IJEA   - Volume 3 Special Issue - 1 (March 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Design of Low power and area efficient 1-bit comparator using GDI technology
Prof.Kunal N. Killekar, Prof.Tushar G. Bedke
2 Comparative study of Radio models for Range adjustment with Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nandakishor Sirdeshpande , Vishwanath Udupi
3 Gaussian Filtered MSK for GSM, an Efficient Implementation
Vaibhav K Kakade,Sanjay S Gurav
4 Fast Partial Image Encryption using Chaos
Bhagyashri R. Pandurangi , Vinay Sangolli , Meenakshi R. Patil
5 Line fed slotted rectangular Microstrip patch antenna for Multi-Band wireless communication
Prof. B. B. Tigadi, Dr. V.R. Udupi
6 Development and Analysis of Chilling Plant for Small Cold Room
Amol A Gawali, M.S. Joshi
7 Exergy Management of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
Prateek D. Malwe, B. S. Gawali
8 Model Predictive Controller for Level Control of Quadruple Tank System
Harsha Ganesh Rewatkar
9 Pipelined VLSI Architecture for CDF (2, 2) Lifting Based 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
Jagdish S. Shete, S.N Kore, VijayKumar S. Kawde
10 The Effect of Used Foundry Sand (UFS) As Partial Replacement of Artificial Sand on Compressive Strength of Concrete
Mr. Pavan Tikate, Mr. Makarand kulkarani, Mr. Rakesh Banne
11 Analysis of Heat Transfer Characteristics through a Straight and Wavy Microchannel Heat Sink of Rectangular Cross Section
Shekhar D. Thakre, V. B. Swami
12 Line detection using Hough transform technique with two different approaches
Vijaykumar S. Kawde, Jagdish S. Shete
13 Enhanced detection of Small Bowel Polyps and Ulcers in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy images using Texture Analysis
Mrs. Manvita A. Jere, Dr. Prof. (Mrs.) L. S. Admuthe
14 Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Techniques : A Review
Prajakta U. Mohite, Sunita S. Shinde, Sharad T. Jadhav
15 Development and Analysis of Tunnel Type Solar Dryer for Drying Leafy Vegetables
Mrs. Soumya N. Hublikar
16 Productivity Improvement of Metal Casting Industry
Aniruddha Joshi, Prof.L.M.Jugulkar
17 Arm Based Embedded Remote Health Monitoring System
Mr. Bharat P. Kulkarni, Ms. Poonam B. Sutar
18 Performance analysis and Optimization of Scalable Joint Source/Channel Coder with New-Wavelet Function (SJSCCN) and of Scalable Joint Source/Channel for Wireless Transmission
Dr. A.C.Bhagali, Prof. D. S. Bhangari
19 Multi Share Authentication System Using Composite Structure Of Visual Cryptography And Steganography
Ms.Padma Dandannavar, Mr.Chirag Gajanan Kokane-Pawar
20 On Line detection of Vehicle Tracking and Features Based on Kalaman Filter
Dhere V.B. , Dr. Bhagali A.C.
21 Vehicle Plate Characters Recognition Using Hausdorff Distance Algorithm
Rajharsh Vishnu Sanap , Rohini Babanrao Kharate
22 Modified Field Compaction Control Criteria For Field Compaction Containing Fine And Coarse Gravel Fraction
Mr. Atul Patane, Mr. Aditya Patil, Mr. Prajyot Bodhale, Mr. Nikhil Dopare
23 Fuzzy Approach For Traffic Control In Wireless Sensor Networks
Achyut S. Yaragala , Vishwanath Udupib