IJAIR- Volume 3 Issue 7 (July 2014)


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1 A Comparative Analysis of Various Data Mining Algorithms as applied on Medical Dataset
Angayarkanni.A, Aurchana.P, Murali Manohar .A

Abstract — A great deal of research has been devoted on Medical Datasets, Different types of Data mining algorithms have been proposed by different researchers in recent years. A single algorithm may not be applied to all applications due to difficulty for suitable data types of the algorithm. Here we compare correct classifications made by data mining algorithm depends on not only the goal of an application, but also on the compatibility of the data set. The aim of this paper is how to use Best data mining Algorithms on Medical dataset. This paper focuses on comparative analysis of various data mining algorithm classifications on medical datasets using WEKA Tools.

2 A Comparative Analysis of PWM Signal Generation Techniques for Three-Phase VSI
Sheetal Kushwah, A.K. Wadhwani

Abstract— Various pulse-width-modulation (PWM) techniques have been developed with advances in solid-state power electronic devices for industrial applications. PWM-based threephase voltage source inverters (VSI) convert DC power to AC power with variable voltage magnitude and variable frequency. In this paper, firstly, concepts of PWM signal generation schemes viz. the sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) technique and the space-vector PWM (SVPWM) technique has been discussed. After that these two methods are compared by discussing their ease of implementation and by analyzing the output harmonic spectra of output voltages (line to line voltage) and their total harmonic distortion (THD). The results show that the SVPWM technique has lower total harmonic distortion than the SPWM technique. The SVPWM techniques in the under-modulation region can increase the fundamental output voltage by 15.5% over the SPWM technique. In this paper, implementation of SPWM and SVPWM has been done through MATLAB programming.

3 Spam Email Classification based on Geographical Information using a Blacklisting Technique
Aawesh Kumar Borkar, Ms. Anshul Singh

Abstract— Email communication is one of the most fashionable means of communication. Today Spam emails are unsolved problems of Internet users. There are several approaches which are popular among the users for email classification and detection. Common way is that spam emails are received and viruses are removed and blocked if it is detected as an unwanted email. In this approach a solution is provided to classify the spam emails. Most of cases encountered that spammers are unreachable because they uses such a dummy location where they can easily send spam emails and delete the location. They use the unregistered IP address in The DNS. Hence the method of finding the geographical location of spam emails is proposed in this study of work.

4 Analysis of funnel shape DGS low pass filter using Artificial Neural Network
Vitthal chaudhary, Vandana Vikas Thakare

Abstract— In this paper a new funnel shaped DGS low pass filter having wide stop band and sharp transition characteristics has been proposed. DGS structure consists of three dumbbell shaped funnel like structure which shows sharp transition and offers wide stop bandwidth for the given structure. Paper presents the use of artificial neural network for estimation of wide stop band characteristic in a design of Low Pass filter (LPF) by varying the dielectric constant of its substrate. Levenberg- Marquardt training algorithm of MLPFFBP-ANN (Multilayer Perceptron feed forward back propagation Artificial Neural Network) and RBF-ANN (Radial basis function Artificial Neural Network) has been used to implement the network model. The results obtained from artificial neural network when compared with simulation results, found satisfactory and also it is concluded that RBF network is more accurate as compared to Levenberg- Marquardt training algorithm.

5 Word Sense Disambiguation Methodologies
Jagdeep Kaur, Er. Brahmaleen K. Sidhu

Abstract: Natural languages contain polysemous words which mean differently in different context. In a particular usage only one of the given senses will apply. Human beings easily arrive at the correct meaning of the word without even considering all possible meanings. The context in which the ambiguous word appears provides useful information in identifying its correct meaning. However, it is quite difficult to determine the correct sense of a word automatically. The task of automatic identification of the correct sense of a word in a given context is called as word sense disambiguation (WSD) in natural language processing (NLP). In this research work, different approaches of word sense disambiguation like knowledge based approaches, supervised approaches, semi-supervised approaches, unsupervised approaches and hybrid approaches are discussed The most used algorithms of each type of approach in the research literature are described and a comparison of these algorithms is performed. We evaluate the effect of context window size and stop word removal on Word Sense Disambiguation of Punjabi text. Punjabi Lexical Resource WordNet is taken as sense inventory.

