IJAIR- Volume 4 Issue 12 (December 2015)


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1 Secure Cloud Storage Access with Regeneration of Code
Aarti P. Kadam, Archana C.Lomte

Abstract —Cloud computing is the extensive vision of computing as a utility, where users can somewhat store their data into the cloud so as to get pleasure from the on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing resources. By outsourcing the data on cloud, users can be relieved from the trouble of local data storage and its maintenance. Thus, enabling public auditability for cloud data storage security is of significant importance so that users can submit data to an external auditor to check the integrity of outsourced data whenever necessary. To firmly bring in an effective third party auditor (TPA), the following two fundamental requirements have to be met: TPA should be able to efficiently audit the cloud data storage without demanding the local copy of data, and introduce no additional on-line burden to the cloud user. Specifically, the system can be summarized as three aspects: 1) Motivate the public auditing system of data storage security in Cloud Computing and also offer a protocol for privacypreserving auditing, i.e., the scheme supports an external auditor to audit the user’s outsourced data in the cloud without knowledge on the data content. 2) To support scalable and efficient public auditing in the Cloud Computing. In particular, the scheme achieves batch auditing where multiple delegated auditing tasks from different users can be performed simultaneously by the TPA. 3) Prove the security and justify the performance of proposed schemes through concrete experiments and comparisons with the state-of-the-art.

2 Li-Fi: A New Emerging Wireless Communication Technology Connecting to the World
Bindia, Neha Aggarwal

Abstract—In today’s era, as the numbers of devices using internet are increasing the limited bandwidth leads to decrease in the speed of the data transfer. The solution of this problem is Li-Fi. Li-Fi is successor of Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. Li-Fi is a new emerging technology very soon going to hit the life of a common people. Li-fi uses visible light spectrum rather than Gigahertz radio waves for transferring data. It uses LED light bulbs. These devices are normally used for illumination by applying a constant current through the LED. As light is everywhere and free to use, possibilities increases to a great extent by using Li-Fi. It is need of modern world Advancement of technologies may bring another changes to this technology by changing the colored led, array arrangement and altering the frequency as every frequency would encode different channel of data.

3 Gi-Fi : An Approaching Generation Wireless Technology
Bindia, Neha Aggarwal

Abstract—Gi-Fi is a wireless transmission system which is ten times faster than Wi-Fi and it has chip that delivers multi-gigabit data transfer in an indoor environment. It allows wireless transfer of audio and video data up to 5 gigabits per second with low power consumption, usually within a range of 10 meters .This technology provides high broadband access and data transfer with very high speed to exchange files within seconds at very low cost. Gi-Fi is next generation wireless technology used in homes and offices.

4 Effect of Ethyleacetate Extract of Detarium microcarpum Guill and Perr Stem Bark on Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne javanica)
Jada, M. Y., Reuben, K. D., Oaya, C. S.

Abstract—The effect of ethyleacetate extract of Detarium microcarpum Guill and Perr bark on root- knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) was examined in the Laboratory of the Department of Crop Protection, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola in 2014. It was to determine the juvenile mortality of M. javanica and nematicidal properties of Detarium microcarpum Guill and Perr bark. Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of six (6) treatments replicated four (4) times was used as the experimental design for the juvenile mortality experiment. The result obtained indicates that, M. javanica juvenile mortality was significantly higher in 100% concentration of the ethyleacetate extract with 90 juvenile mortality at 72hrs followed by 80% ethyleacetate extract concentration with 87 juvenile mortality at 72 hrs. The lowest juvenile mortality was obtained in 0% concentration of ethyleacetate extract with 1 juvenile mortality at 24 hrs. The chemical analysis of the ethyleacatate extract of D. microcarpum Guill and Perr bark also reveals that there was high concentration of Terpenoids, Leadacetate, Cardiac glycosides but has no Saponins..

6 Diversity of Some Rutelinae Beetles in and around Pune City
Pejaver M. K., Gujarathi G. R.

Abstract - Rutelinae is one of the largest subfamilies of family Scarabaeidae. The beetles are conspicuous and attractive. The present study showcases Rutelinae chafers found across Pune city from selected Agricultural, Forest and Urban zones. They’re represented by 4 genera Anomala, Rhinyptia, Lissadoretus and Adoretus.

7 Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine Fuelled with Cotton Seed Oil Methyl Ester and Jatropha Oil Methyl Ester
Ganapati Garag, Ajitkumar P. Madival, Swetha G N

Abstract- Renewable fuels like biodiesels can very well suit to diesel engine applications as they address problems of energy scarcity, foreign exchange savings and emission norms. Production of biodiesel to industrial scale with low cost techniques can pave way for their efficient use in engine applications. In view of this, an attempt has been made to operate a modified diesel engine on these high potential renewable biodiesel fuels. An experimental study was carried out to evaluate the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine operated in single fuel mode fuelled with methyl ester of cotton seed oil (COME) and jatropha oil methyl ester (JOME).

8 A Comparative Study Of Carbohydrates In Unifloral Honeys Of East-Godavari, A.P India
K. Hemalatha, P. Satyanarayana

Abstract- Honey is an extraordinary ad unique sweetening agent synthesized by the honey bees by collecting different nectars from different kinds of flowers. It is a natural product containing both food and medicinal values without causing any adverse effects. Out of all nutrients of the food carbohydrates are the most important nutrient which gives instant energy (power house in terms of energy). These carbohydrates are taking a very crucial role in metabolic activities (biological activities of the body) carried out in the body. They also responsible for the texture of the honey. Thus we have studied and investigated the comparative amounts of carbohydrates. The amounts of carbohydrates are calculated as reducing, non-reducing, and dextrin’s. The reducing and non-reducing sugars are given by F/G ratios in each kind of uni-floral honeys of East-Godavari, A.P India. For the above study the samples are collected from different areas in different seasons for A.P. This information can give an idea about the selection of floral honey and the requirement basing on their health condition (diabetes). Origin of honey decided by the pollen analysis of the honey.

