IJEA   - Volume 3 Issue 4 (April 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Informational Search Problems in SMS Using Information Retrieval Techniques
Venkataiah Errolla, Wilson Nailk Rathore, Ravikanth Chittaluri
2 Effective Unmanned,Automatic Robot Control System For Educational Social Cause-Library Management
H.Fathima HusneJahan, D.Fauzia Nishath, V.Dhilip Kumar
3 Secure Data Storage over Cloud Using DNA Cryptography
K.Govinda, E.Enian
4 Interactive Mobile Visual Search using Pixel based Matching Algorithm
S.Malathi, Dr.P.Sivakumar
5 ECG Signal Denoising Techniques: A Review
Mitesh Kumar Sao, Mr. Anurag Shrivastava
6 Multi L- Fuzzy Quotient Subgroups
K.Sunderrajan, M.Suresh
7 Sign Language Recognition Based on Electromyography (EMG) Signal Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
V.T.Gaikwad , M.M.Sardeshmukh
8 High speed an improved VLSI architecture of Sbox for AES Encryption
Ashwini Gadiyappanavar, Narayanaswamy R
9 Behaviour Of Metakaolin In Concrete Specimens
Mr. M. Shaju Pragash, Dr. C. Selvamony, Mr.A.Maria Rajesh
10 dual-k spacer device architecture for double-gate silicon n-channel tunnel FETS
M.Muthamizhan, A.Simon Prabu, G.Sudhagar
11 Speckle Noise Removing Medical Ultrasound Image With Wavelet Transform
Ms. Dimpal L Solanki,Ms. Mitali H Sarvaliya, Mr. Purvesh V Nayak
12 Design and Implementation of Different Types of Comparator Using 45 Nano-meter Technology
Nirav A. Mehta, Bharat H. Nagpara