6 Monitoring Employees Performance Based Coaching Relationship In Industry Scenario
Dr. Venkatesh. J, Mrs. Dhibiya. P, Thenmozhi. S and Manjula Gandhi. S

Abstract -- The aim of the paper is to give a better understanding of how teams become motivated. Coaching is a training or development process by which an individual is assisted as realizing a particular personal or professional ability result or goal. The individual receiving coaching may be described to as coachee. Sometimes, the term coaching may be truthful to an informal relationship between two individuals wherever one has greater experience and knowledge than the other and offers advice and support as the other goes through a learning process, but coaching differs from counseling by conflicting upon competence specifics, as opposed to general overall development. The research was based on the trust that in the present work environment, effective performance management systems need to support a workforce of knowledge based employees that is, employees who value the acquirement, application and gaining of knowledge. Organizations that want to exploit on knowledge-based employees will need to shift to a consultative and participative management style. That style is often described as coaching. Coaching compels managers to transition from the traditional role of controlling and monitoring employee performance to a more consultative role. Coaching is a means for developing a partnership between the manager and employee that makes a mutual understanding about what needs to be realized and how it is to be achieved.

7 Implementation of Security in “Cloud-of- Clouds”
V.Tulasi, S.Gopi Krishna

Abstract-Cloud Computing increases day-by-day in many organizations and in many IT industries and provides with low cost and accessibility of data through over internet. Ensuring the security risks is the main factor in the Cloud computing environment. Dealing with single cloud is entrusted, because “single cloud” providers are less popular with customers due to risk of service availability failure and possibility of malicious insiders in the “single cloud”[1]. Now the focus is towards the multi cloud, or in “inter clouds” or “cloud-of-clouds” has emerged using Secret Sharing Algorithm [2] and BLS (Boneh-Lynn- Shacham) Algorithm [5]. This paper related to the single and multi cloud security using Secret Sharing Algorithm [3] and BLS [5] Algorithm and addresses possible solutions. Main focus of this paper use of data security, multi clouds and reduces security risks and affect the cloud computing using Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm[3] and BLS Algorithm .It is a form of secret sharing, where it is divided into some data parts, which participant have their own unique part, where all the parts are required in order to reconstruct the secret and BLS used for Signature Authentication.

8 Experiimentall Study on Thermall Effiiciiency of Sollar Fllat Pllate Collllector (SFPC) Usiing All2O3//H2O Nanoflluiid
S. Magbul Basha, E. Siva Reddy

Abstract- R&D activities are carried out to enhance the heat transfer rate due to great demand for energy in this era. The advanced research in nanotechnology emerging heat transfer fluids called nano fluids which are colloidal mixtures of nanometer sized metallic or ceramic particles in a base fluid, such as water, ethylene glycol, oil etc. Nanofluids possess immense potential to enhance the heat transfer character of the original fluid due to improved thermal transport properties. The thermal conductivity of working fluid plays a vital role in the thermal efficiency of solar flat plate collector (SFPC). Instantaneous thermal efficiency is largely affected by the thermal conductivity of the fluid used. Experimental testing method was selected based on EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 12975-2 as a Quasi-Dynamic Test method (QDT). The objective of the work is to analyze the thermal efficiency of a solar flat plate collector by using Al2O3/H2O nanofluid as the media for transfer of heat, and used to enhance the efficiency. In this project, solar flat plate collector is used for studying the effects of different nano particle concentrations of Al2O3 in distilled water as base fluid. Three flow rates (i.e. 2, 4 and 6 ml/Sec) and four particle concentration ratios (i.e. 0.06, 0.08, 0.10 and 0.12 % wt) were investigated.