9 Sustainable Tourism Development in India with Special Reference to Nainital-Uttarakhand
Dr. FarhatBanoo Beg., Dr.Shakeel-ul-Rehman, Dr. Syed Irfan Shafi

Abstract- Tourism as a major engine for generating employment and sustainable livelihoods. Indian civilization is one of the oldest and richest in the world with a wide range of cultural and natural assets. The country is a major international tourist destination, a position it is reinforcing through the highly successful ‘Incredible India’ campaign. Nainital which occupies a place of pride on the tourist map of India, is a growing centre located on the outer margin of central Himalaya, about 300 km north east of Delhi. Although the town holds great potential for development of various grades of recreation for tourists, there is an intense and unplanned tourist activity going on in its limited space with little touristic infrastructure. However, as Tourism and environment are inextricably linked and interdependent, this rapid growth is not preceded by planning strategies, negative effects are evident. The natural beauty of its landscape – the very basis of tourist activities in the region- may be spoiled by uncontrolled exploitation. Therefore, there is a great need of judicious land use and planned development that conforms to the laws of nature to ensure a healthy socio- economic growth in tourist areas. This calls for Tourism which is economically viable but does not destroy the resources on which the future of tourism will depend, notably the physical environment, and the social fabric of the host community. Moreover, an understanding of how market economies operate, of the cultures and management procedures of private sector businesses and of public and voluntary sector organizations, and of the values and attitudes of the public is necessary in order to turn good intentions into practical measures. The concerns of sustainable tourism in Nainital are not just environmental, but also economic, social, cultural, political and managerial.

10 Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System by Using DSTATCOM with a Novel method
K.J.L.Durga madhavi, CH.Swetha

Abstract- Any electrical power system consists of wide range of electrical, electronic and power electronic equipment in commercial and industrial applications. The qualities of the power is affected by many factors like harmonic contamination, arc in arc furnace, sag and swell due to the increment of non-linear loads such as large thyristor power converters, rectifiers, voltage and current flickering, arc in arc furnaces and switching of loads respectively which also affects the sensitive loads to be fed from the system. In This paper presents a new synchronous-reference frame (SRF)-based control method to compensate powerquality (PQ) problems (reactive power, to provide load balancing, to eliminate harmonics, to correct power factor) through a three-phase four-wire unified PQ conditioner (DSTATCOM) under unbalanced and distorted load conditions. The efficiency of the DSTATCOM depends on the performance of the efficiency control technique involved in switching the inverters. Unlike previous approaches, this paper presents a hysteresis voltage control technique of DSTATCOM based on bipolar and unipolar Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The hysteresis voltage control has a very fast response, simple operation and variable switching frequency. To evaluate the quality of the load voltage during the operation of DSTATCOM, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is calculated with various controllers (PI, ANN). The proposed DSTATCOM system can improve the power quality at the point of common coupling on power distribution systems under unbalanced and distorted load conditions with SRF-EPLL control Technique. The validity of proposed method and achievement of desired compensation are confirmed by the results of the simulation in MATLAB/ Simulink.

11 Reproductive Health Status of School going adolescent Children
Dr. G.Anbuselvi, Dr. H.Nandhini

Abstract- Adolescent as a transactional period between childhood and adulthood. It is a new relative concept in India. As a result the relationship between physical, social and psychological changes that are specific to adolescence and their vulnerability to health problems, have remind largely unorganized and unexplored (Nandani, 1999). Women are generally underserved in India among them the most neglected are adolescent girls and especially if they are unmarried they are vulnerable both biologically and socially.

12 A Secure Network Infrastructure for IP Spoofing Attack by Using IP Traceback
Ms. Jyoti Shriniwas Bhole, Prof. G.M. Bhandari

Abstract- It is long known attackers may use fake source IP address to hide their real locations. To capture the spoofers, a number of IP traceback techniques have been proposed. However, due to the challenges of deployment, there has been not a broadly adopted IP traceback solution, at least at the Internet level. Therefore, the mist on the locations of spoofers has never been degenerated till now. Here we propose passive IP traceback (PIT) that bypasses the deployment problems of IP traceback techniques. PIT explores Internet Control Message Protocol error messages (named path backscatter) generated by spoofing traffic, and tracks the spoofers based on public available information (e.g., topology). Thus, PIT can discover the spoofers without any deployment requirement. Here we determine the causes, collection, and the statistical results on path backscatter, determines the processes and effectiveness of PIT, and shows the captured locations of spoofers by applying PIT on the path backscatter data set. These results can help additional reveal IP spoofing, which has been studied for long but never well understood. However PIT cannot work in all the spoofing attacks, it may be the most beneficial technique to trace spoofers before an Internet-level traceback system has been deployed in real.

13 An Efficient and Secured way of routing by using MDR algorithm in WSN
M.Kavitha Margret, Amal Devasia

Abstract- To handle this challenge, this paper presents a peer-to-peer (P2P)-based Market-guided Distributed routing mechanism (MDR). MDR takes advantage of widespread base stations to coordinately realize highly efficient data routing, and effective reputation management and trading market management for reliable data routing. Finally, it is forwarded to the destination node.I further propose market-based policies to strengthen cooperation incentives. Simulation results show that MDR outperforms the traditional hybrid routing schemes and reputation systems in achieving high throughput.

