IJEA - Volume 4 Issue 4 (April 2015)


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1 Pervasive Supply Chain Solution for Integrated Track and Trace Application
N.Rajesh Pandian

Abstract-The paper discusses the application of RFID in monitoring system, and proposes a solution for tracking and tracing of products flowing in the supply chain with the relevant provisions during transport. This program makes full use of RFID readers, RFID tags, GPS systems and other technical advantages. In this work we have designed and implemented an automated logistics solution which will be an efficient tracking system for supply chain management system. The system can monitor the location and the content of the products, to achieve safety assurance of products in the supply chain process, since the commodities or goods for a logistics are usually high value and require strict supervision. Using RFID, goods can be efficiently tracked by providing the web access for the user to track the goods, this eliminates man power, human errors and also reduces the processing time.

2 The Need and Importance of Soft Skills in Professions

Abstract:-“All composite things decay, strive diligently” said Buddha. His words are true in every aspect of life, especially in earning a living. In this competitive world, earning a living is getting more and more difficult and the world can accommodate only those who are fit to compete. Human beings do have „n‟ number of choices to make the competition success. But the number of those who are successful in their profession is not many since, our educational system, from which students brew knowledge (professional skills), fails to teach them the true concept of Professionalism. Be it Professional Education or Arts and Science the current system of teaching is not successful in molding their students with regard to the corporate expectations.

3 Cloud Computing Enabled Web Processing Service for Earth Observation Data Processing

Abstract:-EARTH Observation (EO) is most often referring to satellite imagery or satellite remote sensing [1], which applied on atmosphere, land, and ocean. The obtained data of Earth Observation named Earth Observation Data (EOD) is widely used in some fields of society lives and scientific research such as climate, weather, agriculture, ecosystems, biodiversity, water, and disasters migration, forecasting or reduction. For this reason, in recent decades, EOD and EOD Processing have been fairly studied. EOD and many of EOD Processing’s have these properties: Large volumes of EOD retrieved every day and they are in various data types. There are hundreds of satellites observing the earth every day directed by NASA.

4 Control the Lateral Drift in High Rise Buildings
Awad Ravindra B, M.R.Wakchaure, Awad Sushma

Abstract:-The relative lateral displacement of buildings is sometimes measured by an overall drift ratio or index, which is the ratio of maximum lateral displacement to the height of the building. More commonly, however, an inter-storey drift ratio, angle, or index is used, which is defined as the ratio of the relative displacement of a particular floor to the story height at that level.

5 On Product of Bipolar Fuzzy Hx Subgroup
R. Muthuraj, M.Sridharan

Abstract:-In this paper, we introduce the concept of a product of bipolar fuzzy subsets of a set and discussed some of their properties of the product of two bipolar fuzzy HX subgroups of a HX group. We also introduce the concept of an image and preimage of a bipolar fuzzy HX subgroup of a HX group and discuss in detail series of homomorphic and anti homomorphic properties of bipolar fuzzy HX subgroup. We also introduce the concept of bipolar fuzzy normal HX subgroup of a HX group and discuss its properties under the product operation.

6 A Review report on Data mining for a big data
Harika, Velangini

Abstract:-Big data is the term for a collection of data sets which are large and complex, it contain structured and unstructured both type of data. Data comes from everywhere, sensors used to gather climate information, posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos etc., this data is known as big data. Useful data can be extracted from this big data with the help of data mining. Data mining is a technique for discovering interesting patterns as well as descriptive, understandable models from large scale data. In this paper we overviewed types of big data and challenges in big data for future.

7 Environmentally Preferable Inventory Model with Scrap in Production and Backlogging Derived Without Derivatives
W.Ritha, S.Haripriya

Abstract:-Today’s increasingly globalized economy insists the companies to take advantage of an opportunity for optimizing their business processes and improve the performance of the entire supply chain. In real manufacturing system, due to process of deterioration or other factors generation of defective items seems predestined. To rectify the defects, the manufacturers focus on rework and waste disposal of scrap items. Presently, the advancement in technology increases the concern on environmental issues which emphasizes the need to develop the inventory model by integrating economic and environmental objectives. This paper demonstrates a mathematical model which determines an optimal inventory replenishment policy for the Economic Manufacturing Quantity (EMQ) with multiple retailers and backlogging along with the inclusion of rework and environmental criteria using algebraic approach.

8 Research on Supply Chain Inventory Optimization and Benefit Coordination with Controllable Lead Time
W.Ritha, I.Antonitte Vinoline

Abstract:-This paper presents an integrated productioninventory model where a vendor produces an item in a batch production environment and supplies it to a set of buyers. Lead time is an important element in any inventory system. The buyer level demand is assumed to be independent normally distributed and lead time of every buyer can be reduced at an added crash cost.