9 A Study On Domestic Workers In Illuppur, Pudukkottai District

Abstract-Indian constitution guarantees democracy to ensure the right of equality to all strata. Certain sections unfortunately occupy a subordinate position. Domestic workers is universally observed that in a society, which is characterized by gender segregation and social stratification, in the present scenario, the major problem prevailing in our country centers around the poor conditions of certain vulnerable communities of the women domestic workers in llluppur, Pudukkottai. The case of the domestic workers is evidence to the despite the guaranteed constitutional rights their struggle for equality and survival continues. Women domestic workers face several challenges in their both personal life and occupational life. They are exploited in several ways by their owners. Very low wages, long working hours, heavy workload, harsh working conditions, lack of job security and poor living conditions are some of the serious problems they face in their occupational life. Based on the above concept the researchers conducted a study on domestic workers at lllupur, pudukkottai district. With the general object to bring out the problem faced by the domestic workers at lluppur, Pudukkottai district. The researchers adopted descriptive research design, and by using simple random sampling were chosen. The data was collected by self prepared interview schedule. The study revealed that the problem faced by the domestic workers is very high at llluppur, pudukkottai district.

10 An analysis to diagnose of skin disease to treatment in MATLAB
B. Ishwarya, P. Reena, P.Hema, M. Jegannath

Abstract─ In the medical science modern technology are used to diagnose, protect which gives a successful aid to treatment of a patient with better services by their doctor regarding skin diseases. Proper skin care, we can use medicine and some natural routine ways to helpful for skin care that can delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems but before that thing image processing, human vision system play important role to helping the people for better results. So we proposed a method, which can works well to analysis using different standardized electronic noses that can be used to diagnose and treatment for skin disease. Image processing is a tool, which more helpful for diagnose and treatment using image processing which are great helpful to collect information from image or a particular visually area. Soft Computing became a formal Computer Science area. Soft computing deals with imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation to achieve tractability, robustness and low solution cost

11 Impact of Small Sided Games on Acceleration Speed and Kicking of Inter Collegiate Level Soccer Players
M.Rajashekaran, G.Rajasekar, K.Chandrasekaran, K.Sivakumar

Abstract - The study was designed to investigate the impact of small sided games on acceleration speed and kicking of inter collegiate level soccer players. Thirty men football players who participated in the Anna university zone XIV inter collegiate tournaments were selected as subjects and segregated into two groups of fifteen subjects each as experimental group and control group following random procedure. The experimental group underwent small sided games training over a period of twelve weeks where as control group did not participate in any of the training except their regular play. Acceleration speed and kicking were assessed before and after the experimental period by using 30m run and kicking tests respectively. ANCOVA was used to analyze the collected data. The results of this study showed that there was a significant difference between experimental group and control group on Acceleration speed and kicking.

12 Enhancement Of E-Lanmar In Manets
P.Sravya, Ch.Nitesh Kumar

Abstract-In MANETs, routing plays a crucial role as the topology changes occur more frequently. Quality of Service is another important factor such a way that it is associated with the network layer and routing protocol. In MANETs most devices are operated by battery and routing of packets. As they are playing an important role in energy consumption, energy aware routing is important. The proactive protocol helps to determine the route from source to destination uses the ELANMAR. It is the combination of Fisheye State Routing (FSR) and LANDMARK protocol. Issue associated with protocol is frequent usage of control messages for LANDMARK selection. It acts as the cluster head to forward packets from one cluster to another.

13 Analysis of Strength Parameters of Indian Farm Workers and its Implication in Equipment Design
Syed Mohiuddin Nizamuddin, Dr.K.S.Zakiuddin

Abstract— The analysis was aimed to investigate the muscle strength of a farm worker and to determine the optimum location of pedals and other controls from Seat reference point. The muscle strength data of 25 male farm workers were measured on the strength measurement set-up. For the positioning of pedals, muscle strength measurement readings ranging from 35% -55% stature in front of the Seat reference point and reading ranging from 15% -30% stature below the Seat reference point were taken. The mean maximum Right and Left hand pull strength was found to be 38.85kg and 35.64kg respectively and the mean maximum push strength of Right leg and Left leg was found to be 46.48kg and 43.72lg respectively. The mean position of the pedals is 22.78%Stature below and 43.68%Stature in front of the Seat Reference Point (SRP) It was concluded that the comfortable and effective seating for the farm worker should be such that the Pedals are located 20-26%Stature (S) below and 40-52%Stature (S) in front of the Seat Reference Point (SRP). It was found that these strength parameters has a significant role in the designing and modification of the tractor design.

