JCT - Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014)


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1 Rough Sets – Application in Data Mining
Dr. Robinson Chellathurai, L. Jesmalar
2 Localized Routing With Energy Efficient In Wireless Mesh Networks
Mr. K.Prasannakumar, Mr. M.Shanmuganathan
3 Experimental Overview of Injector Orientation, Nozzle Hole Geometry on Performance Emission and Combustion of a DI Diesel engine
Dr. Balasubbramanian Kalyanam, Abhinav Balaji, K.Vignesh, M,Shashank
4 Analysis of Cost Functions for Markovian Arrival Queues
T. Ponnammal, Dr. V. S. Mathu Suresh, Dr. G. Eswara Prasad