14 Pseudonym Generation with Combining the Identity-based and Attribute-based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation Scheme in Cloud Computing
Kirti Patil, Sonali Patil

Abstract- The existing Identity-based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation scheme in Cloud Computing introduce a heavy computation overhead on the Private Key Generator with an untrusted KU-CSP. In this project, we propose a Pseudonym Generation Scheme for Identity-based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing by combining the techniques of Identity Based Encryption (IBE) with Attribute Based Encryption (ABE). In existing work, Upon receiving a private key request from user, the Private Key Generator (PKG) runs Key Generation Algorithm to obtain private Key (SK) and Outsourcing Key (OK). Finally, it sends SK to user and (ID, OK) to KU-CSP respectively. KU-CSP is untrusted. So adversaries can identify a specific individual. To overcome this issue, we generate pseudonym for each users anonymity. Furthermore, we achieve efficient user revocation by combining the techniques of both IBE with ABE. The security and performance analyses indicate that the proposed scheme is secure, efficient, and privacy - preserving.

15 Implementation of Carry Free Addition using Quaternary Signed Digit Number System
Alladi.Ashok, Ravula.Vijaya

Abstract- A carry free arithmetic operation can be achieved using a higher radix number system such as Quaternary Signed Digit (QSD). In QSD, each digit can be represented by a number from -3 to 3. Carry free addition and other operations on a large number of digits such as 64, 128, or more can be implemented with constant delay and less complexity. Design is simulated &synthesizedusing Modelsim6.0, Microwind and Leonardo Spectrum.

16 Implementation of 64 bit MAC Unit Using 64X64 Wallace Multiplier
Lavudya.Devsingh, Ravula.Vijaya

Abstract- A design of high performance 64 bit Multiplier-and-Accumulator (MAC) is implemented in this paper. MAC unit performs important operation in many of the digital signal processing (DSP) applications. The multiplier is designed using modified Wallace multiplier and the adder is done with carry save adder. The total design is coded with verilog-HDL and the synthesis is done using Cadence RTL complier using typical libraries of TSMC O.18um technology. The total MAC unit operates at 217 MHz. The total power dissipation is 177.732 mW.

17 Pulse Enhancement Scheme for a Low-Power Pulse- Triggered Flop-Flop with Conditional Clock Technique
Kaasarla.Geetha, Ravula.Vijaya

Abstract- Flip-flop is one of the most power consumption components. As the power budget of today’s portable digital circuit is severely limited. It is important to reduce the power dissipation in both clock distribution networks and flip-flops. The power delay is mainly due to the clock delays. The delay of the flipflops should be minimized for efficient Implementation As the power budget of today’s portable digital circuit is severely limited. It is important to reduce the power dissipation in both clock distribution networks and flipflops. In this paper we move from conventional Master Slave Flip-Flop to a pulse triggered Flip-Flop which consists of Pulse generator and a latch network. In order to reduce the unwanted discharge in TSPC we propose different Flip-Flops with reduced switching power as well as reduced transistor count.

18 Implementation of Multioperand Redundant Adders using Compressor Trees
S.VenkataKishore, Ravula.Vijaya

Abstract- This paper presents different approaches to the efficient implementation of generic carry-save compressor trees on FPGAs. They present a fast critical path, independent of bit width, with practically no area overhead compared to CPA trees. Along with the classic carry-save compressor tree, we present a novel linear array structure, which efficiently uses the fast carrychain resources. This approach is defined in a parameterizable HDL code based on CPAs, which makes it compatible with any FPGA family or vendor.

19 A Low Power Single Phase Clock Multivariate Flexible Divider
Kancharla. Kiran, Ravula. Vijaya

Abstract- A Wideband 2/3 Prescaler Is Verified in the Design of Proposed Wide Band Multi modulus 32/33/47/48 Prescaler. A Dynamic Logic Multiband Flexible Integer-N Divider Is Designed Which Uses The Wideband 2/3 Prescaler , Multi modulus 32/33/47/48 Prescaler. Since The Multi modulus 32/33/47/48 Prescaler Has Maximum Operating Frequency Of 6.2Ghz, The Values Of P And S Counters Can Actually Be Programmed To Divide Over The Whole Range Of Frequencies. However, the P And S Counters Are Programmed Accordingly. The Proposed Multiband Flexible Divider Also Uses An Improved Loadable Bit- Cell For Swallow - Counter And Consumes A Power Of 0.96 And 2.2 Mw, Respectively, And Provides A Solution To The Low Power PLL Synthesizers For Bluetooth, Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4, And IEEE 802.11a/B/G WLAN Applications With Variable Channel Spacing.

20 Survey Paper Of Evolution Of Mobile Wireless Technology 1g To 5g Network And Data Offloading Methods
Mayank Shrivastava, Dr. Neeraj Shrivastava

Abstract- In this paper study of 5G wireless technology networks is defined at high speed data transfer without any data traffic and solve internet problems. This 5G network used anytime, anywhere to connect device. 5G wireless technologies connect by full duplex, multi-rate, cloud RAN radio design. In this paper we describe 5G wireless communication technology, identify new challenges & opportunities.

21 Low Power High Speed Magnitude Comparator Design
Meenu Shrivastava, Vijay Kumar Magraiya

Abstract- The modern portable devices demand ultra-low power consumption due to the limited battery size. The binary magnitude comparator is the important block in many digital systems. This paper explores the existing magnitude comparator design techniques and proposes a new binary comparator that provides significant reduction in the power and area. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed technique over the existing, all the existing comparators are implemented in Verilog, synthesized and simulated with Xiling tool chain and design metrics such as area, power and delay are evaluated. The simulation results on FPGA show that the proposed comparator provides more than 2.6% reduction in power over the best-known comparator.

