IJAIR- Volume 4 Issue 9 (September 2015)


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1 A Secure Query Processing Framework for Location Based Services from the Web.
M.Sangeetha, K.Jeeva

Abstract— Location Based Services (LBS) enables the user to access the information that is relevant to their location and point of Interest. Many existing approaches fail in applying the secure query processing framework for the sensitive data with up to date information. Information is the entity with large geo-tagged data composed by data owner. But typical data owners do not have the technical means to support processing queries on a large scale, so they outsource data storage and querying to a cloud service provider. Many such cloud providers exist who offer powerful storage and computational infrastructures at low cost. However, cloud providers are not fully trusted, and typically behave in an honest but curious. In this framework, we propose a query processing technique utilizing the kNN (Nearest Neighbour) algorithm against the Point of interest as user request to the cloud Service provider (broker), where broker computes the data owner’s information to yield the high relevant data as retrieved information. To secure the data, we establish a Mutableness Order Preserving Encoding to protect user queries and point of interest data. The performance evaluation of the proposed hybrid methods which can be used to provide the optimized solutions which is used to combine many queries and process them and also yields good results in terms of decreased computational speed and less memory utilization against the state of approaches. It is important to note from the previous studies that the spatial queries which has the process of the nearest neighbour, range, skyline or keyword queries. It is also provided that there is no framework that can be processing all the queries in using the single entity so, it is notes that privacy based optimized query processing framework is lacking in the previous studies.

2 Technical Overview of Artificial Neural Networks.
Rakesh Kumar, Sailendra Kumar, B S Purkayastha

Abstract— Neural computing is an attempt at modeling the workings of a brain and this presentation is an attempt to understand the basicconcept of artificial neural networks. Artificial Neural networks are parallel computational models comprised of densely interconnected adaptive processing units. A very important feature of these networks is their adaptive nature, where learning by example replaces programming in solving problems. This feature makes such computational models very appealing in application domains where one has little or incomplete understanding of the problem to be solved but where the training data is easily available. Artificial Neural Networks are viable computational models for a wide variety of problems. These include pattern classification, speech synthesis and recognition, function approximation, image compression, associative memory, forecasting, optimization, nonlinear system modeling, and control. The most wonderful thing is Neural Networks could do certain things which you couldn’t reprogrammed computing. The most basic component of a neural network is the perceptron, which is called the artificial neuron, is studied and depicted in the Structure of a Neural Network section which is followed by architecture. The most important concept of the neural networks are its wide range of its applications, a few of which will be dealt in the consequent sections and then its limitations. In this paper, a small but effective overall content of artificial neural networks is presented.

3 Decision Tree Learning With Privacy Preservtion.
J.B.Pavana Jyothi, G.Vani, G.Rohini

Abstract— Privacy preservation plays a vital role in data mining and machine learning, but precautions taken to protect private Information often results in a trade-off. This paper introduces a privacy preserving approach that would be applied to decision tree learning, without concomitant loss of accuracy. This describes an approach to the preservation of the Privacy of collected data samples in which information from the sample database has been partially lost. This approach converts the originals of sample data sets into a group of unreal data sets. The original samples cannot be reconstructed without the entire group of unreal data sets. In Meantime, an accurate decision tree can be built directly from those unreal data sets. This novel approach will be applied directly to the data storage as soon as the first sample is collected. The approach is well-suited with other Privacy preserving approaches, such as cryptography, for extra protection.

4 Imaging System for Grading and Classification of Peanuts.
Savitri H Maddaraki, Priyanka S Mourya, S. A. Angadi

Abstract— The grading and classification of peanuts is important to every aspect of the profit of supply and marketing. Peanuts are the prime crop for our country’s agriculturists to increase their agricultural income. The grading and classification of peanuts is carried out by APMC which is an organization that deals with farmers and finally values their product. In APMC, grading and classification of peanuts is done by workers manually. This manual grading and classification process is tedious and error prone. So a model of grading and classification is built to identify the class of peanuts which is based on features such as the size, color and texture with the technology of computer image processing and neural network. Peanut image is given as an input to the classification system and this classification system gives the class of the peanut image to which it belongs. Using the method described in this work to test the class of peanut, a correct classification rate of 93% is achieved.

