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JCT - Volume 2 Issue 2




Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 An Innovative Methodology of High Performance and Data Security for Free Space Optical Communication
Charu Pandey, Satish Kumar, Rajinder Tiwari
2 Smallest Latest Time First Spatial Channel Reuse Scheme for CORMAN
Ms. J.Chitralega, Mr. S.Arumugam
3 A content based video retrieval scheme
Payel Saha, Sudhir Sawarkar
4 Resource Controlled Replica Allocation Cluster for Secured Manet Against Selfish Nodes
Ms.P.Ramya, Mr.S.Nandagopal
5 Effect Of Sodic Soils On Concentration Of Some Nutrients In Rice Plant
L.P. Pathak, R.K. Pathak and S.K. Pandey
6 Semantic Analysis Based Correlation Preserving Index for Document Clustering
Mrs.Sasikala.G, Mr.S.Nandagopal
7 Improved Self CR-MAC in WSN
Shweta Parode , Shubhangi Mahamuni
8 Load Balanced And Optimized Position Update Scheme For Geographic Routing In Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
P.Vadivel, A.ChandraSekar
9 A Brief Introduction on Image Compression Techniques and Standards
Vartika Singh , O P Singh, G R Mishra
10 Secure Environment for Unsafe Component Loading
E.Kodhai, Gnanasundari.A
11 Wavelet Transform Approach for Medical Image Fusion And Quality Analysis
Anjali Patil , M. N. Tibdewal
12 A multilayered phishing website detection using Adaboost and SVM
Priyanka.c, Chitra.s, Sankari.v
13 Taxi Fare Estimation and Routing Using Re-prediction Method
Qasima Chogale, Sonam Gupta, Ronak Jain, B.W. Balkhande
14 Intelligence Based Customer Requirements Selector Model for QFD
Venu P, Dr. Joeju M Issac