22 Design and Development of Maglev Wind Turbine
Nitin S.Sawarkar, Anand Nilewar, Piyush Sirsat

Abstract- This research dwells on the implementation of an alternate configuration of a wind turbine for power generation purposes. Using the effects of magnetic repulsion wind turbine blades will be fitted on a shaft for stability during rotation and suspended on magnets as a replacement for bearings which are normally used on conventional wind turbines. Power will then be generated with an axial flux generator, which incorporates the use of permanent magnets and a set of coils. The wind mill produces DC current. Magnetic levitation, maglev, or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. Magnetic pressure is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational and any other accelerations. The principal advantage of a maglev windmill from a conventional one is, as the rotor is floating in the air due to levitation, mechanical friction is totally eliminated. That makes the rotation possible in very low wind speeds. Maglev wind turbines have several advantages over conventional wind turbines. For instance, they’re able to use winds with starting speeds as low as 1.5 meters per second (m/s). Also, they could operate in winds exceeding 40 m/s.

23 A Generalized Class of Estimator of Population Variance Using Auxiliary Information in the form of Mean and Variance
Peeyush Misra

Abstract- A generalized estimator representing a class of estimators using auxiliary information in the form of mean and variance is proposed. The expression for bias and mean square error are found and it is shown that the proposed generalized class of estimator is more efficient than few of the estimators available in the literature. An empirical study is also included as an illustration.

24 Analytical Performance of Unbaffled Shell and Tube- heat exchanger with Longitudinal and Trapezoidal Helical Fins
Nivedita Singh, Prof K. K. Jain, Dr. R. K. Dave, Prof. Pooja Tiwari

Abstract- A heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer thermal energy (enthalpy) between two or more fluids, at different temperatures and in thermal contact. In this problem of heat transfer, on comparing different profiles of fins it has been found that an increase in the mass flow rate from 1kg/s to 2 kg/s for rectangular, trapezoidal, rectangular-helical and trapezoidalhelical. The temperature drop for rectangular fin is 9K, trapezoidal fin is 10 K rectangular- helical 21 K and trapezoidal - helical is 27 K so the best result is found for trapezoidal- helical fin. From these results it shows that on changing the profile of the fin optimum results are obtained. The tube diameter, tube length, shell types etc. are all standardized and are available only in certain sizes and geometry.

25 Denoising of Image Employing Spatial Adaptive Thresholding Based on Wavelet Transform
Rajneesh Mishra, Megha Soni, Sudeep Baudha

Abstract- In this paper, we described image denoising using wavelet transform and various existing algorithms using different technique. The process of removing noise from an image is called as noise reduction or denoising. In this paper, we have introduced some significant wavelet transforms for image denoising such as VisuShrink, BayesShrink, Bilateral and proposed Spatial Adaptive thresholding techniques. Performance of noise reduction using proposed technique is compared with several existing techniques such as VisuShrink, BayesShrink and Bilateral thresholding. It is measure on the basis of error metric such as Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Mean Squared Error (MSE) and in terms of visible quality of images.

26 Enhancement of Degraded Document Images Using Efficient Algorithms
J.Rajalakshmi, R.Sudha

Abstract- In this paper, denoising along with binarization algorithm that uses phase congruency features is proposed to extract the text information from the document images. In the pre- processing step, the image is denoised and combined with canny edge map to preserve the edge information of the text. In the next step, the phase congruency map is obtained from the document image and it is combined with the image obtained in the pre-processing step. The post- processing step is to improve the quality of the texts by using morphological operations. Experimental results shows that the proposed method performs well in enhancing the document images captured using hand held devices.

27 Optimal trade credit and lot size policies in economic production quantity models with deterioration and shortages
W.Ritha, I.Francina Nishandhi

Abstract- To attract the customer supplier offers buyer's trade credit (e.g. permissible delay in payments). In this paper we analyze an inventory model for deteriorating products with the constant deterioration rate under permissible delay in payments. Also we include the shortage cost and determine the optimal value of total cost. Finally we provide the numerical examples to illustrate the theoretical results and to provide some managerial insights.

28 Optimal Inventory Policy for Perishable Products with Stock Sensitive Demand Under Three Level Trade Credit Capacities
Dr. W. Ritha, S. Sutha

Abstract- The inventory system focused here is based on the stock responsive demand for perishable products under three level trade credit capacities. The recent analysis of Min et al.[18] and Hardik N.Soni, on inventory policy has required such terminal condition of zero ending-inventory. Moreover, ordering bulky quantities may be desirable if the demand is highly depend on the stock holing by the trader. Sometimes, on this demand basis, there is a possibility for closing stock at the end of the respective period because of the likely profits resulting from the increased demand. Consequently, for the practical application of this concept, we extend their model to allow for non-zero inventory at the end of the period, for cut-off the negative impression on stock and for analyzing the fluctuation of demand and the variation of profit margin, through three level trade credit systems. The numerical examples to support to this system are also worked out.

29 Gibberellin producing Fusarium species promote seed germination and seedling growth of Oryza sativa
Roushan Islam, Bejoysekhar Datta

Abstract- Gibberellin (GA) is a major phytohormone which regulates growth and development of angiospermic plants. In the present study, eight Fusarium soil isolates from three agricultural fields of Murshidabad district, West Bengal, India were screened for production of gibberellin. The fungal isolates were recovered by soil dilution plate technique on a selective medium and characterized by their colony morphology and reproductive structures. Extracellular production of gibberellin by the Fusarium spp. was tested using phosphomolybdic acid reagent. All the Fusarium soil isolates were found positive for their ability to produce gibberellin. Among the eight Fusarium isolates, SF0203 and SF0301 produced elevated amount of GA (7150 and 7300 μg/ml). Rest of the soil isolates produced gibberellins from moderate to low extent. Moreover, culture filtrates of the soil isolates significantly promoted seed germination and seedling growth of Oryza sativa to a considerable extent. Therefore, these Fusarium isolates could be successfully exploited in the agricultural fields to increase crop yield.

