IJEA   - Volume 3 Issue 5 (May 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 OFDM Based Cognitive Radio System Over Different Fading Channels: Review
Mr.S.S.Magdum, Mr.S.S.Bidwai
2 Development proposed in the concept of human powered flywheel motor by using double lever inversion mechanism
A.P. Narkhedkar, Prof. A.K. Pitale, Prof J.P.Modak, K.K..Padghan
3 Application of social networks in health-care sector using cloud computing
K. Govinda , Karan Jaswani , Sidhant Gupta
4 Operations On Bipolar Fuzzy Hx Subgroups
R. Muthuraj , M.Sridharan
5 A Demonstration of E-Learning Environment to test basic programming skills of students
Madhvi Gaur, Prabhat Singh
6 Theoretical Analysis of MOODLE Based Collaborative Learning for the Deaf
Madhvi Gaur, Prabhat Singh
7 Automatic Video Object Extraction Using Crf And Super Pixel Method
Suganya Devi K, Malmurugan N, Sabarinathan M
8 Slotted Patch S-Band Planar MSA
Nagendra Kumar Bisen,Namrata Sahayam
9 Curved Surface Proxy Feed Slotted Patch Array S-Band MSA
Nagendra Kumar Bisen,Namrata Sahayam
10 EAACK Scheme-IDS to Detect Malicious Node in Wireless MANET
D.Muruganandam, R.Regan, D.Prakash
11 Intelligent And Efficient Adaptive Image Compression Using Discrete Hartley Transform
Vaidehi deshpande, Prof. Raghavendra maggavi
12 Gray code implementation for area query processing in wireless sensor Networks
Prof. B.B. Tigadi, Tanuja Hukkeri
13 Experimental and Numerical Studies for Performance Prediction of Axial Flow Fan
Pradeep A. Pasanna, Bajirao S.Gawali
14 Effect of Gasoline on the Performance of Variable Compression Ratio Engine
Rupesh L.Raut, Babaso N.Naik
15 Reference Communication Tool for Impaired Hearing People
Rakesh.Sham.Kamble, Sandhya.Bevoor, Meenakshi N. Margale
16 Development of dryer for Raisins manufacturing
Parag P. Kumbhar, M. S. Joshi