5 Data Packet Loss on various Routing Protocol such as DSR, OLSR, TORA.
Shikha Tuli1 , Farminder Singh , Ankur Thakur

Abstract— Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are the special type of wireless network, where mobile nodes are connected through wireless interfaces forming a temporary network. They don’t need fixed infrastructure. Due to higher mobility in nodes and dynamic infrastructure of MANETS, Routing is important issue in ad hoc networks. There are many routing protocol in MANETS like AODV, TORA, DSDV, OLSR, DSR etc. MANETS is classified in three routing protocols. This research paper make a comparison of these routing protocol based on the performance metrics like packet delivery fraction, end– to– end delay and throughput. Simulation is used to compare the performance of DSR, OLSR and TORA. OPNET is used as simulator. With the help of opnet, result shows that AODV’s performance in PDF and throughput metrics is better than OLSR and TORA. For end-to-end delay metrics TORA perform better than OLSR and AODV.

6 Extracting the User Queries Applied By Markov Chain to Content Based Image Retrieval System.
Indirani.M, Gowthami.S

Abstract— The ability to search through images based on their content based image retrieval is a technique which uses visual contents to search images from large scale image databases according to users' interests. Markov chain models are used to describe the temporal evolution of low-level visual descriptors extracted from the semantic indexing model. The proposed semantic indexing algorithm uses both text and image retrieval system. Media professionals actively utilize visual archives as a source for reusable material. Archives are struggling to reinvent themselves in the face of fully digital operations and growing user bases. There is very little has been done to examine how content-based image retrieval will affect the searches of professionals searching in the visual archive. So the primary goal is to investigate how content-based image search which enhances the performance of traditional archive retrieval. Then, this paper measures the effect of combining them for queries typical of professionals searching an archive. Real-world queries are not present, and generally no manually created metadata (which is often present in the real world) is included in the experiments. The paper takes into account the information needs and retrieval data already present in the audiovisual archive. This work tries to demonstrate that retrieval performance can be significantly improved when content-based methods are applied to search. To arrive at the main result, this paper proposes an evaluation methodology tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the visual archive, which are typically missed by existing evaluation initiatives. Content purchases, Session information and logged searches are utilized to create realistic query sets and significance judgments.

7 Global Denoising.
1SK. Shameulla, M. Raveendra

Abstract— NL-means algorithm combines these methods and reduces both of their respective defaults by minimizing an adaptive total variation with a nonlocal data fidelity term. Besides, this model adapts to different noise statistics and a fast solution can be obtained in the general case of the exponential family Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) of the image is calculated and compared with the median filter. Canny edge detector, an edge detector that uses a multi stage algorithm to detect a wide range of edges in image with MATLAB tool. This method achieves better structural similarity performance and provides better visual quality.

8 Compression and Retrieval of Fingerprint Images Based on Sparse Representation.
B.Varalakshmi, P.Mohanaiah

Abstract— A popular method in the society to recognise people is using their biometrics. Among this, fingerprint recognition is an important technology for personal identification due to its unique structure [1]. Huge volume of fingerprint is collected and stored every day in a wide range of applications. In this context, the compression and retrieval of these data may become important under certain circumstances due to the large amounts of data involved. This paper compare different compression standards like JPEG,JPEG2000,WSQ,K-SVD etc. A new compression standards based on sparse representation is also introduced. Obtaining a complete dictionary from a set of fingerprint patches allows us to represent them as a sparse linear combination of dictionary atoms.

9 An Approach for Early Detection of the Endometrial Cancer.
Snehal N. Patil, K.V. Kulhalli

Abstract— The early detection of diseases can make an enormous difference between life and death of a human. In this paper, computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for detection of endometrium cancer is represented by analyzing the ultrasound images of the uterine. CAD system helps to improve the diagnostic performance of radiologists in their image interpretations. The results of every module are demonstrated in the paper.

10 Enhancing the Performance and Security of the 802.11n Wireless Network with IPv4 and IPv6 .
Prof. Manjit Singh

Abstract— A Wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network, which the linking of two or more computers without using wires. WLAN utilizes spread-spectrum technology based on radio waves to enable communication between devices in a limited area, also known as the basic service set. This gives users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to the network. For the home user, wireless has become popular due to ease of installation, and location freedom with the gaining popularity of laptops. For the business, public businesses such as coffee shops or malls have begun to offer wireless access to their customers; some are even provided as free services. IEEE 802.11, also known by the brand Wi-Fi, denotes a set of Wireless LAN (WLAN) standards developed by working group 11 of the IEEE LAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE 802). The term 802.11x is also used to denote this set of standards.

