwater images that which is a combination of a HSV Stretching and Median Filter (HSMF).

10 Analysis of repairs and rehabilitation of R.C.C Structures
Chajlani Jeetendra, Kushvaha Suresh, Hussain Aslam

Abstract:-This paper presents an analysis of concrete illnesses, curing treatments, and problems leading to unsatisfactory performance of repaired concrete structures. This paper describes the types of surface preparations that are commonly adopted in Indian conditions and their limitations. An attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the properties and types of grouts; the application techniques. The purpose of the paper is to highlight the methods of repair and rehabilitation to be undertaken for structures with defects and deficiencies that necessitate rehabilitation. Repair and Rehabilitation methods currently used are reviewed on the basis of present knowledge and the merit of a holistic system approach.

11 Application of FRP in Concrete Structures
Chajlani Jeetendra, Kushvaha Suresh, Hussain Aslam

Abstract:-To meet up the requirements of advanced infrastructure, new innovative materials and technologies in construction industry has started to make its way. Any technology or material has its limitations. With structures becoming old and the increasing bar corrosion, old buildings have started to demand additional retrofits to increase their durability and life. Engineers throughout the world including India and China have used Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) to solve their structural problems in an efficient and economical manner. In the field of civil engineering, most of the use of FRP is confined to repairing and strengthening of structures.

12 Using Advanced Design Methods for Tube Hydroforming
Alam Khurshed, Victor Richard

Abstract:-To increase the implementation of this technology in the automotive industry, dramatic improvements for hydroformed part design and process development are imperative. The current development method of THF processes is plagued with long lead times, which is resulted from much iteration on prototyping. The formability of hydroformed tubular parts is affected by a large number of parameters such as material properties, tube geometry, complex die-tube interface lubrication, and process loading paths. FE simulation is perceived by the industry to be a costeffective process analysis tool compared to the conventional hard tooling prototyping. This work is intended to develop methodologies for design of part geometries and process parameters in THF.

13 Simulative study using Anfi-System for “VSWPGS"
Singh B. Vikram, Yadav Vivek

Abstract:-In this study, an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system is designed for output voltage and frequency control of a variable-speed wind power generation system. Variable-speed wind power generation systems (VSWPGS) provide the opportunity to capture more power than fixed speed turbines. On the other hand, the variable-speed wind turbine output can be variable voltage and variable frequency for fluctuating wind speeds. Dynamic modelling, control and simulation study of the wind power generation system is performed with MATLAB/Simulink program. The simulation results obtained through various load situations and detailed analysis of so established simulation model is given in this study. As it can be seen in simulation results, the output voltage and frequency of ANFIS controlled variable-speed wind power generation system reach to desirable operation values in a very short time.

14 Effect of Geometrical Parameters on Heat Transfer Coefficient in Helical Tube Exchangers
Pandey Vijaykant, Koli K. Dinesh

Abstract:-Helical coil heat exchangers are widely used in industrial applications ranging from cryogenic processes, air-conditioning, and nuclear reactors to waste heat recovery due to their compact size and high heat transfer coefficient. In this kind of heat exchangers, flow and heat transfer are complicated. This review paper reports a proposed numerical investigation of the influence of different parameters such as coil radius, coil pitch and diameter of tube on the characteristics of heat transfer in helical double tube heat exchangers using the well-known Fluent CFD software. Modelling of the study was implemented based on principles of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. By imposing boundary conditions and selecting of an appropriate grid, whereby the results are independent of meshing, the obtained results were compared and validated with existing experimental results in the open literature.

15 Study for “VSWPGS” by using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
Singh B. Vikram, Yadav Vivek

Abstract:-An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system is designed for output voltage and frequency control of a variable-speed wind power generation system. Variable-speed wind power generation systems (VSWPGS) provide the opportunity to capture more power than fixed speed turbines. On the other hand, the variable-speed wind turbine output can be variable voltage and variable frequency for fluctuating wind speeds. The quality of output power can be improved if adequate controls are incorporated in the system. To bring the output voltage and frequency of system by means of control of blade pitch angle of wind turbine to a desirable value, an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is used in this paper. Based on the dynamic performance of VSWPGS, ANFIS is designed. Control and dynamic performance analysis of VSWPGS is made depending on various loading situations. Dynamic modelling, control and simulation study of the wind power generation system is performed with MATLAB/Simulink program.

16 Theoretical Study of Wall Injector in Scramjet Engine
Temre Chhtrpal, Mudaiya D.K.

Abstract:-Despite being an active topic of research for over 50 years, scramjet technology has only recently matured to a point where flight tests are being successfully carried out at the lower end of the hypersonic regime. While this progress is encouraging, a renewed interest in low-cost, reliable, and environmentally responsible access to space has identified scramjets capable of accelerating to speeds as high as Mach 12 as desirable. One class of scramjets thought to be capable of hypervelocity performance are those that employ threedimensional stream traced compression inlets to efficiently compress captured air. One promising example of this type of scramjet is the Mach 12 Rectangular-to-Elliptical Shape- Transitioning (REST) engine. The aims of this study are to investigate and characterize the flow physics behind the Mach 12 REST engine’s current performance, and then attempt to improve its combustion performance by tailoring the engine’s fuel injection to its internal flow field without otherwise modifying the engine geometry. To meet these aims, the engine was studied both numerically and experimentally.