14 Semantic Data Cleaning using LSI Algorithm
Prerna S. Kulkarni, Dr. J.W.Bakal

Abstract— So many data cleaning techniques have been used for cleaning data in the database. In approaches such as dynamic programming, information is matched by literally comparing and scoring pairwise string symbols in the data records. Higher scoring pairs of strings are matches, while low scoring pairs are mismatches. This project presents an effective technique in which the word with similar meaning, misspelled, wrong spelling will be replaced with the correct word as per the requirement. For this matching, Latent Semantic Indexing approach is used using Singular Value Decomposition Technique.

15 Prevalance Of Occult Hepatitis C In Renal Transplant Patients
Anisha Jaiswal, Nasifa Hasan , Anindita Chakraborty, Soma Choudhury, Saheli Poddar, Sudip Roy, Arpita Ghosh

Abstract— Renal transplant patients are constantly screened for Hepatitis C and B viral infection. Some patients during the screening are anti HCV negative, however they are HCV-RNA positive when checked with RT-PCR. Though less in number such cases are not uncommon and is sometimes identified as a rare form of the infection known as occult hepatitis. 1507 renal transplant patients were studied for prevalence of HCV-RNA positivity in anti-HCV negative patients. Serum was tested for presence of anti-HCV and anti HBV antibodies using Vitros ECI anti-HCV and anti-HBV reagent pack from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, USA. Qiagen QiAmp Viral RNA extraction kit was used for HCV RNA extraction for quantification in RT-PCR. The viral load quantification was performed by RT PCR using artus HCV RG RT PCR kit on rotor Gene Q instruments. Around 1322 patients were anti-HCV negative and 185 were anti-HCV positive, resulting in prevalence of HCV infection of 12.27%. A total of 5 anti-HCV negative patients tested positive for HCV-RNA directing to conclude that the prevalence of occult HCV infection of 0.37%. There has been significant reduction in Occult Hepatitis Cases after the year 2000.

16 Secure Routing against Control Packet Dropping Attack
Ms.Deepa Athawale , Dr.Lata Ragha

Abstract— A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of autonomous mobile nodes that communicate by forming a multi-hop radio network and maintaining connections in a decentralized manner. Ad hoc networks are more vulnerable toward attacks like DoS, which is a kind of packet dropping attack which can be any one of the ways i.e., control packet dropping, selective dropping or collaborative packet dropping. Most of the existing proposals focused on data packet dropping but these solutions are not directly applicable to control packets. We propose a solution to protect control packet dropping by using the reactive routing protocols. Our proposal provides a general solution to monitor, detect, and isolate control packet droppers in Ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing (AODV).

17 Image Processing and Compression of Data Using LZW
Ritu Antil, Sandeep Gupta

Abstract-Image processing is the processing of image by some digital media. Data Compression is the technique through which, we can reduce the quantity of data, used to represent content without excessively reducing the quality of the content. This paper examines the performance of a set of lossless data compression algorithm, on different form of text data. LZW technique is implemented to evaluate the performance in compressing text data. A set of defined text file are used as test bed. In this paper LZW technique is applied which is implemented in java. It gives best compression ratio among all other lossless techniques. This paper also shows various effects of image processing.