11 Design and Analysis of Water Purification System .
B Pajaniappane.

Abstract— BFT has designed a water purification system to augment the village’s water distribution system. The system utilizes sediment filtration supplemented with ultraviolet light to effectively filter and sterilize contaminated well water as it is pumped to the village reservoir. The goal of the project was to meet the needs of the village and provide a long term water treatment solution. The purpose of this report is to present an overview of the entire project including: the design solution, project cost, construction, and maintenance information, testing and evaluation results and future field testing plans. Water flow rate tests are carried out to optimize water filter design. Further, the filter effectiveness in diminishing various contaminates is analysed by a licensed sampling laboratory. A manufacturing line to produce the dual water filters is proposed and the cost of manufacturing a unit. This is an affordable price for people in third world countries. With a low cost water filter available, residents in the third world countries could enjoy having safe drinking water and improve quality of life.

12 An exclusive survey on Profit Association Rules Mining .
Satpal Singh, Vivek Badhe.

Abstract— Association rule mining (ARM) identifies frequent itemsets from databases and generates association rules by considering each item equally. However, items are actually different in various aspects in a number of real life applications, such as retail marketing, web log, etc. The difference between items makes a strong impact on the decision making in these applications. Therefore, traditional ARM cannot meet the demands arising from these applications. By considering the different values of individual items as profit, profit mining focuses on identifying the itemsets with high profit. This paper elaborate the definition of profit alongside new parameters of profit mining such as Frequency of item sold, inventory cost and issues dealing with uncertain and vague data.

13 Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Doped Batio3 Ceramic .
R.K. Sharma.

Abstract— Undoped 6H-BaTiO3 is reported to be thermodynamically stable above 1,460oC, but can be kinetically stabilized at room temperature by doping with various transition metal ions on the Ti-sites, e.g. Fe, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu that can also lead to the formation of the hexagonal polymorph at room temperature. In this paper, we report structural analysis and dielectric properties of Ni ion doped Ba(Ti1–zXz)O3, where X is Ni nanoparticles, using Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to encapsulate such crystallites. Hence, in this present study, the influences of Ni addition on phase formation and microstructure of Ba(Ti)O3 were investigated. The dielectric results are explained in terms of change in lattice parameters (c/a) in the specimens.

14 Circulation of Cyclone Nanauk over the Arabian Sea: Slowing Down the West Coast Monsoon Wind .
A. B. Bhattacharya, B. Raha, R. Bhattacharya, R. Guha and S. Biswas.

Abstract— Formation of cyclone nanauk and its development in the Arabian Sea containing powerful towering thunderstorms that were reaching heights of up to 16.8 km on June 11, 2014 has been thoroughly examined from the consideration of IR satellite imagery and rainfall as observed from composite satellite and gauge observations. The sferics record accompanied by the cyclone at the background reveals a significant contribution in obstructing the appearance of SW monsoon in time over Kolkata and other parts of South Bengal. Remarkable higher noise levels are also exhibited at such times but with similar characteristic variations. It appears that the delayed arrival of the annual rain-bearer, may be caused by the Cyclone Nanauk over the Arabian Sea which slowed down the monsoon winds on the west coast though the cyclonic circulation active on the Bengal-Odisha coast is subsequently acted as the catalyst, pulling the winds northward.

15 Rayleigh scattering And Mie Scattering of Sunlight at Varying Altitudes by Atmospheric Gas Particles and Water Droplets .
A. B. Bhattacharya, J. Pandit, R. Bhattacharyaand R. Roy.

Abstract— The paper reports the results related to Rayleigh scattering and Mie scattering, obtained from an analysis of our photographic records during sunrise at varying altitudes of two stations, Tiger Hill and Tonglu, located in Darjeeling of West Bengal, India and also during sunset at the second location Tonglu. The Rayleigh and Mie scatterings of sunlight by atmospheric gas particles and water droplets have been examined analyzing the photographic documentations.