30 A New Approach to Rank-Based Weighted Association Rule Mining
S.saravana kumar

Abstract- In Data Mining, the usefulness of association rules is strongly limited by the huge amount of delivered rules. Ranking of association rules is currently an interesting topic in data mining and bioinformatics. The huge number of evolved rules of items (or, genes) by association rule mining (ARM) algorithms makes confusion to the decision maker. A new algorithm called WARM (Weighted Association Rule Mining) is developed based on the improved model. The algorithm is both scalable and efficient in discovering significant relationships in weighted settings to rank the rules using two novel rule-interestingness measures, viz., rank-based weighted condensed support and weighted condensed confidence measures to bypass the problem. These measures are basically depended on the rank of items (genes).Using the rank; we assign weight to each item. Generates much less number of frequent item sets than the state-of-the-art association rule mining algorithms. Thus, it saves time of execution of the algorithm. Many top ranked rules extracted from that hold poor ranks in traditional Apriori, are highly biologically significant to the related diseases. Finally, the top rules evolved from that are not in Apriori are reported.

31 A Review on Face Recognition Algorithms
Sonali Goyal, Neera Batra

Abstract- Face Recognition is the process through which a person is identified by his facial image. With the help of this technique it is possible to use the facial image of a person to authenticate him into any secure system. Face recognition approaches for still images can be broadly categorized into holistic methods and feature based methods. Holistic methods use the entire raw face image as an input, whereas feature based methods extract local facial features and use their geometric and appearance properties [2]. A large number of face recognition algorithms have been developed in last decades. In this paper an attempt is made to review a wide range of methods used for face recognition comprehensively. This includes PCA, LDA, ICA, and SVM.

32 A survey on Energy Efficient Data Gathering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
P.Sukanya, M.Balasubramani

Abstract- In wireless sensor network, the most important issue is to reduce energy consumption. Multiple sensor nodes can detect a single object simultaneously and the data collected are usually highly correlated and redundant. Due to minimum no of sensor nodes, it is valuable to reduce the amount of data transmission so that the average sensor lifetime is reduced. The main goal of data gathering algorithms is to gather and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner so that network lifetime is enhanced. This paper describes a survey on data gathering in wireless sensor networks. We also studied advantages and disadvantages of each method and the comparison of each method with different constraints such as amount of gathered packets, energy efficiency, network lifetime etc.

33 Design and implementation of Intrusion Detection System using Honeyd for HTTP Attacks
Swapnil Saxena, Mr. Sandeep Gonnade

Abstract- Information security is growing concern today for organizations and individual alike. This led to growing interest in more aggressive forms of defense to supplement the existing methods. One of these methods involves the use of Honeypot. A Honeypot is an information system resource whose value lies in unauthorized or illicit use of that resource. In this paper we present an overview of Honeypot, its type and various tools.

34 Impact on Performance Factor Due To MNCS & Non MNCS Facilities
Sonam Sharma, Dheeraj dave, prateek modi

Abstract- Job performance is positive and pleasant attitude of an employee for his job. Satisfaction is the feelings of effective responses of individual towards his job. Definition of Job satisfaction is different for each employee of any organization. The company's employees are highly satisfied which is a matter of curiosity. It has motivated the researcher to find out the factors that is contributing towards the highest level of job satisfaction. It starts by defining Multinational Company discussing its merits and demerits, analyzing the various components of its strategies and structures and comparing the merits and demerits of these different types of structures and strategies. The survey aims to provide a feedback to the companies on what the employee marketplace thinks about various companies, what factors are considered important, what factors attract people, what factors demoralize people, what factors can impact on employee’s performance and other inputs in an impartial representative manner. This survey primarily aimed to capture the Aspiration and Perception across key variables of Organizational interface with an employee. This extensive survey of industrial engineering & management practices in multinational companies (MNCs) and Non multinational companies (NON-MNCs) would have not been possible without the cooperation of a large number of people and institutions. The survey explores substantive areas are like the HR functions, pay and performance of management, employee representation and consultation, employee involvement and communication, training, development and organizational learning to improve the performance of organization with employees growth.

35 Efficient enhancement technique for Underwater Image Enhancement with Stretching and Filter
Madhuri Puranam, Prof. Santosh chauhan

Abstract- The work done in the area of underwater image enhancement till now either using mean or median filters or by using various colour stretching methods or by using equalizing, but no one has presented a modal which is integrated of various different technique, Thesis work present a novel method of which is a special integration of different available techniques also it has new approach for image stretching and image equalisation. Proposed method enhances shallow ocean optical images or videos using stretching cum equalizing cum median filter and also as per wavelength properties. Our key contributions are proposed include a novel shallow water imaging model that compensates for the attenuation discrepancy along the propagation path and an effective underwater scene enhancement scheme. The recovered images are characterized by a reduced noised level, better exposure of the dark regions, and improved global contrast where the finest details and edges are enhanced significantly.

36 A Review on modified Passive filter design for Grid connected supply
Neha, Prof Rashika Gupta

Abstract- Optimal design of passive filter (combination of L, C & R) for grid connected inverter system is studied. For that, initially normal design is considered. Higher order passive filters are essential in meeting the interconnection standard requirement for grid-connected voltage source converters. The IEEE 1547-2008 specifications for high-frequency current ripple are used as a major constraint early in the design to ensure that all subsequent optimizations are still compliant with the standards. The choice of switching frequency for pulse width modulation single-phase inverters, such as those used in gridconnected photovoltaic application, is usually a tradeoff between reducing the total harmonic distortion (THD) and reducing the switching loss. The total inductance per unit of the passive filter is varied, and filter parameter (L, C & R) values which give the highest efficiency while simultaneously meeting the stringent standard requirements are identified. Then the conduction and switching losses that are caused by the filter are calculated and are optimized considering the level of reduction of harmonics. Hence the main aim of the study is to attenuate higher order harmonics along with the reduction in switching losses to ensure sinusoidal current injection into the grid. Further, the different switching schemes for single phase full bridge inverter are studied and compared to get the switching scheme which gives lesser switching losses. Proposed filter will be design for optimal inductance and capacitance values are obtained. Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverters with proposed Filter Considering Grid Impedance expected more stable than available work. Simulation will be done on MATLAB SIMULINK environment for feasibility of the study in near future.