9 Effect of Rejuvenation Techniques on Yield and Fruit Quality of Old trees of Mango cvs Alphonse and Qualb Altour
Fatima Abd-Elrouf Ahmed, Dawoud Hussien Dawoud

Abstract:-The experiment was conducted at Al Faki Hashim, Governmental project, Khartoum North, (lat 15º 39N; long 32º 39E). Fifty-five years old mango trees cvs Alphonse and Qualb Altour were selected. Fifty trees from every cultivar, twenty five alternated trees from each cultivar were subjected to severe pruning at height of 2 m from soil surface during August 2004, and about 3-4 diverging branches were kept for developing healthy umbrella–shaped canopy. Twenty five trees were left untreated. All the selected trees (Rejuvenated and Untreated) were subjected to the optimum cultural practices. Abundant shoots emergence from pruned branches, 2-3 out wards growing well-spaced healthy shoots were selected and retained per branch. The rejuvenated trees of the two cultivars, started flowering and fruiting after two years. Yield of rejuvenated trees increased gradually from the second year and produce high quality fruits.

10 Effects of pollen type on fruit-setting yield and some physical fruit properties of Barhi and Majdole Date palm Cultivars
Fatima Abd-Elrouf Ahmed, Dawoud Hussien Dawoud

Abstract:-One of the main objectives of this study was to select highly potent male palm to raise standard of male varieties in the Sudan. This evaluation experiment involved 49 male palms located in 21 private orchards in 3 districts at Khartoum, Um Dorman, Khartoum North and Al-Halfaia The male evaluation experiment took 3 successive seasons 2005/6, 2006/7, and 2007/8.Then another experiment was conducted to study the metazenic effect of seven selected males (from the above 49 males) on Barhi and Majdole date palm cultivars for three successive seasons 2008/9, 2009/10 and 2010/11. Strong metazenic effects of those pollens of seven selected males were found on fruits characteristics, fruits maturity period and yield per kilogram per palm trees of Barhi and Majdole cultivars, and recorded as Shambat Male1, SHM No.2, SHM No.3 up to SHM No.7 in Shambat Horticultural Research section files as Males for pollination of Barhi and Majdole. According to highly significant differences in all studied parameters. We can recommend Male No. 3 and Male No. 6 as high compatible males for pollination Barhi and Majdole date palm cultivars under Khartoum conditions.

11 Nutrition Survey of Fruit Trees Growing In Khartoum State
Fatima Abd-Elrouf Ahmed, Dawoud Hussien Dawoud

Abstract:-The present survey was conducted to determine the concentrations of nutrient elements in the leaves of fruit trees grown in Khartoum state. The survey was started at mid-June to the end of November 2011.The examined fruit species were Citrus, Banana, Guava, Grape, Date palm and Mango. The surveyed orchards at Al Faki Hashim, Al Seleat Ganoub, Shamal Um Dorman, Al- Hereazb, Garb Um Dorman and Al Greif Garb. The soil pH ranging from 7.8 to 8.2. The results of analysis of leaves of fruit trees growing in all surveyed orchard characterized with low nitrogen and some macro and micronutrients.

12 Performance Analysis of Adaptive Equalizer Algorithms for Random Signals
Mahima Jain, Sunil Shah

Abstract:-The paper Compare the recursive least square based various adaptive equalizer algorithm like least mean square (LMS), Normalized LMS and Sign-Data LMS that track the time varying random characteristic of mobile Communication channel. This work compares between different algorithm in term of mean square deviation, computational requirements and convergence speed for random threshold signal which is hardly require in black hole detection. This first detail study for random signal might open a new pathway in selecting least mean square based algorithm for wireless data communication.

13 Optimization and Analysis of DVR and UPFC Subjected to Mitigate Power Quality and Reduce the Harmonics Distortion of Sensitive Load against Main Drive Non-Linear Load
Vinayak Mishra, Nisheet Soni

Abstract:-Power Electronics and Advanced Control technologies have made it possible to mitigate power quality problems and maintain the operation of sensitive loads. Among power system disturbances, voltage sags, swells and harmonics are some of the severe problems to the sensitive loads. The series compensation method is best suited to protect such loads against those disturbances.