18 Barriers in Implementing EVA in Construction SMEs
Ashutosh Chandgude, Upendra Saharkar

Abstract— This paper describes a qualitative study that discusses the barriers involved in implementing EVA (Earned Value Analysis) for project monitoring in Indian construction SMEs. The approach used to carry out this study is qualitative. Since this study required finding out the working and approach of construction SMEs towards project monitoring, it was necessary to adopt a qualitative approach. This study has been carried out by interviewing professionals working in construction SMEs in and around City of Pune. The findings from the interviews revealed that the problem in implementing EVA is less technical and more a management working problem. A considerable number of professionals agreed upon changing the complete working environment and framework of the organization in order to implement EVA. The basic input factors required for the use of EVA and the factors creating barriers in implementing EVA are discussed in this paper.

19 Evaluation of Transformer Partner by Fuzzy-Full Multification Form: An Empirical Study
Bharti Sahu, Nitin kumar sahu, Atul kumar sahu

Abstract-In today’s era, transformer is explored in electricity board/power houses in perceptive to transforms the power from one circuit to another without changing its frequency. The several input parameter leverages the performance of transfer under the working condition. So, the evaluation of the best transformer production company (Partner Industry) under practice/criterions are the very difficult, complicated and critical task but indeed to laid it to end in perceptive to obtain overall good achievability index against the considered practice. In today’s era, decision support tool, techniques, methodologies and software are explored in perceptive to evaluate the best decision from available alternatives. But, it has been soughed that, transformer partner evaluation is surviving in un-improvement mode; still needed improvement via models, decision support tools, novel methodologies, and softwares. Therefore, in present research, a transformer supplier appraisement evaluation module (single layer practices index: measures); has been conceptualized from the resource of existing literature survey in purpose to evaluate the transformer supplier companies running under similar practices/measures. In perceptive to evaluate the decision, Subjective perception (expressed in linguistic term) have been acquired from the committee of decision maker expert group, against considered practices/measures. A Fuzzy-Full Multification Form (F-FMF) Methodology has been effectively explored coupled with (TFNs) in purpose to evaluate the transformer manufacturing supplier candidate industries under similar practices. Finally, empirical study has been led in purpose to checking effectiveness of the said methodology for evaluation of appraisement index aligning transformer evaluation practices.

20 Evaluation of Transformer Production Industry in Fuzzy Environment: An Empirical Study of Electronic Company
Bharti Sahu, Atul kumar sahu, Nitin kumar sahu

Abstract- In today’s globalization of world, power is the not the demand of industries but even essential/need of domestic houses. Transformer is an electronic appliance, being exploited to transforms the power from one circuit to another without changing its frequency. In today’s competitive edges, transformer production companies/unit have paid the more attention in order to achieving the unified and some extra desirable goals of organization i.e. appliance efficient responses to customer, qualities, good service, overall practices achievability index, etc. In last decade, it has been soughed that electricity board has suffered through intension in perceptive to evaluation the best transformer supplier production company. Therefore, in present research, a transformer supplier appraisement evaluation module (single layer practices index: measures); has been conceptualized from the resource of existing literature survey in purpose to evaluate the transformer supplier companies under similar practices. In this context, incompleteness, vagueness, imprecision, as well as inconsistency associated with subjective evaluation information (aligned with ill-defined assessment indices of sustainable supplier evaluation), been tackled by the application of fuzzy set theory. In perceptive to evaluate the decision, Subjective perception (expressed in linguistic term) have been acquired from the committee of multi personnel (DMs), (called expert group), against considered practices/measures, has been fruitfully explored through the proposed fuzzy based transformer supplier appraisement index. Therefore, a novel average fuzzy rule methodology (valid for beneficial measure) has been effectively explored coupled with Trapozoidal Fuzzy Number Set (TFNs) in purpose to evaluate the transformer manufacturing supplier candidate industries under similar practices. Finally, empirical study has been led in purpose to checking effectiveness of the said methodology for evaluation of appraisement index aligning transformer evaluation practices.

