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JCT - Volume 2 Issue 3




Sr/No/ Title Pdf
1 Speech Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model
Ankita Gupta, Gajendra singh, Neha Sharma
2 Smart Home System Using Android Mobile Devices
Mayur Jain, Pranav Dhapke, Suman Kumar,Chaitanya Patil
3 Architecture “Fedena Open Source Erp Software” for Educational Communication Tools
Deni Darmawan, Yudhi Yanuar
4 Multicollisions and iterated Cryptography hash functions
C. Krishna Kumar , Dr. C. Suyambulingom
5 Third Order Shear Deformation Theory: An Application to Thick Beam
Ajay G. Dahake, Aishwarya B. Mangrule , Megha M. Shingare
Kuldeep sharma
7 Evolution of New Cryptography Algorithm (An Approach for Data Security)
Mohd. Rashid , Jayanti Jharia , Manju Sahu
8 An Efficient DSDV Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Rutuja Rajan More , Deepthi Kulkarni, Dr.S.V.Sankpal
9 An Efficient Ontology Bootstrapping Approach For Validating Web Services
Kodhai E, Yuvaraj B, Thirumal K, Abijith V