37 Design of OSTBC with less BER and Using FPGA
Pragati, Sadma Pragi

Abstract- An orthogonal space-time block code (OSTBC) along with a minimum-BER and high SNR is Proposed and analyzed. the aim is to reduce the BER with new fully orthogonal fading matrix . The total number of branches that is being used for processing at the receiver is compared and computed. This paper works with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designing of an entire digital wireless communication for baseband system. The proposed BER tester also can be said BERT integrates the modules of a conventional communication system along with an AWGN channel into a FPGA. The BER is calculated for a 4x4 MIMO system.

38 Image Interpolation Based On Newton Formula for Enhancing Quality of Image
Shivani Soni, Prof. Rampal Kushwaha

Abstract- As the size of an image is enlarged, the pixels that form the image become increasingly visible, making the image appear "soft" if pixels are averaged, or jagged if not. Image interpolation methods however, often suffer from high computational costs and unnatural texture interpolation. The proposed work proposes a unique edge-adaptive image interpolation method using an edge-directed smoothness filter. Many image interpolation techniques are already been developed and designed we are proposing a new method is been used for edge-adaptive image interpolation which uses Newton forward difference. This difference provides very good grouping of pixels ones we consider target pixel for interpolation Proposed approach estimates the enlarged image from the original image based on an observation model. Simulation results for the work will can get by MATLAB and expecting that for the proposal method it will produces images with higher visual quality, higher PSNRs and faster computational times than the conventional methods.

39 An Effective Encrypting Algorithm for High Volume Data transfer Application on MANET
Swati panth, Shubhi Shrivastava

Abstract- Video streaming over a wireless network such as MANET, where wireless terminals (like PDAs, mobile phones, palmtops) access in video conferencing system, new challenges will be brought about [4]. First of all, a refactoring of the original system with security design should be considered because of limited wireless bandwidth of wireless terminals. In addition, a lightweight encryption algorithm to protect the media data should be given because of the limited battery power and the computational resource. The goal of this paper is to propose a security scheme which reduces latency overhead by modifying existing approaches for encrypting video data using a probabilistic encryption of frames based on the hybrid of existing encryption scheme and the proposed XORing scheme. The XORing scheme requires lesser time and its probabilistic application ensures that the overall security level is not degraded. This scheme can be efficiently used for communication in MANET. In addition, it is best suited for the communication between hand-held devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, palmtops etc. The algorithm can be used between the sites where the processing capacity and battery power are limited and efficient encryption is the main necessity.

40 Orthogonal Encoder for less BER in OFDM Communication
GTrisha Bhattacharjee, Shadma Pragi

Abstract- Multiple antenna systems are an efficient means for increasing the performance. In order to utilize the huge potential of multiple antenna concepts, it is necessary to resort to new transmit strategies, referred to as Space-Time Codes, which, in addition to the time and spectral domain, also use the spatial domain. Diversity-oriented Space-Time Codes. Based on Space-Time Block Codes from orthogonal designs (OSTBC), the Space-Time Block Codes from quasiorthogonal designs are developed for any number of transmit and receive antennas. This is achieved by incorporating spatial and temporal redundancy, which results in full diversity or in other words, in the maximum decay of the bit error rate curves. Full diversity is also achieved by OSTBC, which due to their structure transform the matrix-valued channel for multi-antenna systems, so called multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO)-channels, into several parallel, scalar single-input-single-output (SISO)-channels.

41 A literature survey for automation of cathode conditioning unit of linear accelerators
Abhishek Sahu, Prof. Mohd. Arif

Abstract- Cathode conditioning is the process of removing impurities from the cathode. The cathode acts as the source of electrons in electron linear accelerators. Any impurities in the cathode results in unstable and dispersed electron beam. Under the influence of high electric field it may cause arcing thus damaging the inner walls of the accelerator. The released impurities may also cause cathode poisoning. Cathode poisoning being an irreversible reaction will damage the cathode permanently. Thus the cathode has to be conditioned before being used for actual operation. For conditioning a cathode it is heated at a temperature higher than the operating temperature, before being used for actual operation, thus it is sometimes also called preheating.

42 Co-Channel Interference Analysis and Reduction in GSM Cellular Network
Pratyancha Thakur, Mr. Vipul Awasthi, Mr. Nitin Sahu

Abstract- In mobile communication we have to reuse the frequency, because frequency bands are limited, we have to use these limited bands for our communication. The frequency reuse means the repetition of frequency and that’s why the interference resulting. It is also the main cause of call drop, unnecessary handover and poor voice quality. Co-channel interference (CCI) is one of most significant factor is limiting the capacity and reduce the performance of the cellular network. The main goal of this paper is measuring the interference and to reduce it by various techniques such as antenna down tilting, proper cell planning, frequency hopping, power control & so on .The proposed method will be implemented by using Atoll planning tool.

