IJAIR- Volume 3 Issue 1 (January 2014)


Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Vulnerable Taxonomy like a Tune-up Delegate Account Board to the Cloud
2 Modal Index Analysis of PCF Using Different Cross Section Geometry
Md. Mahbub Hossain#1, Md. Maniruzzaman
3 Automatic detection and classification of diabetic macular edema by using Neural network classifier
Mintu Philip, Rajagopalakrishnan.N
4 A Design & Development Of (N X N) Multiplier Using Reversible Logic Gates Using Vhdl Simulation
Mitul.P.Shah, Dilip.M.Patel, Riddhi. M.Shah
5 Survey Study on Issues in MongoDB in Cloud Environment
Mrugesh P Patel, Mosin I. Hasan, Hemant D. Vasava
6 Yeast Gene Expression Analysis and MRI Lesion Detection with MST
Latha Parthiban
7 Grid Environment for Dengue Virus Protein Analysis
C. Murugananthi, D. Ramyachitra
8 Dual band CPW-fed Slot Antenna with Inset fed for WLAN and WiMAX Application
Neha Parmar, Manish Saxena, Krishnkant Nayak
9 Lung Nodule Segmentation By Watershed Algorithm
C.M. Niranjana, P. Deepa
10 Optimized Secure Routing Mechanism to prevent Sybil Attack for WSN
Priti Rani, Er.Baljeet Kaur
11 Analysis of Feature Classification as Formal or Informal of Online Reviews Samples
Jennifer Selvaraj, Dr. J. W. Bakal
12 Multiparty Access Control And Key Agreement Framework For Online Social Networks
G.T.Rajaganapathi, D.Muthusankar
13 Study of Compact and Wideband Microstrip U-Slot Patch Antenna with DGS for Satellite Application
Rammohan Mudgal, Laxmi Shrivastava
14 Onboard Proxy Technique In 4G Generation
G.Ramya , A.Dhivya , S.Elamathi , P.Angalaparameswari
15 Double-Phase Microaggregation For De-Identification Of Biomedical Data
G.Ramya, A.Selvaraj, N.Anandh
16 Top-K Queries Dispensation: A Vivacious Approach
Marthe Ranjani A, Ms.Ananthi M
17 Significance & Application of Graph Theory in Evaluation & Analyses of Complex Scientific & Non-Scientific Research Work
Renu Thapliyal , Mukesh Chandra Kestwal
18 Removal of Artifacts and other frequency tones from Electrocardiogram using Adaptive filter algorithm
Sagar Bajoliya, R.P. Narwaria
19 Efficient Data Collection in WSN using Optimal Subsink Selection
L.Sugacinee, V.A.Velvizhi
20 Parallel Algorithm for Automatic Database Normalization
Sonali Bavaskar, Sayli Kapale, Yashashri Kadam, Y.V.Dongre
21 Intellect Induced Locality Tailored Data Tune-Up
SiniJoy P J, Dr.T.Sheela
22 Multipath Algorithm For Prevention Of Wormhole Attack In Manets
Simarjeet Singh
23 Pseudonym Changes In Mobile Adhoc Network
24 A companding algorithm and Segmentation of high dynamic range Mammography images
Leka.K.K, Priyesh Kumar.A.T, Kowtheesh.S
25 Study On The Use Of Recycled Rubber Tyres Chips In Concrete Construction
Tongbram Tarunkumar
26 Near Field Communication Cryptographic Tag Design For New RFID Applications
B.Vincy Vimala Rani, J.Prakash
27 Visual saliency for salient object Detection based on topdown Method
G.P.Krishna moorthy, K.Meignanamoorthy, S.Koutheesh
28 A Survey on Facial Recognition
Mano Chitra.M, Saradha.S, Aravindhan.R
29 Selection Of Optimal Cutting Parameters In End Milling Process Using Taguchi Method
S.Karthik, S.Sabareesan
30 Lung Nodule Detection by Using Virtual Dual Energy Radiography
J.Jaganya,G. Maria Dhayana Latha
31 Occupational Injuries Predictions – Fuzzy AHP modeling
Dr. S. Joseph Robin
32 Validation of Experimental Results of Heat Transfer Coefficient using CFD Simulation
Jayakumar R, Harish HV, Mahendra MA
33 Behaviour Of C & Φ Of Black Cotton Soil With Glass Fiber Inclusion: An Experimental Study
Janak Singh parihar, Dr. M.K. Trivedi, Prof A.K. Diwedi
34 Pose Invariant Face Recognition Using HMM and SVM with PCA For Dimensionality Reduction
Mr. K.Seetharaman,Mr. N. Palanivel, R. Indumathi
35 Manet Adaptive Routing To Enhance Security Using Artificial Immune System
V.Vinodhini, R.Shivadharshini, S.Sangeethapriya, P.Kanagaraju
36 Efficient Mining and Recommendation of Sparse Data through Collaborative Filtering Technique in Medical Transcriptions
P. Hema, Mr. N. Sowri Raja Pillai
37 Organochlorine pesticide residues in vegetables of Markets in REWA (M.P.) INDIA
Dr.Ashok Kumar Mishra, Dr.Pradeep Khampadia, Dr. Atul Vasant Rao Sagane, Dr. Neelam Patel
38 Study on toxicity of the pesticide In fresh water fish (catla catla)
Dr.Pushpa Singh, Dr. Satanand Patel, Hemlata patel, Jitendra Kumar Patel
39 Estimation of Potential Evapo-Transpiration of Asir Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Considering Climate Variability
Dr Ram Karan Singh, Mr. Saiful Islam
40 Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed Induction Drive Based On Fuzzy Controller
Dr.T.Govindaraj , Murugavel K
41 Simulation Modelling on Reduction of THD with Diode-Clamped Z-Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor
Dr.T.Govindaraj, T.Premkumar
42 Resonant DC/DC ZVZCS Converter Implementation for Voltage Spike Reduction in a PMDC Drive
Dr.T.Govindaraj , Sarath.S
43 Zvs Based Dc-Dc Boost Converter Fed Dc Servo Drive
Dr.T.Govindaraj , Senthil kumar.A
44 Optimal Location and Sizing of Distributed Generation for Improving Voltage
Dr.T.Govindaraj, S.Kanagaraj
45 Analysis 0f ZVS Dual Half Bridge DC-DC Converter Fed Servo Motor Using ANFIS
Dr.T.Govindaraj, G. Nanda Kumar
46 Bat Optimization Algorithm For Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow
Dr.T.Govindharaj, E.Viswanathan
47 A Novel Classification Model for Cancer using Neural Network Classifiers
M.Dhivya, S.Anbumani
48 Statistical Modeling Of Zinc Electroplating Parameters On Mild Steel
G. Chandrasekar, K. Gunasekar
49 Generation Expansion Planning Using WASP-IV Program (Case Study: Khuzestan Power Grid in Iran)
Bahram Noshad
50 Optimal Design of Power System Stabiliser Using a Differential Evolution Algorithm and Compare power system stabiliser Types for Inter-Area Oscillation Damping
Bahram Noshad, Bahman Mohammadi Berenj Abadi
51 Dynamic analysis of a current transformer during electrical faults
Bahram Noshad
52 A New Algorithm Based on Dynamic Programming for Generation Expansion Planning (Case Study: Khuzestan Power Grid in Iran)
Bahram Noshad
53 Optimal Operating Policy Of FMx/FM/1/MWV Queuing System
K. Julia Rose Mary, P. Angel Jenitta