16 Overview of PAPR Reduction Techniques.
Sourabh Kuraria, Rashika Gupta, Ravimohan .

Abstract— OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is generally preferred for high data rate transmission in digital communication. OFDM system has a major shortcoming of high peak to average power ratio (PAPR) value. This paper explains different PAPR reduction techniques and presents a comparison of the various techniques based on theoretical and simulated results. It also presents a survey of the various PAPR reduction techniques and the state of the art in this area.

17 Design and development of gamma type Stirling engine for waste heat recovery .
Punam kumar Agade, Ajit Prakash Rastogi, Rohit Kumar Choudhary .

Abstract— Recent trend concerns about the best ways of using the deployable sources of energy in to useful work in order to reduce the rate of utilization of fossil fuel as well as pollution. There are different ways to recover the heat available with the waste or rejected heat from different sources. Out of all the available sources, Gamma type Stirling engine is be used to convert waste heat in to useful work. A single power piston, gamma-configuration, low-temperature disparity Stirling engine is design, develop and tested with air by using a gas burner as a heat source. The engine testing is performed with four different heat input. Variations of engine torque, shaft power and brake thermal efficiency with engine speed and engine performance at various heat inputs are presented. The Beale number, obtained from the testing of the engine, is also investigated.

18 An Analysis of Demand for Biogas Technology Using Contingent Valuation: A Study of Dugda District, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia .
Derese Getachew, Belaineh Legesse (Ph.D), Dr. Sabita Ghatuary.

Abstract— The specific objectives of the study were to determine household demand for biogas technology and to identify factors affecting households’ willingness to install biogas plant and amount they are willing to pay. Data were collected from 124 randomly selected sample households in 4 selected rural “kebeles”. A contingent valuation method was used to elicit households’ amount are willing to pay. The main findings from this analysis are that demand for biogas technology at both market and highly discounted or subsidized prices is very low. For instance, about 40% discount in the installation price only led to 8.9% increase in the demand for biogas technology. Demand for the technology at full installation cost is found to be negligible as only 0.8% of households became willing to pay for biogas plant installation. Heckman two-stage econometric model was employed to analyze factors affecting households’ willingness to install decision and maximum amount they are willing to pay for biogas plant. Based on the model result, number of tropical livestock unit, proximity to water sources, access to extension services related to biogas technology and perceptions of households about quality of biogas plant installed were significant in determining households’ decision to install biogas plant while annual cash income, number of tropical livestock unit, type of house a household own, educational level of head of household, access to credit, perception of households about quality and attributes of biogas technology were significant variables in explaining maximum amount they are willing to pay. Giving more emphasis and support to livestock rearing, water supply, extension services related to biogas technology, improving the quality and attributes of biogas technology, and minimizing cost of installation by using locally available materials is the main implications of this research. These considerations may allow scaling-up of biogas technology effectively for the next consecutive phases.

19 Cross Layer Technology for Reinforcing Manet Security .
K.Suresh Babu , N.Bhavana.

Abstract— Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are an emerging type of wireless networking, in which mobile nodes associate on Ad Hoc basis. However, wireless Ad Hoc network solves a number of traditional network shortcomings, it comes with its own set of technological challenges that must not be ignored. When compared to wired means of communication, MANET communication is more affected for security due its vulnerable nature. In this paper we detect malicious node by using cross layer technology .

20 Implantation of Complete Intracorneal Ring in Patients with Keratoconus.
Roghiyeh Elham BSc., MSc., Ebrahim Jafarzadepur, BSc., MSc. Phd, Kazem Amanzadeh,MD

Abstract— Purpose: To assess changes that occurs in visual acuity, refraction, and keratometry of keratoconic patients after implantation of complete intracorneal ring.

21 Side Lobe Suppression Techniques in OFDM Based Cognitive radio: A Review .
Ved Prakash Singh , Saurabh Mitra .

Abstract— Economical pooling of the spectrum is achieved by employing a psychological feature radio (CR), that could be a multi -band, spectrally agile radio that employs versatile communication techniques. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has established to be the prime willdidate for spectrum pooling primarily based wireless transmission systems as it can deliver the goods high information rate communications. The big facet lobes ensuing from the employment of OFDM lead to high out-of-band (OOB) radiation. During this context a survey of side lobe suppression methodologies for psychological feature radio is bestowed. Varied aspects of side lobe drawback square measure studied from a psychological feature radio perspective associate degreed an economical suppression technique is introduced. Challenges related to side lobes square measure given and enabling suppression strategies square measure reviewed.

