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JCT - Volume 1 Issue 4



Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 Comparative Study Of Digital Circuit Partitioning Algorithms Based On Evoltunary Computing
Maninder Kaur , Kawaljeet Singh
2 Terrestrial Trunked Radio
Megha Hanchate, Ravindra Patil, Tillottama Marathe, Sprith Shrivastava, Saurabh Singh, Pradnya Dhivare
3 An Enhanced Selective Aperiodic Checkpointing Strategy for VLR Failure Recovery in Wireless Mobile Networks
Mst. Shakila Khan Rumi, Md. Mohsin Ali
4 Optimization of a Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Fuzzy Inventory Model with Discrete Delivery Order, Random Machine Unavailability Time and Lost Sales
W. Ritha, M. Sumathi
5 Mining of Frequent Item sets using Assocoation Rule Mining in WEKA Environment
S.Suriya, Dr.S.P.Shantharajah, R.Deepalakshmi
6 FGPA based generalized architecture for Modulation and Demodulation Techniques
Swapan K Samaddar, Atri Sanyal,Somali Sanyal
7 Framework to Study Impact of Environmental Parameters on Human Health Using GIS and Data Mining
Swati Vitkar, Dr. Rekha Singhal
8 Congestion Free Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks By Implementaiton Of Cross Layer Approach
Sandeep kaur, Ramnik Singh
9 Analysis of Rejected Defects in First and Second Half Builds of Software Testing Phase
Ravi Sankar Landu