IJAIR- Volume 3 Issue 3 (March 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Mining Uncertain Data with Probabilistic Guarantees
Akhil R, Mani vannan S, Kathiravan C, Nishanthi S
2 A Secure Authentication Mechanism Using Single Sign On In Computer Networks
Thamaraiselvi.R, Vidhya.R,Nandhinidevi.L ,Kowsalya.M,Somu.M
3 A review on Honeypot and it’s Tools
Swapnil Saxena , Mr. Sandeep Gonnade
4 Proficient Identity-Based Online/Offline Signature Schemes For Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Ananthakumar,N. Gowthaman, S. Nalini Devi,A.Saranya ,K.Venkatesh Guru
5 Analysis of life style and health status of women School teachers
K. Silambu Selvi, Dr. V.murugu Valavan
6 On Body Movement Sensing and Diagnosis of Tremor
P.Ganesh Babu, K.Sabtha Sagar, E.Shanmugappriyan, P.Siva Sankar, A.Sugumaran
7 Enhancing the lifetime of wireless sensor networks using efficient Duty-cycling scheme
V.Shanthini, K.R.Prasanna Kumar
8 Matlab/Simulink Modeling Of Grid Connected Pv System With Maximum Power Point Tracking
K.Sheshu Kumar, B.Naga Swarna, Shankar. B
9 Priority based FIFO Network on-Chip Design
R.Shamli, R.Chitra
10 A Framework for Wireless LAN Monitoring and Its Applications
D.Saravanan, G.Michael
11 Effective Detection and Security of Source Code Theft based on Software Birthmark
R. Karthikeyan, K.G.S. Venkatesan, R. Saravanan
12 Web Forums Crawler For Analysing User Sentiments
Raghu.D, Saravana Jothi.M, Kaviarasu.N, Syed Iejas.S
13 Reconstruction of Cloud Contaminated Satellite Images Based on Information Cloning
Saranya M, Kiruthika R
14 An Optimized Data Transformation Method for Discrimination Anticipation
Mr. N.Naveenkumar, K.B. Narendran, Ms. S. Poornima, Mr. S. P. Santhoshkumar
15 Deriving The Probability With Machine Learning For Efficient Duplicate Detection In Hierarchical Objects
Sasikala.K, Sathish Balaji.R, Salma.A, Maheswari.B
16 Effective Network Layer for the Internet Bandwidth Flooding Attacks
R.Akshara, S.Kranthi Reddy, T.Ramkumar
17 Diversity Of Mosquito Fauna In Three Selected Sites Of Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India
K. Ramesh kumar , n. Nattuthurai
18 Efficient energy consumption in cloud computing through temporary storage
Anbalagan.S, Arunkumar.S, Krishnan.S.S.G
19 Legal Implication Of Employee And Physical-Activity Monitoring System Using Android Smartphone
A.Sathishkumar, S.Sakthi Isai Bharathi, S.Gnanavel
20 Location Based Mobile Tourism Application using Cloud Computing
Gowtham.J, Mohanraj.D,Kumarasamy
21 Interactive Domain Adaptation For The Classification Of Remote Sensing Images Using Active Learning
U.Pushpa Lingam, G.Delucta Mary, K.A.Nithya
“Interactive domain adaptation for the classification of remote sensing images using active learning”, by Claudio Persello, published in the 2013 Vol. 10, Issue # 4 , of , IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
22 Survey on voice translation techniques
Amey Wadodkar, Prof. J.R. Prasad, Rahul Waghresha, Siddhant Jain, Pratik Tamakuwala
23 Organizing User Search Histories
Pramod Shetty, Sayalee Rane, Mithilesh Tiwari, Prof. Kanchan Doke
24 Content-Based Message Filtering for Social Media Information exchange using Machine Learning
Phani Kumar Immadisetty, Mr.Ar.Arunachalam
25 Single-Stage Boost Inverter with Coupled Inductor fed PMBLDC Motor
Sambasiva Rao Yalala , J.Rama Chandra Rao
26 Antitheft Security System for Cars Using CAN Protocol
Mr .Y.V. Koli #1, Mr. A.S. Mali
27 Handoff Performances of SIGMA using mSCTP and MIP
A.Nageswaran, K.Raghava Rao
28 Efficient Way To Detect Sybil Attack And Denial Of Service Attack In MANETs
Vishnu Paarkavi.K, Vignesh.C, Suganya.J, Kavitha.M
29 An Effective Study on Modification of Existing Ground by Improvement of Sub- Soil Properties Using Ground Improvement Techniques
P.V.S.Vara Prasad
30 Integrated Nonadjacent Region Object Aggregation with Best Merge region growing Segmentation