43 Various methods of reduction of co-channel interference in GSM network
Pratyancha Thakur, Mr. Vipul Awasthi

Abstract- This paper presents a study to analysis and optimize co-channel interference GSM network. A fundamental problem in cellular network, as well as in many other disciplines (wireless communication), is finding a suitable interference reduction methods. Radio links cannot be created over infinite distances and will be limited in range by interference. In this paper study three special cases are considered: In the first scenario antenna tilt, second case varying the load factor and the third case frequency hopping to reduce the Co-channel interference for GSM network. The variability of different interference with the cellular system parameters has been investigated. The result shows that the C/I can be increased by load factor simulation. All the interference reduction methods have an impact on the cell coverage area or capacity and therefore they need to be planned carefully.

44 PEfficient AODV Based MANET system with Fuzzy Logic Intruder Detection
GKrishna Kumar Vishwakarma, Parikshit Tiwari, Swatantra Tiwari

Abstract- The work is a way to deal with identifies malevolent hubs by applying fuzzy rationale in Mobile adhoc systems. Security is a noteworthy worry in different situations of adhoc sensor system. Identification of malignant hubs frames a fundamental piece of a way to deal with security. The proposed work utilizes fuzzy rationale to recognize the assault and noxious conduct of hubs. The proposed work will recognize the assault over the system and in addition give the answer for lessen the execution time over the system. The goal of the work is to give security in Mobile Adhoc Network. The proposed work utilizes AODV calculation. This calculation infers some fuzzy standards which is actualized on the hubs in the system. The if-then principles of fuzzy will recognize the noxious hub in the system. The proposed work will do correlation between the execution parameters acquired from AODV with need based Intruder recognition framework with AODV actualizing fuzzy rationale to distinguish malevolent hubs. The outcomes will demonstrate incredible change of AODV with fuzzy rationale over the past calculation. The proposed plan is executed utilizing Matlab and its outcomes demonstrate its viability.

45 Implementation and design of automation system for cathode conditioning unit of 10 MeV electrons beam linear accelerator
Abhishek Sahu, Prof. Mohd. Arif

Abstract- The cathode is conditioned every time before being used for operation in an electron beam LINAC. A cathode may contain impurities during its manufacturing phase or may acquire impurities while handling. These impurities in the cathode cause an unstable and dispersed electron beam. Also any impurities in the cathode may lead to cathode poisoning. The cathode conditioning is performed to remove these impurities from the cathode. Cathode conditioning is a repetitive process. Also it is a long and time consuming process, and requires continuous data monitoring as well as data logging. This thesis work deals with the designing and implementation of an automation system for cathode conditioning of electron beam LINAC. The designed automation system monitors and logs cathode heating current, cathode temperature, pressure inside the vacuum chamber on a computer with LabVIEW platform. A vacuum safety interlock is also designed to meet the fail-safe conditions during the cathode conditioning process.

46 Watermarking for Secure Image Communication Based on DWT
Aaradhana Gautam, Prof Kopal Gnagrade

Abstract- Watermarking is a type of security technique in obscurity; the art and science of hiding the available of a message between sender and intended recipient. But the techniques that are been developed in the area are based of complex and pattern based data hiding in pixels of images, later on key based approaches are also been developed, later on many combination (two different approaches cryptography and Watermarking working together) based method been developed. The proposed work is new concept for Watermarking that is analytical cum pattern based Image Watermarking the proposed method is been developed for achieving very high SNR and low MSE even if the size of original is less, actually the only problem with Watermarking is that it requires lots of data ( a full image) for transmitting few original data, so proposed work aims to reduce the size of image while maintaining the size of original data same. Proposed paper is a unique DWT and SVD based method for Watermarking.

47 Profit Maximization for Cloud Users using Double Quality Guaranteed Scheme
Vidya D.Jadhav

Abstract- An Effective and economical thanks to offer computing resources and services to customers on demand, cloud computing has become a lot of and a lot of widespread. From cloud service providers’ perspective, profit is one in all the foremost vital concerns, and it's chiefly determined by the configuration of a cloud service platform underneath given market demand. However, one long-run rental theme is sometimes adopted to tack a cloud platform that cannot guarantee the service quality however ends up in serious resource waste. During this paper, a double resource rental theme is intended first during which short-run rental and long-run rental square measure combined aiming at the prevailing problems. This double rental theme will effectively guarantee the standard of service of all requests and cut back the resource waste greatly. Secondly, a service system is taken into account as associate degree M/M/m+D queuing model and therefore the performance indicators that have an effect on the profit of our double rental theme square measure analysed, e.g., the typical charge, the magnitude relation of requests that require temporary servers, and then forth. Thirdly, a profit maximization downside is developed for the double rental theme and therefore the optimized configuration of a cloud platform is obtained by finding the profit maximization downside. Finally, a series of calculations square measure conducted to match the profit of our projected theme therewith of the one rental theme. The results show that our theme can't solely guarantee the service quality of all requests, however additionally acquire a lot of profit than the latter.

48 Performance Characteristics of Two Independent Induction Motor Drives Fed by a Four Leg Inverter
R.Manikanta, M.Nagahimaja

Abstract- The four leg inverter is a single inverter that can drive two three -phase ac motors independently. The inverter consists of four legs and two capacitors connected in a series. The U and V phases of both motors are connected in each leg, respectively, whereas the W phase of both motors is connected in the neutral point of two-sprit capacitors. Then, this work also analyzes about the neutral point potential of two-sprit capacitors and inverter output voltage. Simulation of this project can be carried out by using MATLAB/Simulink.

