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JCT - Volume 1 Issue 7




Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 Distance Vector Routing Algorithm for Detection and Correction of Grey & Black Hole Attack by Implementing IDS
Er. Shivani Sharma, Er. Tanu Preet Singh
2 Improved Hybrid Intrusion Detection System (HIDS): Mitigating false alarm in Cloud Computing
Ajeet Kumar Gautam, Dr. Vidushi Sharma, Shiv Prakash and Maanak Gupta
3 Evaluation of Small and Medium Enterprises Loan: The Case of Mercantile Bank Ltd.
Habibur Rahman, Md. Mizanur Rahman
4 The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in Teaching of Arithmetic Final Tryout
Ms.Pramila Ramani, Prof. Dr. Harsha Patadia
5 Fuzzy Inventory Model : Imperfective Items Under One-Time-Only Discount
W. Ritha, K. Nithya
6 A Trigonometric Shear Deformation Theory for Thick Beam
Ajay G. Dahake, Dr. Yuwaraj M. Ghugal
7 A Study Of Job Satisfaction Of Senior Secondary Teacher Educators Working In Private Institution Of Khargone City
Dr. Shri Krishna Mishra, Badri Yadav
8 Rapid Object Detection of Boosted Classifier for Analysis of Detection Cascades
Shrikant Nirmalkar ,Bhupendra puri Goswami, Prof. Rekhram Janghel
9 Android for Non-Mobile Device
Ms Kalpana Saini, Mr. Noor Mohammed, Mr. Swapnesh Taterh
10 Development of a Thrifty and Versatile Amphibian Robot using Arduino and RaspberryPi Toolkit
Siddharth Shrotriya
11 Design and development of microkernel for ARM1176JZF-S
A.Sneha, P.Shakira, N. Neelima
12 Torque Ripple Reduction in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines by Use of all Voltage Vectors of Matrix Converters
Polimaty Deepthi, Mr.M.Lokya, C.Harikrishna