21 Development of Soft Switching Scheme for Three Level Full Bridge DC-DC Converter Topology
Ch.LakshmiNarayana, Sri.J.Sivavara Prasad

Abstract-This project proposes a development of soft switching scheme for three level full bridgeDC-DC converteris used to provide zero voltage switching condition for all the controlled switches. In this paper, the gate pulses are generating from PWM controller. This project describes the main operational modes of the proposed converter as well as simulation results and also observe and compare the switching losses of the proposed converter with and without zero voltage switching scheme.

22 Static And Dynamic Reanalysis Of Statically Indeterminate Beams Using Regression Method
Turpunati Shahinsha

Abstract-Beams are the fundamental structural components. Most of the structures generally under severe static and dynamic loading and different controlled conditions during their service life. Statically indeterminate beams are the ones where the independent reaction components, and/or interior forces cannot be obtained by using the equations of equilibrium only, to solve indeterminate systems, we must combine concept of equilibrium with compatibility .There are several advantages in designing indeterminate beams. These include the design of lighter and more rigid beams. With added redundancy in the structural system, there is in the overall factor of safety. Most of the structures we encounter in everyday life, automobile frames, buildings, aircraft, are statically indeterminate.

23 Design and Analysis of Triple band Hairpin BandPass Filter Using Artificial Neural Network
Sudhir Singh, Vandana Vikas Thakare

Abstract-Hairpin bandpass filter are compact structures they may theoretically be obtained by folding the resonator of parallel-coupled half wave length resonator which reduces the coupling between resonators. This type of U shape resonator is so called hair pin resonator. In the present paper a novel technique has been proposed for the estimation of bandwidth for variation of substrate material on the band pass characteristics of the filter has been presented using artificial neural networks (ANN) for desired frequency range between 1.5-3.5 GHz. The different variants of training algorithms of MLPFFBP-ANN (Multilayer Perceptron feed forward back propagation Artificial Neural Network) have been used to implement the neural network model and performance comparison of the EM simulated result with ANN is evaluated in terms of maximum estimated error (MSE).

24 Dual Queue Scheduler Segmentation Control In Wireless Sensor Networking Using Adaptive Rate Control Algorithm
Manikandan S P

Abstract— Wireless Sensor Networks are a class of wireless networks intended for monitoring physical and environmentalphenomena. The main task of sensor nodes is to collect specific data from surrounding environment and then route itto the base station or sink. The power efficiency and life time maximization are the foremost requirements of sensor networks. When a particular event is detected, the sensor nodes become active and there is a sudden burst of traffictowards the sink. This may lead to buffer overflow at the nodes causing packet drops and finally degrades overall network performance. Congestion leads to wastage of energy and minimizes the lifetime of sensor nodes. In sensornetworks more energy is spend for communication rather than for computation. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the drop rate of transit packets which travel many hops in the network is reduced. This in turn brings down energy consumption andincreases lifetime of sensor nodes. This paper proposes an efficient cross layer congestion control scheme that can detect and avoid congestion in an event driven peer to peer sensor network .It provides priority based traffic schedulingwith a dual queue scheduler which favours transit packets. Congestion is detected based on the buffer occupancy and a hop by hop back pressure mechanism is used as a fast reaction to congestion .In order to prevent persistent congestion the source sending rate is updated by the sink periodically with the help of an adaptive rate control algorithm.To route packets through less congested paths, the routing protocol in the proposed scheme makes use of the interface queue length of neighbourhood nodes to select the best next hop. The dual queue scheduler , hop by hop back pressure and adaptive rate control algorithm can together control both persistent and transient congestion in wireless sensor network .

