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JCT - Volume 1 Issue 2



Sr/No Title Pdf
1 Cloud Services for collaborative web based project management system
Ahmad Raza Khan, Dr. Trimbak R Sontakke, Ms. Revati Wahul, Mr. Ajit Sonawane , Ruqaiya Khan
2 Dynamic Vision Sensor camera based bare hand gesture recognition
Kashmera Khedkkar Safaya, Asst.Prof.Rekha Lathi
3 Advanced MD5 Encryption with extra compress function
Deepak Singh Rajput, Shitanshu Jain
4 Government to citizen (G2C) E-readiness of Uttrakhand
Dr. Kunwar Singh Vaisla, Dr. Durgesh Pant
5 Improved LALR(1) Parsing
Mr. Om Singh Parihar, Mrs. Dhawal Gupta
6 Enhanced Geographic Adaptive Fidelity Algorithm in Cooperative Networks
Resmi V.R.Nair, M. Suji
7 Different techniques of online hand written script recognition: A Review
Deepali Thombre, Toran Verma ,Dr Sipi Dubey
8 Lifetime and Coverage Guarantees through Distributed lifetime Maximization and Distributed Sensor Cover Algorithms in Wireless sensor networks
J.Jerophine Jeni, D. Siva Senthil, G.Kharmega Sundararaj
9 Classification approach based customer prediction analysis for policy preferences of life insurance customers
S.Balaji ,Dr.S.K.Srivatsa
10 Theft Prevention System: An Approach to prevent Theft
Jeelan S , Janardhan babu V, Vijai S
11 Cluster Analysis and Elimination Algorithm (CAE) for MANETs
Jayant vats, Vishal Sharma,Sachin Khurana, Takshi Gupta
12 A Review on Passive Approach for Image Manipulation Detection Techniques for Copy Move Forgery
Ashwini V. Malviya Dr. S. A. Ladhake
13 Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Minutiae Matching in Fingerprint Verification
Ishpreet Singh Virk, Raman Maini
14 A Relative Study of Pattern Matching Algorithms
Shivani Jain, Dr. A.L.Nersimha Rao, Dr. Pankaj Agarwal
15 “Are Creative Teachers Blissful or Stressful?” - An Empirical Study using Fuzzy Cognitive Map Constructor
W. Ritha, M. Mary Mejrullo Merlin
16 Design of DC Servo Motor Control for GMRT FPS at Prime Focus of 45m Dish Antenna
Pranav Bhalerao, Swapnil Dahake, Prof. Ms. R. P. Labade
17 Analysis of a Fuzzy Queueing System with a Removable and Non-Reliable Server
W. Ritha, Sreelekha Menon.B
18 Experimental Analysis of H2 Generator as a Back-up Power to Implement for National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia
Kannan Jegathala Krishnan, Akhtar Kalam and Aladin Zayegh
19 IDMA system with Optimal Spreading Mechanism using Random Interleaver
DR.R.K. Singh, Shashi Dwivedi, Dolly Sharma
20 Generative Type Quality Function Deployment Object
Manoj Jose Kalathil, Dr. R Sasikumar
21 Performance Evaluation of ECC
G. Jai Arul Jose, Dr. C. Suyambulingom
22 Survey on QoS Routing protocols challenges and recent advances in MANETs
Bhagyashri. R. Hanji, Rajashree. Shettar