22 Determination of Physicochemical and Heavy Metals Levels in Water at Betem Rivers State, Nigeria .
Ideriah, T.J. K.

Abstract— The levels of and Heavy metals (Cu, Fe and Pb) in ground and surface water in parts of Betem in Khana Local Government Area were assessed using standard methods by APHA for physicochemical parameters and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer by GBC Avanta Version 2.02 for heavy metals. The results showed that the ranges of the measured parameters were 6.5-8.5 pH, 6.2-79.1µS/cm Electrical Conductivity, <250mg/l Salinity, 5.2-54.3mg/l, Total Dissolved Solids, 16-48mg/l Total Alkalinity, 3.8-34.5mg/l Total hardness, < 0.005 – 4.6 Nitrate, 1.0-1.4mg/l Sulphate, < 0.05mg/l Phosphate and 1.0-9.9mg/l Chloride. The ground water samples are more contaminated than the surface water samples with regard to parameters such as TDS, EC, Alkalinity, Hardness and Chloride. The concentration of Pb and Cu was < 0.001mg/l in ground and surface water, the concentrations of Fe was < 0.001mg/l in Groundwater and ranged between 0.288mg/l and 0.342mg/l in Surface water. The ground water samples are more contaminated than the surface water samples. The inhabitants of Betem community are exposed to serious health and environmental effects as they depend on the water from these sources for drinking, agriculture and other domestic purposes. It was recommended that Government should provide better sources of drinking water for the community.

23 Seismic Response of RCC Multi-Storied Framed Buildings .
M.P. Mishra, S.K.Dubey

Abstract— Earthquake response analysis is an art to simulate the behavior of a structure subjected to an earthquake ground motion based on dynamic and a mathematical model of the structure. The correct analysis will depend upon the proper modeling of the behavior of material, elements, connection and structure. The model or the numbers of degree of the freedom should be selected carefully considering the objective of the analysis. Sometimes sophistication or complicated models are not only useless but also create misunderstanding to interpret the result in practical problems. Therefore it is important to select and appropriate and simple model to match the purpose of the analysis. Analytical models should be based on Physical observations and its behavior under dynamic load. A three dimensional model has independent displacement at each node and can simulate any type of behavior, because of the difficulties in modeling verification and numerical calculations make more complications so three dimensional models has not yet been used even in most sophisticated design practices especially for building with irregular geometric configurations. In this paper main focus is to determine the response of the RCC buildings showing static and dynamic behavior analysis in different Zones to judge its behavior with respects to IS: 18932002-part-I IS code recommendation to do different analytical methods depending upon the height, location ,and configuration of building including comparison of variation of forces developed to know economic suitability of the structure with safety etc.

24 A Strategically Approach To Improve Thermal Comfort in Education Institution .
Vaitheeswaran K, Anush P.

Abstract— Typical Indian classroom are natural ventilated and the effect of the room temperature on students are not studies. This paper describes a intelligent system to classroom environment, that utilizes an intelligent agent for autonomously governing the room temperature and comfort level in the class room. Generally thermal comfort is traditionally measured and predicted by the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) metric, which is based on extensive field trial linking reported comfort level with various factors. However, PMV is a statistical data and the actual thermal comfort could be different from the predicted value. Since the thermal comfort various with person to person, with the dressing cloths to mental comfort of the person. The thermal comfort also plays a major role in electric power utilisation also. In this paper a prototype is development of thermal comfort in a class room environment where 60 plus students will be accommodated in a 58.3Sq.m. room. Ventilation and cooling system are controlled digitally with temperature mapping and PMV system.

25 Thermo-Mechanical Stress Loading And Deformation Of Otr Dump Truck Tires In Surface Mining Operations .
Wedam Nyaaba, Samuel Frimpong and Eric Gbadam .

