IJAIR- Volume 3 Issue 2 (February 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Automatic Detection Of Optic Disc Based On Connected Component Analysis
T.S.Udhaya suriya, N.Bavya, R.Jansi, J.Jayapriya,M.Ramya
2 An Ultra-Low Power ECG Acquisition and Monitoring System for WBAN Applications
Dr.M.C.Jobin Christ, J.S.Aishwarya, S.Surya
3 Wireless Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Using Gsm
SenthilKumar.P, Priyanka.V, Shreya Susan Joy, Sowmiya.L, Sruthi.R
4 Form Based Essential Relations Cluster Mining In Multivariate Moment
V.Saravanan, S.Chitra
5 Single Phase Seven-Level Inverter for Grid Connected Systems using PWM Technique
S.Mutharasi, Dr.S.K.Nandha Kumar,Dr.I.Gerald Christopher Raj
6 MR Brain Image Segmentation Based on Modified FCM Using Median Filter
Kumar Kandukuri, R.Mohanapriya, M.Ranjitha, M.Rufin Julia
7 FLC based Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Using Single Current Sensor
R.Premalatha, D.Sri Vidhya
8 Harmonic Analysis of a Specified output voltage with improved power quality AC -DC dual converter fed four Quadrant DC Drive
B.Praveen Kumar, S.Trilochana,D.Joseph Kumar
9 Harmonia Mitigation And Maximum Power Traking In Small Wind Geneator
M.M. Patel , B.B. Gokalgandhi
10 Effect of jumping abc drills associated with plyometrics training on horizontal explosive power and performance variable among college Students
Dr. A.S. Nageswaran
11 Effect of running abc drills associated with speed training on speed parameters among Intercollegiate athletes
Dr. A.S. Nageswaran
12 Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Meera Jadhav, N.Priyanka Kumari
13 Optimized Background Preservation for Image Enhancement
Manpreet Kaur , GaganDeep Singh, Rajwinder Singh
14 Clustering Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Meera Jadhav, N.Priyanka Kumari, Sujata Ramesh, Shilpa R Patil
15 An Efficient Low Leakage Current Comparison Based Domino
Linto K Kuriakose, Jemi K John, E Vimal
16 Sign Language Recognition –A Recent Trend
Mr. Kunal A. Wankhade, Prof. Gauri N. Zade
17 Decision Trees for Uncertain Data Mining
Ms.Kiran Dhandore, Dr.Lata Ragha
18 A Survey of image compression using neural network
Khushboomishra, M.Hasnine Mirja
19 A Case Study on Ultra-capacitor Assisted Battery Storage for Remote Area Power Supply
20 Application Of Queueing Theory In Health Services
Mala , S.P. Varma
21 A Survey Of Swarm Based Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms For Brain Tumor Segmentation
Dr.M.C.Jobin Christ and Mrs.S.Sivagowri
22 Trust Aware Secure Intrusion Detection In Manet
M. Jegannath, Mr. P. Sivakumar
23 A Review: Comparative Study of Image Clustering Algorithms
Jashanpreet Kaur, Gaurav Deep
24 Encryption Algorithms to Enhance Security for ZigBee Network
J.Punitha Nicholine, Dr.VE.Jayanthi
25 Estimation Of Soil Erosion By GIS & Remote Sensing
Vaibhav Deshpande,Dr.Mrs.C.P.Devatha, Dr.M.K.Verma
26 High Voltage Gain Boost Converter Based On Three- State Commutation Cell For Using Pv Panels In A Single Conversion Stage By R-L Loads
27 Transferring Knowledge For Feature Extraction For Drug Toxicity Prediction Using Utility Combinations
M.S.Danessh , S.Vasanth
28 Analysis of medical facilities for HIV infected victims in Vindhya region
Hamendra Kumar Verma , Dr. Devendra N. Pandey , Dr. (Mrs.) U.K. Chauhan
29 Automated Detection Of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions – A Comparison Between Svm And Nested SVM