49 Effect of Climatic Factor on Potential Evapo-Transpiration of Medina City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mr. Saiful Islam, Mohd Ahmed, Mozaffar Imam, Abdus Salam Qarni

Abstract- Actual estimation of Potential evapotranspiration over large areas is needed for hydrological studies and other practices related to efficient utilization of Water resources. To achieve this Penman Equation is utilized. It is known to be dependent upon climatic factors. In this study, the potential evapotranspiration of the Medina city has been computed for three situations i.e. close ground crops, bare land and water surface considering it as a land use pattern of the city other than built up areas. The result obtained will help the water resource management of the city keeping in mind the climate variability factor. The data for various metrological factors, temperature, and wind speeds, relative humidity, sun shine hours and solar radiation for the period of (2004-2014) was collected from Metrological Department. Using the data, potential evapotranspiration was estimated using the internationally accepted PET version of Penman equation. The data was analyzed monthly. PET was found to show an increasing trend from January to July and decreasing trend from July to December having highest PET for the month July.

50 A Comparative Analysis of Different Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Shravan kumar, Naazish Rahim, Raghvendra Kumar

Abstract- The invention of multi-dimensional data has proceeded at a likely to explode rate in many disciplines with the advance of recent technology, which greatly increases the challenges of comprehend and interpreting the resulting mass of data. Existing data analysis techniques have complexity in handling multi-dimensional data. Multi-dimensional data has been a challenge for data analysis because of the inherent insufficiency of the points. A first step toward addressing this challenge is the use of clustering techniques, which is necessary in the data mining process to reveal natural structures and identify interesting patterns in the underlying data. Cluster investigation is used to identify homogeneous and well-separated groups of objects in databases. The need to cluster large quantities of multidimensional data is widely accepted. It is a classical difficulty in the database, artificial intelligence, and theoretical literature, and plays a significant role in numerous fields of business and science.

51 A Survey on Low Power Approximate Compressors
S.Sudha, S.Savitha

Abstract- Demand for portable devices is increasing and which requires area and power efficient VLSI circuits. Multiplication and addition are the basic concept used in these circuits. The compressors are the basic component of multipliers in many applications like partial product summation in multipliers. In this paper, various types of compressors have been analyzed in terms of power consumption, output delay and power delay product (PDP). These compressors are analyzed by using the new technique is dadda multiplier. Advanced Dadda multiplier has a considerable speed, area and power. The designs and implemented and various results are implemented by Xilinx ISE design suite 13.2.

52 Elegant Image Sensor with incorporated Low convolution Image Processing for Wireless Endoscope Capsules

Abstract- An elegant image sensor was developed which integrates a digital pixel image sensor array with an image processor, deliberate for wireless endoscope capsules. The camera-on-a-chip architecture and its on-chip functionality smooth the progress of the design of the packaging and power utilization of the integrated capsule. The power diminish techniques were carried out at both the architectural and circuit level. Gray coding and power gating in the sensor array to eradicate almost 50% of the switch activity on the data bus and more than 99% of the power indulgence in each pixel at a transmitting rate of 2 frames per second. Filtering and compression in the processor reduces the data transmission by more than 2/3. A parallel fully pipelined architecture with a dedicated clock management scheme was implemented in the JPEG-LS engine to reduce the power consumption by 15.7%. The smart sensor has been implemented in 0.18 μm CMOS technology.

53 A Review on Asynchronous Adder Topologies
Savitha.S, Sudha.S

Abstract- In binary operation the processor performs a vital operation. Most of the adders have been designed for synchronous circuits even though there is a strong interest in clock less asynchronous circuits. Asynchronous circuits do not assume any quantization of time. Hence the great potential for logic designs as they are free from several problems of synchronous circuits. The logic flow in asynchronous circuits is controlled by a request acknowledgment handshaking protocol to establish a pipeline in the absence of clocks. While these constructs add robustness to circuit designs and significant overhead has been introduced in the average case performance benefits of asynchronous adders. Therefore, a more efficient alternative approach is worthy of consideration that can address these problems. In this paper, the performance parameters of various adders are compared.

54 Link-Stability and Energy Aware Routing

Abstract- MOBILE ad hoc networks (MANETs) have attracted a lot of attention due to the popularity of mobile devices and the advances in wireless communication technologies. A MANET is a peer-topeer multihop mobile wireless network that has neither a fixed infrastructure nor a central server. Each node in a MANET acts as a router, and communicates with each other. The mobility constraints of mobile nodes may lead to cause problem in link stability. On the other hand, in order to support node mobility, scalable routing strategies have been designed and these protocols try to consider the path duration in order to respect some QoS constraints and to reduce the route discovery procedures. Often energy saving and path duration and stability can be two contrasting efforts and trying to satisfy both of them can be very difficult. A scalable routing protocol called LAER, based on the joint metric of link stability and energy drain rate, has been proposed. It is based on the local topology knowledge and it makes use of a greedy technique based on a joint metric and a modified perimeter forwarding strategy for the recovery from local maximum. The main aim of this work is to propose an optimization routing model within a MANET. The model attempts to minimize simultaneously the energy consumption of the mobile nodes and maximize the link stability of the transmissions, when choosing paths for individual transmissions. The idea of considering, at the same time, energy consumption and link stability is motivated by the observation that most routing protocols tend to select shorter routes, in this way high efficiency in using wireless bandwidth and increase path stability are ensured. However, such routes may suffer from higher energy consumption, since higher transmission ranges are needed. We enhance our work to detect the selfish node present in the network, providing wrong information about their energy and recent data access details. Due to such wrong information we should reroute our packet delivery path. Such selfish nodes do not consume any energy such as CPU power, battery and also bandwidth for retransmitting the data of other nodes and they reserve them only for themselves. Every node in a MANET calculates credit risk information on other connected nodes individually to measure the degree of selfishness.

55 Teacher Education in India
S.Manimekalai, S.Marisamy

Abstract- An educational institution performs a significant function of providing learning experiences to lead their students from darkness of ignorance to light of knowledge. As W.H. Kilpatric put it, “Training is given to animals and circus performers, while education is to human beings.” Teacher education encompasses teaching skill, sound pedagogical theory and professional skills.