IJEA - Volume 3 Issue 9 (September 2014)


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1 Deformation Analysis Of Dugadda Landslide
Suraj Negi, Saiful Islam, Dr Mohammad Ahmad

Abstract-The present study mainly deals with analysis of Dugadda landslide, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. The area experiences local as well as regional slides every year. Field study was carried out along the road cut slopes and soil was collected from critical zone where there is a probability of landslide. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the various physio-mechanical properties of soil mass. These properties have been used as input parameters for the numerical simulation of Dugadda hill using FLAC3D (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua). The computed displacements are observed

2 Hand Talk Intelligent Sign Language Recognition For Deaf And Dumb To Interact By Mobile Personal Area Network
K.Sowmiya, D.Vanitha, Ranjeet Kumar, Mrs.S.Philomina

Abstract:-Dumb people are usually deprived of normal communication with other people in the society. It has been observed that they find it really difficult at times to interact with normal people with their gestures, as only a very few of those are recognized by most people. Since people with hearing impairment or deaf people cannot talk like normal people so they have to depend on some sort of visual communication in most of the time. Sign Language is the primary means of communication in the deaf and dumb community.

3 Study of Bituminous mixes using Banana Fiber
Aarti Dholi

Abstract— In this present research, an attempt has been made to study the engineering properties of mixtures of bituminous mix with and without fiber. Here fiber used is a non-conventional natural fiber, namely banana fiber. This research was done to check the suitability of banana fiber as stabilizing agent in the mixture by laboratory tests in which a flow parameter and stability were analyzed, as well as the mechanical properties of the mixture. Here for the bituminous mix the aggregate gradation is taken based on the MORTH specification and the binder content is 4%, 4.5%. 5%, 5.5%, 6%, 7% by weight of aggregate and fiber used is 0.3% by weight of aggregate. Here stone dust is used as filler and binder used is 60/70 grade bitumen.

4 Soliton Based Analysis of Optical Non-Linearity
Sumit Parouha, Dr.Anubhuti Khare

Abstract-The group velocity dispersion (GVD) imposes severe limit on information carrying capacity of optical communication systems. By choosing appropriate pulse shape highly stable light pulses known as solitons are generated when effects of GVD is balanced by self-phase modulation (SPM). The application of solitons in communication systems opens the way to ultrahighspeed information superhighways. Transmission speed of order of Tbit/s can be achieved if optical amplifiers are combined with WDM in soliton based communication systems.

5 PAPR Reduction In OFDM Using Fractional Fourier Transform
B.Prasad, B.T.Krishna

Abstract- Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is widely used method of data transmission for high speed communication systems High value of Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) is one of the main disadvantages of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Many techniques like Signal Scrambling and Signal Distortion are proposed in literature to combat PAPR Problem which have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, Fractional Fourier Transform (FRFT) based selective mapping (SLM) is used to reduce PAPR. The results prove the efficiency of the proposed method compared to conventional techniques.

6 Runway Detection And Tracking With Feature Extraction Algorithms
R.Bhargav Ram, B.T.Krishna

Abstract- Detection of Runways in image sequences obtained from target tracking cameras on-board military weapons is an evergreen computer vision problem. The scope of this project is to perform a literature survey of all existing feature extraction algorithms for detection and tracking of static military targets in an image obtained from sensors fitted on a homing weapon, following which a best approach will be suggested based on results of matlab simulation.

7 Singular Value Decomposition With Optimal Power Allocation In MIMO System
Avinash Sahu, Dr. Anubhuti Khare

Abstract—A MIMO system takes advantage of the spatial diversity obtained by spatially separated antennas in a dense multipath scattering environment which is characterised by its channel matrix. If the channel matrix is known at both transmitter side and receiver side, then Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) can be used to transform the MIMO channel into a set of parallel sub channels. Water filling is a further improvement based on SVD to maximize the information capacity for given MIMO channel. In this paper, a brief introduction is given of MIMO technology followed by the MIMO system model and associated noise in the channels. In next section SVD of channel matrix is performed with the equations of SNR and capacity is derived. Finally, optimal power allocation is done for the information streams by using water pouring algorithm and then the maximum capacity of MIMO system is calculated. The paper is concluded with the numerical results of the SVD of a channel matrix with further application of water filling algorithm as shown by the bar graph.

8 Design of Square-Rooting Circuit Using Second Generation Current Conveyors (CCII)
Siramdas. L Bhargavi, B.T.Krishna

Abstract—In many of the Engineering Applications (Particularly in Instrumentation and Control Applications like PID Control), Situations arise to find the nth root of a real or complex number. Taking this idea, into account, in this paper, a Novel Squarerooting circuit is designed using Current Conveyor as a Basic Element. Later these Circuit can be generalized to find the nth Root circuit. The performance and Accuracy conditions will be studied using simulation software (MULTISIM/PSPICE).

Arulselvam.R, Suresh.G, Aurchana.P

Abstract—The artificial pancreas is a technology in development to help people with diabetes automatically control their blood glucose level by providing the substitute endocrine functionality of a healthy pancreas. "Bio- pancreas" a combination of insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and predictive. There are several important exocrine (digestive) and endocrine (hormonal) functions of the pancreas, but it is the lack of insulin production which is the motivation to develop a substitute. While the current state of insulin replacement therapy is appreciated for its life-saving capability, the task of manually managing the blood sugar level with insulin alone is arduous and inadequate.

10 Ergodic Capacity Analysis of MIMO Systems by Varying Different Parameters under Rayleigh Fading Channel
Shaik Nasiroon, R.Madhu

Abstract—Multi-antenna systems, such as multiple-input– multiple-output (MIMO), multiple-input–single-output (MISO), and single-input–multiple-output (SIMO) systems, are popularly used to improve different communication system’s aspects such as channel capacity, diversity, and bit error rates. The channel capacity is one of the most important performance measures to characterize these systems. In this paper, the ergodic channel capacity of MIMO systems is analyzed by varying different parameters such as SNR and number of transmitting antennas under Rayleigh fading channel. The advantages of using MIMO systems over the conventional communication systems is verified by observing the curves plotted for MIMO channel capacity. The capacity at low and high SNR values is also investigated by varying the number of antennas under i.i.d Rayleigh fast fading channels. We also plot the curves for diversity gain vs multiplexing gain to observe how the diversity gain and multiplexing gain of MIMO systems varies with each other.