K.A.Nithya, G. Delucta Mary, U. Pushpa Lingam
31 An Efficient Access Mechanism for Database Systems
Arun.S, Mahalakshmi.R.M, Bhoopathi Siva.K
32 Dynamic Handoff Management for Synchronization of Multimedia Streams in Mobile Systems
A.Nageswaran, K.Raghava Rao
33 Efficient Retrieval of GPS information through cloud computing
Jefferson Andrew Prince, Mohan.V, Kumarasamy.N
34 A Mobile Framework For Personalized Health Assessment
G.Anusuya, M.Gayathri , N.Purushothaman
35 An Improved Round Robin Based Scheduling Algorithm with Dynamic Time Quantum Using Contraharmonic Mean
K.Rohini, B.VijayaLakshmi, M.Swapna, V.Vasudha
36 Relevance Feature Analysis for High Dimensional Data using Feature Subset Selection Algorithm
K.Chinnaiyan, D.Vidya Bharathi
37 Identifying All True Vessels From Segmented Retinal Images
G. Delucta Mary, U. Pushpa Lingam, K.A Nithya
38 A Novel Data Reporting Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
R.Dinesh, Dr.B.G.Geetha
39 Review on Moving Object Tracking System Based On Camshift and Kalman Filter
Mr. Gaurav R Desai, Mr. K R Desai
40 Data Gathering Using M-Collector In WSNs
Gnanasampath L, Dhinesh J, Deepthi Dhivya D, Sivaranjani S,A.R.Surendheran
41 Risk-Aware Handling of MANET Routing Attacks based on Node Reputation and Attack Frequency
P. Hemavathy, R. MuthuVenkataKrishnan, A. Mani
42 Isolation and Characterization of Plastic Degrading Bacteria from Soil Collected from the Dumping Grounds of an Industrial Area
Juhi Sharma, Tapasuita Gurung, Ashima Upadhyay,Krittika Nandy,Puja Agnihotri, A.K Mitra
43 Deprived Black Box Recognition of User Space Keystroke Logging
G.Selvakumari,B.Tamilselvan, K.Sridharan
44 Security In Medical Image Compression Using Color Models
45 Efficient Replica Distribution by Determining Selfishness In MANET
Kanmani Govindaraj, R.Muthuvenkatakrishnan , A.Mani
46 Enhanced Password-Based Simple Three-Party Key Exchange Protocol
P.Karthikeyan, G.Michael,
47 Maximum Energy Consumption In MANET Using Re-Broadcasting Protocol
Karthika Kothandam, R.Muthuvenkatakrishnan , A.Mani
48 Video Object Tracking In The Compressed Domain Using Blob Tracking Algorithm
S.Kirubakaran, M.Vadivelan
49 Fingerprint Based Attendance System To Enhance Security
Kiruthika R, Saranya M
50 Efficient Ridge Based Fingerprint Authentication Using Minutia Extraction
Karthikeyan.M, A. Mani
51 Satellite Image Classification Using Neural Networks
Dr.K.B.Jayarraman , Kumarakrishnan.S
52 Pcs :Pack Based Co-Operative End To End TRE Technique With SCTP To Reduce Cloud Bandwidth
Mr.C.Thirumalai Selvan, B.Deepthi, R.SharmilaManju, D.Thamilarasi, M.Umamaheswari
53 Near Infrared Spectroscopy: a substitute technology over chemical analysis techniques : A review for food industries
Dr. Chetan Bhatt, Prof. Mehul Shah, Jaimin Dave
54 Design Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller For 32-bit RISC Processor
Mitul S. Nagar , Hitesh H. Mathukiya, Kalpesh R Ranipa
55 Clustering Objects On Subsets Of Attributes Based Text Classification
S.Mohanraja, V.Mohana Priya, P.Savitha, N.Vijayakumar, Mrs.V.Sharmila
56 Filtering Restricted Messages through OSN User Walls
Mukesh Kumar , Dr.D. Saravanan
57 Identifying Flood Attackers in Disruption Tolerant Networks
P.Suresh, P.S.Nandhini
58 FPGA implementation of high speed UART with Automatic Address Identification
Mohamed nisar MP, Ganesan R
59 Segmentation of Optic Disk for the Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy System
Nivedha S, Anitha A
60 Inclusive Education: An Agenda for Inclusive Growth in India
Dr Goutam G Saha
61 A Network Intrusion Detection System Using Simplified Swarm Optimization for Classification
C.Sudha , A.Nooral shaba
62 Impact Of Drivers And Inhibitors On Technology Business Incubators
Vinay K B , Dr. Santosh Kumar A. N
63 Efficient Way To Detect Sybil Attack And Denial Of Service Attack In Manets
Vishnu Paarkavi.K, Vignesh.C, Suganya., Kavitha M.