14 Speech Generation Using Kinect To Aid The Mute In Public Addressing
T. Shantha Kumar

Abstract:-Various new technologies and aiding instruments are always being introduced for the betterment of the challenged. This project focuses on aiding the mute in expressing their views and ideas in a much efficient and effective manner thereby creating their own place in this world. The proposed system focuses on using various gestures traced into texts which could in turn be transformed into speech. The gesture identification and mapping is performed by the Kinect device, which is found to cost effective and reliable. A suitable text to speech convertor is used to translate the texts generated from Kinect into a speech. The proposed system though cannot be applied to manto- man conversation owing to the hardware complexities, but could find itself very much of use under addressing environments such as auditoriums, classrooms, etc.

15 Efficient De-duplication Mechanism for Personal Storage

Abstract:-Virtualization is becoming widely deployed in servers to efficiently provide many logically separate execution environments while reducing the need for physical servers. This approach saves physical CPU resources; it still consumes large amounts of storage because each virtual machine (VM) instance requires its own multi-gigabyte disk image. Existing systems have made efforts to reduce VM image storage consumption by means of de duplication within a Storage Area Network (SAN) cluster. SAN cannot satisfy the increasing demand of large-scale VM hosting because of its cost limitation. Liquid provides a scalable de duplication file system that has been particularly designed for large-scale VM deployment. Its design provides fast VM deployment with peer-to-peer (P2P) data transfer and low storage consumption by means of de duplication on VM images. It also provides a comprehensive set of storage features including instant cloning for VM images, ondemand fetching through a network, and caching with local disks by copy-on-read techniques. Experiments show that Liquid’s feature performs well and introduce minor performance overhead.

16 Multi authority cloud storage having revocable data Access control

Abstract:-Cloud computing the most fascinating technology which provides data hosting and data accessing services. Though they are the most rated technology faces the challenges of privacy and security as it shares physical resources among multiple untrusted tenants. So to resolve the security and privacy concerns, compounded authorities which distribute disparate attributes will be used to ensure safe storage. Each authority able to issue attributes independently. It suits the data access control by having attributed based encryption. In the proposed scheme also have revocable access control on basis of revoked attributes.

17 Status of Sanskrit Language learning at Secondary level: An Analysis
Shri Krishna Mishra,Badri Yadav

Abstract:-States of Sanskrit language, teaching and learning process in secondary level in effective for the high achievement in language skills like: listening, speaking, reading and writing status of Sanskrit language and development of different skills of language in the teaching learning process for the learners would help both learner and the teacher for better learning achievement. The skill of the language has provided appropriate environment for better teaching and learning of this subject. Various activities and qualitative approach of the study provide adequate opportunity for individual awareness encourage participation and creating real life situation in classroom Student motivation to learn comes from there design by creating a meaningful and pleasureful surrounding about the topic. It is also helpful to test. Children who are unable to read properly and freely in the classroom. In the classroom it should be given important for the facilitate to encourage the learner by the development of four pillars of language skills in the classroom during the teaching time the teacher main goal to forwarded the learners looking behind and monitors the activity of the learners like a referee in the “play ground” speaking and reading capacity of the Sanskrit language should be develop in the classroom by applying new techniques through activity based for the prosperous and progress of the language .

18 A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Managing Health Record to Eliminate Redundancy
A. Mary, S. Suganya Devi

Abstract:-Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is vital information. Archiving such information of patients, obtained from several clinics and hospitals during their lifetime to check for incompatibilities, avoid unnecessary exams, and get relevant clinical history. Our proposed Electronic Health Record Management System (EHRMS) model helps the hospitals to maintain patient record and support the patients in all phases of their life. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive data while supporting de-duplication, the convergent encryption technique has been proposed to encrypt the data before outsourcing. To better protect data security, this paper attempt to formally address the problem of authorized data de-duplication. Security analysis demonstrates that our scheme is secure in terms of the definitions specified in the proposed security model. As a proof of concept, we implement a prototype of our proposed authorized duplicate check scheme in hybrid cloud architecture. We show that our proposed authorized duplicate check scheme incurs minimal overhead compared to normal operations.

19 Accessing Of Various Requests from Catastrophe Vehicle Using Batch Request Authentication Algorithm Based on Ergonomic Method of Security
S.Silambarasan, M.Maheswari, K.Rejini, D.Rajini Girinath

Abstract:-VANET is a form of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network which provides communication between vehicles and road-side base stations. The aim is to provide safety, traffic management, and infotainment services. The security of VANET is in concern state from early time. VANETs face several security threats and there are a number of attacks that can lead to human life loss. Existing VANET systems used detection algorithm to detect the attacks at the verification time in which delay overhead occurred. Batch authenticated and key agreement scheme is used to authenticate multiple requests sent from different vehicles. Yet it does not provide any priority to the requests from emergency vehicles and a malicious vehicle can send a false message by spoofing the identity of valid vehicles to other vehicles leading to Sybil attack. Batch Request Authentication Algorithm (BRAA) is used to classify the requests obtained from multiple vehicles in order to provide immediate response to emergency vehicles with less time delay. This system also to prevent Sybil attack by restricting timestamps provided by RSU at an early stage itself.