Abstract—Off-the-road tires have found wide application in earthmoving equipment used in surface mining operations. The challenging terrains in which these ultra-class tires operate reduce their designed longevity. The total tire service and replacement costs over the useful service life of a haul truck can exceed the original price of the truck. Improving dump truck tires service life requires advanced knowledge and solution techniques to determine the factors that cause their deformations and subsequent failures. Varying ambient temperatures, excessive payloads, road irregularities, and road conditions are but a part of the uncertainties surrounding the designed life of these tires. In order to determine the true stress and thermal state of an operating tire it is important to consider the combined effects of the thermo-mechanical loads on the tire in real time. This forms the object of the current paper. A 3D patterned-tread prototype of Bridgestone 59/80R63 tire adopted for Caterpillar truck 797F is used for this study. A fully coupled thermalmechanical stress analysis procedure is adopted to solve the resulting governing equations explicitly in the nonlinear finite element code ABAQUS. For the purpose of comparisons, a parallel analysis of the same model was run using the dynamic explicit analysis procedure in the same solution platform. The results show maximum von Mises stress values of Pa and Pa in the belt layers of the thermal-mechanical stress analysis and mechanical stress analysis, respectively. In addition, maximum nodal temperature 31.18 was obtained for a simulation time of 3 s. The higher stresses in the thermalmechanical stress analysis indicate the contribution of thermal loads to the overall stress state of the tire. This research study is a pioneering effort in determining accurate thermal and mechanical stress states of a rolling tire for predicting tire temperature distributions.

26 Implementation of BIST Test Generation Scheme based on Programmable Twisted Ring Counters .
B. Satheesh babu, G.Venkataramanaiah.

Abstract— The high-performance circuit for a novel built-in self-test (BIST) architecture presented here. The proposed approach is especially suitable for embedding recomputed test sets due to their small area overhead and simple control circuitry. TRC often requires long test time to achieve high fault coverage and large storage space to store required control data and TRC seeds when compared to other pattern generators. We are going to prove that small number of seeds is adequate for generating test sequences using PTRC on-chip test generation scheme that embed complete test sets for the ISCAS benchmark circuits. To reduce the storage data and the test time for testing, seed and control vector.

27 A Novel Stack Based Power Gated FinFET SRAM Design .
Neetesh Bhardwaj, Dharmendra Kushwah .

Abstract— Leakage current and data retention stability in memory cell is the main concern of CMOS technology with scaling. Conventional CMOS technology does not match the data stability factor in scaling Nano-device. Obviously FinFET is the best alternative of CMOS because of superior handling of Shortchannel-effect which is affecting parameter beyond the 32nm technology region. In this research paper, we present a novel SRAM design with power gating mechanism which enhanced the data stability with minimizing the leakage current. A single ended read and write assist circuitry is also presented here, which enhancing read and write noise margin for maintaining SRAM stability. The newly proposed design is significantly reducing leakage power consumption up to 88.25% and, read and write power consumption are up to 95.3% and 11.5%, respectively, as compared to conventional FinFET SRAM designs . The noise margins are increased up to 3.22x with the proposed SRAM novel FinFET power gated highly noise immune technique as compared to conventional self-reverse bias power gating technique at 32nm technology node.

28 Effects of Comet C/2011 L4 on Jupiter and Earth .
B. Raha, J. Pandit, R. Bhattacharya, S. Biswas and A. B. Bhattacharya

Abstract— In this paper, we have critically examined and analyzed our recorded data at Kalyani, which exhibit a clear enhancement in the radio signal level at 20.1 MHz received from Jupiter and also that received from the integrated field intensity of atmospherics record at 27 kHz during the flyby of the concerned comet.

29 Non Linear Interaction of Satellite IO with Its Planet Jupiter .
A. B. Bhattacharya, B. Raha and S. Biswas.

Abstract— The Galilean moon Io has been taken into consideration for receiving radio signal at Kalyani (22.97° N, 88.43° E). Data obtained in our observatory due to the effect of Io have analyzed and the results have been interpreted in this paper.

30 Discovering Malicious Attacks in Social Applications.
C.Rajkumar, D.Govindaraj .

Abstract— In interactions through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, is mounting its importance in our day nowadays life. The applications are near a suitable means for hackers to increase cruel content on Facebook. However, tiny is unspoken about the personality of cruel apps and how they work. The Social applications, we have residential to guard Facebook and twitter users from malicious apps. Our work makes three main offerings. First, to enable protection of users at scale, we design an efficient malicious detection method which takes advantage of the social context of posts. We can detect emerging topics only based on the reply/mention relationships in social network posts. We have to use burst detection algorithm for detecting mutually exclusive groups of related genotypes in the population. We demonstrate our technique in a number of real data sets we gathered from Twitter or Facebook. Facebook will benefit from our recommendations for reducing the menace of hackers on their platform.