S. Sivagowri, Winny Prasitha Felix, S. Viveatha
30 A survey paper on spam email classification
Aawesh kumar borkar , Ms. Anshul Singh
31 A Review : Comparative Study Of Various Image Segmentation Algorithms
Harpreet Kaur, Gaurav Deep
32 Removal Of Eye-Blink And Movement Artifacts From Electroencephalographic Signals
Kumar Kandukuri, S.Abirami, A.Aswini, G.Vinothini
33 Error Aware Mining With Big Data
34 Implementation and Performance Analysis of BLDC Motor using FLC Controller
M.S Evangelin Blessy , Mr.M.Murugan
35 Heavy Metals Deposition in Urban Environment in Rewa M.P.
Shalendra Singh,Satosh Kumar Patel
36 Seasonal variation of primary productivity of benisagar dam in chhatarpur district (M.P.), india
Dr.H.N.Khare, Dr.Umesh Prasad Patel, Dr. Vaheedunnisha and Hemlata Patel
37 Effect Of Insecticide Malathion On Cocoon Production In Earthworm Eisenia Foetida
Dr. Dinesh Prasad Patel, Dr. Amitabh Mishra, Dr. Pushpa Singh, and Dr. Satanand Patel
38 Simulation modelling of ANN based Discrimination of in rush current and fault Current in power transformer
Dr.T.Govindaraj, P.Ganapathi
39 A SCADA System For Next Generation Distribution System Using Zigbee Technology
40 An Improved Double Flying Capacitor Multicell Converter Controlled By A Phase-Shifted Carrier PWM
T.Govindaraj, A.Nandhini
41 Dynamic Speed Regulation Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Ga Based Pi Controller
Dr.T.Govindaraj, S.Manikandan
42 Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Transmission Line Model: Survey
Dilip Singh Rawat, R P Singh, Gaurav Singh
43 Analysis Of Asymmetrical Duty-Cycle-Controlled LCL T Resonant Converter with Capacitive Output Filter
K.Bhuvaneswari,N.Soundiraraj,L.Sahaya Senthamil
44 Automated Detection Of Tumours In Mammogram – A Comparison Between RBF and SVM
C. Sathish Kumar, R. Arun Kumar, K. Babu, D. Dinesh Kumar, M.S. Jaffer Sathik
45 Discontinuous reception technique for power saving in LTE
N.Arulananthan, P.Arunagiri
46 Automatic Motor-Driven Machine For Leg Extension And Flexion Movement
Sivagowri.S, Dancy Saral.J, Mayuri.M, Saranya.M, Suganya.K
47 A Novel Hybrid Color Image Quantization Using Different Model Techniqes
Jaswinder Singh , Maninder Singh
48 A Review On Coded On Off Keying System for Free Space Optical Link
Mr. Atul A Kadam, Mr. K R Desai
49 An Effective Trust Based Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Adhoc Network
D.Ayyamuthukumar, K.Girija
50 RBMulticasting Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networking
Santhiya R, MohanRaj E,Dr D.DuraiSwamy
51 LSB AND RSA Based Image Steganography
Mandeep Kaur, Sukhjinder Kaur
52 Optimized Monitoring Scheme for prevention of Black hole attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Pooja Goyal, Sukhjinder Kaur
53 Agriculture Production in Uttar Pradesh: A Regional Analysis
Aloka Kumar Goyal
54 Stability Enhancement in Micro-Grid Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
S.Siyamalagawri, P.Aravindan, Dr.M.Y.Sanavullah
55 Seasonal variation of molluscan diversity of rice field In lovekush nagar tehsil of chhatarpur district (M.P.)
Dr. Archana chauhan, Dr. Neelam Patel, Deepa Bajpai, and Shiwangi saraf
56 Advanced Memory Virtualization Technique for Efficient Access of Data Resources in Cloud Environment