64 Energy Efficient Resource Management in Cloud Data Centers
Gowtham.P, Sathishkumar.R,S.S.G.Krishnan
65 Routing Algorithms in VDTN
Mr. Divyesh Devlani, Prof. Milind Penurkar
66 Enhancing end-to-end confidentiality in Wireless sensor networks
S.P.Kavya, M.Kalimuthu, M.Nandhini
67 Simulation Of BER And SNR Of Linear And Non-Linear Equalizer
Vipin Parihar, Sumeet Sambyal, Amit Sharma, Deepak Rawat
68 Toxicity and Behavioural changes in fresh water fish CATLA CATLA Exposed to Amlai paper mill effluent
Neha Pandey , Sangita Mishra, Dr. Devendra N. Pandey, Dr. Sandeep K. Shukla
69 Cost Optimization of a Manufacturing Industry using Genetic Algorithm – A Case Study
C.Sowmya Danalakshmi, P.Muthusamy
70 Cooling Load Calculation for Cold Storage Using MATLAB
Mr. Shailesh Kumar Kushawaha , Mr.Jeetendra Kumar Tiwari
71 Matlab/Simulink Modeling Of Grid Connected Pv System With Maximum Power Point Tracking
K.Sheshu Kumar, B.Naga Swarna, Shankar. B
72 Free Vibration Analysis Of Laminated Composite Plates By Finite Element Method
Mr. Sharda Prasada, Mr. Mahesh Dewangan
73 High-Frequency Resonant Matrix Converter Using Igbt-Based Bidirectional Switches For Induction Heating
Y. Sravan Kumar,K. Sravanthi
74 Implementation of various emergency and Public safety Web Services using GPS in Smartphone
S.Kalirajan,R.Hariharan,R.Jambu,L.Johnson,G.Senthil Kumar
75 Survey on Video Object Tracking based on Object and Motion Representation
76 Enhanced Speaker Recognition Using Integrated Inverse Wave Transformation And Low Pass Filter Based Algorithm
Varinderjit Singh, Dr Paramjeet Singh
77 Automatic Meter Reading Using Communication Protocol
S.Arun, Dr.K.Rameshbabu
78 Identifying and Handling of False Alarm in Selfish Replica Allocation
D.Saravanan, G.Michael
79 Zigbee And Gsm Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
S.Arun, Dr.K.Rameshbabu
80 Design And Implementation Of AMR Using Gsm, Zigbee Through Gprs
S.Arun, Dr.K.Rameshbabu
81 Comparison of Different Substrates with Constant Height for Better Performance
Parul,Swarna Pundir, Vikas Uttraja
82 Defending Against Flood Attack in Disruption Tolerant Network Using Game Theory
R Prem kumar, Dr L M Nithya
83 Cluster Based Approach: To Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Wireless Sensor Networks
N Punitha , Dr.S Anandamurugan
84 Assessment of pollution in Atarital dam, mauganj Rewa (M.P.)
Dr. Neeta Mishra, Dr. Devendra N. Pandey, Dhirendra K. Pandey and Dr. Mahesh Mishra
85 Application Of Evolutionary Programming To Load Frequency Control In Power System With HVDC Link
P.Mohana karthiga, S.Selvakumaran, A.Siva prakash
86 Design of solar thermal systems utilizing pressurized hot water storage for industrial applications
G.Sudhagar, Dr.V.Balaji