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JCT - Volume 1 Issue 8




Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 Design of NAND Gate using Nanowire: Application of photonic VLSI
Deepika Sharma, Prof A. Katiyar
2 Centralized Web Enabled Tunnel Jam Monitoring & Controlling System using IR & RF Technology
Santosh Nikam, Chandrabhan Ghuge, Onkar Aher , Tushar Kombade , Pankaj Kulkarni , Sunil Sangale
3 Aneka As PAAS(Cloud Computing)
Mr. B.Suresh Kumar , Mr. Girish Paliwal ,Mr. Manish Raghav ,.Mr. Sudeep Nair
4 Design and Implementation of New Data Validation Service using Web Technologies in web Applications
Tejinder Singh
5 Mining the Web in Bengali Language: Opportunities and Future
Tushar Kanti Saha, Dr. Ahsan-Ul-Ambia
6 Static Deformation of a Uniform Half-Space with Rigid Boundary Due To Dip-Slip on 45o Dipping Fault
Meenal Malik , Mahabir Singh, Jagdish Singh