20 Image Steganalysis using difference and flipped image histogram
Ravneet Kaur, Navroz Kahlon

Abstract:-Steganography is the progression of hiding secret message in the cover image .In digital image processing steganography scores over traditional cryptographic methods and Steganalysis is the science of detecting the images with secret messages embedded into them, these images are called stego images. Steganalysis is the counter-activity of attacking on the steganography image is to determine whether an image is stego-image or not. This paper explains an important method to detect the existence of secret message in the image by analyzing histograms of flipped image and the difference image. This research also aims at finding the length of embedded message with the help of various strictures.

21 Implementing k-out-of-n computing for fault tolerant processing in mobile and cloud computing

Abstract:-Despite the advances in hardware for hand-held mobile devices, resource-intensive applications (e.g., video and imagestorage and processing or map-reduce type) still remain off bounds since they require large computation and storage capabilities.Recent research has attempted to address these issues by employing remote servers, such as clouds and peer mobile devices.For mobile devices deployed in dynamic networks (i.e., with frequent topology changes because of node failure/unavailability andmobility as in a mobile cloud), however, challenges of reliability and energy efficiency remain largely unaddressed. To the best of ourknowledge, we are the first to address these challenges in an integrated manner for both data storage and processing in mobilecloud, an approach we call k-outof- n computing. In our solution, mobile devices successfully retrieve or process data, in the mostenergyefficient way, as long as k out of n remote servers are accessible. Through a real system implementation we prove the feasibilityof our approach. Extensive simulations demonstrate the fault tolerance and energy efficiency performance of our framework in large-scale networks.

22 HADOOP: A practical big data Eco-System
Anitha, Varalaxmi

Abstract:-The goal of our research at current stage is to understand the nature of Big Data, their main features, trends and new possibilities in Big Data technologies development, identify the security issues and problems related to the specific Big Data properties, and based on this to review architecture models and propose a consistent approach to defining the Big Data architecture/solutions to resolve existing challenges and known issues/problems.

23 Faults Detection in Power Systems Using Artificial Neural Network- A Review
Noopur Pandey, Arti Bhandakkar

Abstract:-There is no fault-free system and it is neither practical nor economical to build a fault-free system. The numerous conditions of uncommon conditions such as natural incidents, physical misadventures, failure of equipments, and any failure of a Protection System element to operate within the specified time when a fault or abnormal condition occurs generate faults in the power system. The outcomes of faults are distressing amplification of current low, increasing heat produced in the conductors leading to the bigger reason of damage .The actual magnitude of fault depends on resistance to low and varied impedance between the fault and the source of power supply. This papers centre of interest is on the review analysis of fault detection, fault classification and fault direction discrimination by using artificial neural networks approach.

24 Implementation of Reversible 7483 Adder/Subtracter
S Suganthini, S Manjula Gandhi

Abstract:-To design reversible circuits in quantum computing for reducing the number of constant inputs, garbage outputs and quantum cost. Reversible logic is used to reduce the power dissipation that occurs in irreversible circuits by preventing the loss of information. This optimization will be very much useful to reduce the cost of existing circuits. Since reversible circuits are used there will be no data loss. In this paper the proposed models for reversible circuit are designed for 7483 Adder or Subtracter. The proposed reversible circuit are implemented using QCViewer.

25 Design of Marine Boundary Crossing Warning and Control System Using GPS
S.Benisha, G.Ramani

Abstract:-In marine navigation the main problem can be caused when the navigator unknowingly crosses the boundary level and navigate beyond other country’s border. So, in order to avoid this distress situation in sea the proposed system can be developed with less expensive device. The main objective of this system is to help the fishermen or navigator to not navigate beyond other country’s border. GPS coordinate of present location are sent to the monitoring control station for a given set of time intervals.After crossing the border.

26 Image Mining System
Deepika Nagthane

Abstract:-Digitization in every sector leads to the growth of digital data in a tremendous amount. Digital data are not only available in the form of text but it is also available in the form of images, audio and video. The multimedia data, including image, audio and video, have been produced massively. Digital video rapidly becomes an important source for information, education and entertainment.