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JCT - Volume 1 Issue 6




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1 Image Processing Using Multi Rated Grid
Dr.NareshChetwani , Javed Akhtar Khan
2 Interference Management in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Cognitive Radio
Ms. Amruta P. Chaudhary , Mrs. Seema H. Rajput , Ms. Rupali H. Nangare
3 A Review On Evaluation And Future Direction Of The Adhoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol For Hybrid Nodes
Er. Reema Sharma, Er. Tanu Preet Singh
4 Black Hole Attack in Wireless Adhoc Networks
Er. Satinder Kaur, Er. Tanu Preet Singh
5 Identification and Removal of Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Er. Satinder Kaur, Er. Tanu Preet Singh
6 Cryptography Algorithms For Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Systems
Venu Shah, Ashwin Iyengar, Akshay Mahale, Arjun Darak, Vishal Kalal