31 Techniques to Compensate Stator Resistance Variations at Low Frequency for Sensorless Induction Motor Drives .
M.Kaliamoorthy, A.Sakthivel, R.Chandrasekaran .

Abstract— stator resistance variations occur during normal operation of Induction motors. A small variation in stator resistance results in a large variation in the estimated speed for sensorless drives at low frequencies. This paper proposes three techniques to eliminate effectively the errors due to the stator resistance variations. The techniques are validated and the performance enhancements obtained are compared.

32 A Survey on Digital Video Watermarking Techniques .
Swapnil Shrivastava, Neeta Nathani .

Abstract— Electronic or digital watermarking is a way by which information can be imperceptibly embedded into other electronic media, while being robust against signal manipulations & any attempts to attacks for removal of the embedded watermark. This paper mainly focused on evaluation of the parameters of uncompressed type video watermarking techniques in terms of human visual characteristics (HVS), complexity & robustness against attacks & various types of other manipulations. The foundations of video watermarking are studied & surveyed, followed by a review of existing video watermarking techniques. In this paper various techniques from different watermarking categories are identified, with their advantages & shortcomings.

33 Performance investigation of a two reflector box type solar cooker and Fresnel lens solar cooker .
Sangeeta Vishwakarma .

Abstract— Solar energy great potential in terms of supplying the world’s energy needs. Here the sun light is utilized in effective way. The present status of application, the ongoing research and development works suggest that Fresnel lens solar concentrators will bring a breakthrough of commercial solar energy concentration application technology in the near future. The paper refers to analyze the some of the existing solar concentrators used in the solar technology for the past four decades and performance of each concentrator will be explained and compared. The solar cookers has so many major applications such as water boiling and food preparation .

34 Assessment of Voltage stability Using PV Curve .
Dharmendra Kumar, Nisheet Soni .

Abstract— It is becoming increasingly important for power system planning and operating engineers to be capable of performing comprehensive voltage stability analyses of the systems. This need is largely due to the recent trends towards operating systems under stressed conditions—as a result of increasing system loads without sufficient transmission and/or generation enhancements. There have been many failures, due to voltage instability in power systems around the world. In recent years many researchers have suggested techniques for voltage stability analysis considering both static and dynamic aspects. This paper is mainly concerned with analysis of steady state voltage stability. A method to compute voltage collapse proximity based on PV curve has been done for proximity to voltage stability.

35 Data Hiding Using Reed Soloman Technique .
Musale Shital Satapa, Pawar Sanjay S.

Abstract— In the today’s world transfer of data over the network increases tremendously. So, security of data is very important for secure communication. The steganography is a technique in which the data is hidden in the multimedia content like image, audio, video. The cryptography alone is not sufficient for securing the data. In this paper we study concept of data security using Reed Solomon algorithm. This paper deals with data hiding in compressed Video. Motion vectors are calculated using macro block prediction error, which is different from the approaches Based on the motion vector attributes such as the magnitude and phase angle, etc. Then find out the DCT coefficient. The secret data is hidden in to that coefficient. Information hiding is a method of hiding secret data into a host medium so that the hidden data are imperceptible but known to the intended recipient. The host medium may be a digital image, audio, video, or another type of media. In the image hiding system, the image used to embed secret data is called the host image (cover image). The resultant image, which is embedded with secret data, is called the stego-image.

36 Optimization of fuzzy inventory in subsidiary – autonomous sourcing management .
M.Gomathi , S.Chandrasekaran.

Abstract— It is common for subsidiaries of a group company to use the same type of components for producing similar production. Different subsidiary companies may well procure such components from the same suppliers. This paper studies the subsidiaryautonomous sourcing management (SD-ASM), where subsidiaries manage their inventories and place purchasing orders independent of each other. In the SD-ASM, model, each subsidiary places replenishment orders at a time interval corresponding to their economic order quantity (EOQ).In this model we consider the fuzzy total cost under crisp order quantity or fuzzy order quantity in order to extend the traditional inventory model to the fuzzy environment. We use function principle as arithmetic operation of fuzzy total cost and use the graded mean integration representation method to defuzzify the fuzzy total cost. Then use the Kuhn-Tucker condition method to find the optimal order quantity of the fuzzy order inventory model.