25 Medical image compression using Inter frame wavelet coding
Tulli Chandrasekhar Rao, Mr. Polinati Srinivasu, Mr. Boyidi Suri Babu, Dr. D. Ramprasad Naik

Abstract The Scalability at the bit stream level is a significant characteristic for encoded video that is to be transmitted and stored with a variety of target rates or to be replayed on devices with different capabilities and resolutions. This is attractive for digital cinema applications, where the same encoded source representation could seamlessly be used for purposes of archival and various distribution channels. Conventional high-performance video compression schemes are based on the method of motion-compensated prediction, using a recursive loop in the prediction process. Due to this recursion and the inherent drift in cases of deviation between encoder and decoder states, scalability is difficult to realize and typically effects a penalty in compression performance for prediction-based coders. The method of inter frame wavelet coding overcomes this limitation by replacing the prediction along the time axis by a wavelet filter, which can nevertheless be operated in combination with motion compensation. Recent advances in motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) have proven that combination with arbitrary motion compensation methods is possible. Compression performance is achieved that is comparable with state of the art single-layer coders targeting only for one rate. The paper provides an explanation of MCTF methods and the resulting 3D wavelet representation, and shows results obtained in the context of encoding digital cinema (DC) materials

26 Design And Analysis Of Diamond Shaped 1X2 Microstrip Antenna Array Operating At 4.6 GHz With Different Slots
Jasmeet Kaur

Abstract:- The purpose of this paper is to design and analyze diamond shaped 1X2 microstrip patch antenna array operating at 4.6 GHz. Different slots are cut in the diamond patch and all are then compared with each other and best one among all is concluded. The antenna is designed and simulated using HFSSv10.

27 Subshel-New Shelter for Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Juveniles
Seema Bala, Shivakumar M., C Rajanna and Naveenkumar B.T.

The result of two year research aimed at identifying the most suitable substrate for rearing of Macrobrachium rosenbergii juveniles. Materials used as substrate were bamboo pole (BP) and baked earthen pipes (EP). The best substrate was identified with a common stocking density, maintained at 30/m2. There was a statistically significant difference among treatments due to added substrates. Added substrates produced 41% higher survival and significant increase in average prawn weight (P<0.05). The higher yield in prawn cannot be completely attributed to food availability due to added substrate. It is also attributed to the shelter effect of the substrate. Phytoplankton population in EP and BP were almost same. It was less in CO treatment. In fish farming, if addition of substrate increases fish production, it is attributed to increased food production. But in prawn rearing, they being cannibalistic, it is more attributed to shelter effect. The higher survival in EP is mainly due to the shelter effect of the perforated hallow earthen pipe. This study revealed that baked earthen pipe which acts as both substrate and shelter-SUBSHEL is a better alternative to increase the survival and growth rate of juvenile of Macrobrachium rosenbergii.
28 Design and Analysis of FIR Digital Filter with the help of MATLAB
Kunal Golariya, Dr.Vandana vikas Thakare

Abstract- Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one of the most powerful technologies that will shape science and engineering in the twenty-first century. One of the key areas among DSP applications is digital filters, whose performances are in most cases better than equivalent analog filters. Various methods of filter design and analysis have been developed over the past three decades. The paper intended to provide an alternative approach for comparison of FIR digital filter. This proposed approach establishes relation between (I) order and main width lobe of filter and (II) order and cutoff frequency of filter. In this paper using FDA tool to design digital FIR filters of different order and compare different filters. As the simulation results shows.
29 Advanced Raisin Manufacturing Technology
Parag P. Kumbhar, Prof. M. S. Joshi

Abstract—Solar crop drying has been demonstrated to be cost effective and could be an effective alternative to traditional and mechanical drying systems, especially in locations with good sunshine during the harvest season. Experiments conducted in many countries have clearly shown that solar dryers can be effectively used for drying agricultural crops. It is a question of adopting it and designing the right type of solar dryer. Drying the grape, either by open sun drying, shade drying or mechanical drying, produces raisins. In the traditional (open sun) drying method, the grape bunches are spread over either the ground or on a platform in a thin layer directly exposed to the sun. This method is cheapest & the drying time is nearly 15-20 days. But there is a risk of deterioration due to dust and insect infection. The direct exposure to intense sun radiation will also result in colour deterioration. Hence to eliminate all this drawbacks it is an attempt to design and develop the dryer which mainly depends on natural available energy for grapes drying. In this research work the dryer has been developed according to design for 10 Kg. of grapes to manufacture the raisins. All the necessary calculations has been done along with all the study related climatic conditions.