17 Decision Making in Medical Sciences Based on Fuzzy Soft Sets & Grey Relational Analysis with Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
G. Siva Kumar, Ch. Bindu Madhuri

Abstract:-A major task of medical science is to diagnose diseases. Generally a patient suffering from a disease may have multiple symptoms and the information available to a physician about his patient is inherently uncertain. Medical diagnosis in the field of medicine is used to determine the disease and patient condition by analyzing the person’s symptoms. A method based on grey relational analysis and Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence is helpful for fuzzy soft sets in making decision. Grey relational uses a concept of information and it is used to calculate grey mean relational degrees to determine uncertain degrees of parameters. In a grey system, the solution lays in the middle of the two extremes like one with no solution and with the solution. This grey system will give a variety of available solutions. The Dempster–Shafer theory is a mathematical theory of evidence. It allows combining evidence from different sources and a degree of belief that takes into account all the available evidence. Then based on uncertain degrees, suitable mass functions of different independent alternatives with different parameters can be constructed. Dempster - Shafer rule of evidence combination is applied to aggregate these alternatives into a collective alternative. Finally, these alternatives are ranked and the best alternatives are obtained. Moreover, the effectiveness and feasibility of this method are demonstrated by comparing with the mean potentiality approach and giving an application to medical diagnosis.

18 Anxiety among Higher Secondary School Teachers for Use of Instructional Aids In Relation To Their Techno Pedagogy Competency

Abstract:-This study was conducted to find out anxiety among higher secondary school teachers for use of instructional aids in relation to their techno pedagogy competency. The objectives were to study anxiety for use of instructional aids among higher secondary school teachers with respect to their gender, to study techno pedagogy competency among higher secondary school teachers with respect to their gender, to study relationship between anxiety for use of instructional aids and techno pedagogy competency among higher secondary school teachers & to study difference in anxiety for use of instructional aids among higher secondary school teachers with respect to their gender and level of techno pedagogy competency. Descriptive survey method was used in this study to obtain pertinent and precise information. The sample of this study included 200 higher secondary school teachers selected by using stratified random sampling from Jalandhar district. Two standardized tools were used by the investigator. For the purpose of drawing out the results the investigator used statistical techniques t’ test & correlation. The conclusions of the study are there exists no significant difference in anxiety of male and female teachers of higher secondary schools for use of instructional aids, there exists significant difference in techno pedagogy competency of male and female teachers of higher secondary schools, there exists significant relationship between anxiety for use of instructional aids and techno pedagogy competency of higher secondary school teachers, there exists significant difference in anxiety of male and female teachers of higher secondary schools for use of instructional aids having high level of techno pedagogy competency & there exists significant difference in anxiety of male and female teachers of higher secondary schools for use of instructional aids having low level of techno pedagogy competency.

19 Experimental Investigation Of Performance Parameter Of Single Cylinder, Four Stroke Diesel Engine Operating On Blends Of Animal Fat Biodiesel With Ethanol And Diesel (BDE)
Roshan R. More, Chandrakant B. Kothare, Kumar S. Raizada

Abstract:-This study investigated the performance parameters of direct injection, single cylinder, four stroke diesel engine using animal fat biodiesel and ethanol blended with diesel. The entire investigation performance of diesel engine is carried in two phases using the 100% diesel in the first phase and the biodieselethanol- diesel (BDE) blends in the second phase It is investigated that the brake specific fuel consumption of diesel engine using BDE blends are increased than that of diesel fuel.

20 Digital Elevation Model of Green Mountain, Abha, KSA
Sham Al Deen M.Saad, Saiful Islam, Mehmood Hussain

Abstract:-Analysis of the Earth’s surface using 3-D models provides a wealth of new interpretation opportunities to geologists and Surveyors. Three-dimensional visualization of the Earth’s surface and its examination at different angles and differently orientated is helpful for Surveyors. The tool is, however, relatively seldom used due to either limited access to digital data bases or time-consuming procedures of individual construction of such bases from the existing cartographic data. However, Topographic maps are most common source of terrain and elevation information for a given region. With the advancement of technology, other source of terrain and elevation data are now available at public domain. In this project work, elevation data points for Green Mountain of Abha City of Saudi Arabia extracted from the Google earth and a digital elevation model (DEM) was prepared.

21 DTC FED Induction Motor Drive Based on BQZSI with PI Fuzzy Using SVPWM
Sampath C, Dr.S.Arumugam

Abstract:-This paper proposes a new controller design and realization of a high-power bidirectional quasi-Z-source inverter (BQZSI). Many research efforts have been focused on developing efficient, reliable, and low cost power conversion techniques for the future new energy vehicles. To maintain constant output PI with fuzzy control technique is used in the closed loop. And also overall efficiency of the inverter is increased. The bidirectional quasi-Z-source inverter (BQZSI) with battery operation can balance the stochastic fluctuations of photovoltaic (PV) power injected to the grid/load. The proposed speed control method, with reduced DC input voltage compared with the standard adjustable speed drives (ASD) using voltage source inverter (VSI), are able to change the motor speed from zero to the rated speed with the rated load torque. The performance of the proposed speed control methods is verified by MATLAB simulation of an induction motor fed by a BQZSI. The simulation results during different operation modes verify the validity of the proposed closed loop speed control method.